Review: How to Use Guys With Secret Tips


How to Use Guys With Secret Tips was the first movie I saw at the Reel Asian Film Festival. The plot: Lee Si Young plays Choi Bo Na who is an over-worked and underpaid assistant director for TV commercials. She knows her career is going nowhere, but can’t do anything about it due to lacking social skills, self-confidence, and fashion sense causing her to be easily disregarded at work by her colleagues. One night after being stranded in the middle of nowhere at a beach after an outdoor shoot, she meets an eccentric middle-aged man (Park Yeong Gyu) selling self-help videos. The man urges her to buy “A Manual on How to Use Men” claiming it will completely change her life by giving her the skills to achieve happiness and success. She ends up purchasing the videos even though she does not believe his words. At home she starts to follow the  instructions from the videos. Her life begins to have a drastic change as she begins to have improvements in her professional career and men start noticing her, including top star Lee Seung Jae (Oh Jung Se) who later falls in love with her.

This is by far one of the best romantic comedy movies I have seen in years! The movie was absolutely hilarious, although the idea and concept for the movie isn’t anything new but the execution was so unique that I have not seen anything like it. It was absolutely hilarious the movie, the whole entire audience was in fits. The guy sitting next to next me just kept slapping his legs because he couldn’t stop laughing. I also really liked how the film pointed out issues of gender inequality, when Lee Si Young’s character said “If I was man, people would say I got here with my talent.” It is true in society this happens and for women when they reach success in their careers, people would just say they got it through their connections not because of their talent, just like Choi Bo Na in the movie. The leads Lee Si Young and Oh Jung Se were absolutely charming and charismatic, they fit their roles with great comedic timing. This is a fantastic film that was well made, and I can see why it is a festival favorite. If I ever get a chance to make films one day, romantic comedies is definitely what I want to do! Overall, this was a great piece that both men and women can enjoy, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it already!


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