Show Luo 2013 World Live Tour in Toronto


This weekend, I had the great pleasure of seeing Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) live in concert at the Hershey Center in Mississauga. I went with a friend who wanted to go to his concert. Truth be told, I won’t say I am huge fan of Show or follow his news closely, but I do know he’s a very multi-talented artist. Show Luo is a well rounded entertainer, as a singer, actor, dancer and TV host in Taiwan. Going into the concert, I didn’t have a lot of expectations because I’m not too familiar with his songs besides a few of his famous ones like 戀愛達人 and 愛轉角. The concert overall was 2.5 hours long and I would say it was a full house. I really enjoyed the concert because Show made the show so lively with his charismatic dance numbers and his funny interactions with the audience. He spoke a combination of Mandarin, English and Cantonese which was absolutely hilarious, it kept me in constant laughter whenever he spoke. He reminded me again why he’s a popular host in Taiwan. My friend complimented on how great he sang live because Show isn’t known for his singing voice, but he really did sing great and full of emotion. The highlight of the concert for me, was when he did impersonations of Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok because he sounds almost exactly like them, even imitating their hand and head movements! For kicks he even sang a Jolin Tsai song because the audience requested it and after he sang a Jay Chou song on piano. I really loved it whenever he came over to our side and we waved our glow sticks, he would always smile brightly! I swear at one point he pointed at me and my friend and waved because of our rainbow colored glow sticks. This was because I noticed there weren’t many people with glow sticks on our side and they were mainly one color. Show really kept everyone entertained throughout the concert and kept the mood really high! Overall it was a really enjoyable night and well worth the money spent, I would definitely go see him again when he returns to Toronto.

*** Please visit my Youtube channel for more concert clips***


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