First Impressions: The Heirs


Heirs is South Korean drama I’m currently watching, which just finished its second week run. Shamelessly enough, I mainly tuned in purely just for all the eye candy. I didn’t have high expectations but oddly enough I like it. When I read the synopsis, it felt like Boys Over Flowers 2.0 with the whole cast changed up minus Lee Min Ho. The pacing of the drama is slower than the usual dramas I like to watch, yet for some strange reason I’m enjoying it this relaxed pacing.

Lee Min Ho to me, has never been a compelling actor but has a captivating screen presence. Which no doubt is probably why I still bother to watch his dramas, even if the drama kinda sucks (I’m talking about you Faith!). However, I think he’s really selling his character Kim Tan as the exiled chaebol prince. I could feel his loneliness and sadness of his character longing for a place to belong and be loved. I connect well with his character’s his feelings and emotions, except ya know the whole being mega rich thing. My heart really broke for him a few times during a few scenes already in the drama.

Park Shin Hye is another hit or miss for me, mainly due to her annoying characters she’s played in the past. In Heirs, her character is definitely less annoying even though it seems like another poor but hard working candy type role. I enjoy her chemistry with LMH in the drama which is another reason I’m still sticking around. I like that when they cross paths, they don’t hate each others guts and bicker to no end. Also, I think this is the first time I’ve seen the male lead character fall for the female lead so quickly! I really like the way Kim Tan looks at Eun Sang (PSH) and how they connect, when they see each other at their worst. They have this unspoken sympathy and understanding for each other, which I think is beautiful.

I am intrigued by the mysteries and back stories of many characters. Why does Kim Tan ‘s older brother Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) treat him so coldly? Also the relationship between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), who used to be best friends?  Of course this drama isn’t without it’s flaws. Due to the huge cast it’s really hard keep to track of all the complicated web of relationships. I’m not quite sure if it’s the writing or directing but the flow between the scenes feel incoherent. Despite these flaws, it looks like I am in this one for the long haul. I may update again somewhere during the mid-point about my thoughts on the drama or after the it is completed, I will give my final thoughts on the drama as a whole.


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