Review: Just You


Just You is a Taiwanese drama that just finished airing on STTV. First off, I want to say that I enjoyed this drama waaaaay more than a grown woman with any sort of sense should. Essentially this drama had very little plot but every week I kept coming back for the latest episode. So what’s this drama about? Aaron Yan plays Qi Yi who returns to Taiwan from New York and decides to purchase a marketing design company called Gaze and an old historic home. Qi Yi is a very picky person, who is afraid of germs with OCD tendencies. The problem begins when he finds out the home he has purchased has Cheng Liang Liang (Puff Guo) currently living there and refuses to move out, he later discovers that Liang Liang also works for his company. After he takes over Gaze, he implements a new rule that office romances will be prohibited. This causes huge disruptions at the workplace and Liang Liang’s co-workers send her on a mission to get Qi Yi to fall in love with her, basically have him remove his own anti-romance at the office rule.

This is definitely a light, fluffy and turn-off-your-brain type of watch. The biggest appeal of this drama, is the sizzling chemistry between Aaron Yan and Puff Guo! I could just watch those two interact all day because they are adorable together. The rest of the supporting case isn’t too bad either and pretty easy on the eyes. Initially when I first started watching, I found Puff’s voice super irritating and stopped watching after the first 10 minutes. However, later on I decided to come back and give it another shot and never turned back since then LOL. Aaron Yan I believe, was a big draw back for me to give this drama another chance, based on purely on shallow esthetic appeal. I think this is the first drama I’ve ever seen Aaron look so good, everything from his wardrobe, hairstyle and color. Definite props to the stylist because I loved all his work outfits, the unique shirts and colorful blazers. There was another turn-off initially, just like Puff’s voice, Aaron wore way too much makeup on his face, but over time I think they noticed and applied less as the drama progressed.

The BIGGEST turn-off was the drama’s antagonist Ding Jia Yu who thankfully only appeared during the latter half of the drama! Oh my goodness, the character was the worst, so evil, manipulative and super conniving! The actress who played this character was horrible at acting, at times I could not tell if I was cringing at her character or acting… probably a mix a both. Most of the time I just skipped over her scenes. She played Qi Yi`s ex-girlfriend, who did anything at all costs try to win back Qi Yi, which sorry honey, that boat has long sailed off long before you came into the picture because Qi Yi’s heart has sailed permanently to Liang Liang.

Going back to Puff and Aaron’s amazeballs chemistry, there has been rumors about these 2 circulating since the beginning the drama and after the drama wrapped up filming. They have been seen together acting very close and intimate, everything from taking naps together in between film breaks, Aaron throwing a surprise birthday party for Puff on his day off from filming, and recently, the two celebrated privately with a romantic dinner for Aaron’s birthday. I’ve always heard Aaron is not the type to become close to people easily and this is the first time he has met and worked with Puff. So when news and rumors about these 2 came out, it was quite a shocker. Whether they are just close friends or lovers (or slowly blossoming into one), I definitely ship this couple!

Give this drama a look if you’re looking for a light fluffy romantic comedy, especially if you have been watching heavier dramas on air lately, this drama is a nice breather. If anything just watch it for the eye candies and chemistry!

I really LOVE the OST of this dramas, all the songs are currently on my MP3 player on constant replay. One of my favorites is the ending theme song by Aaron Yan. Check it out the official lyric video below!

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