Wang Leehom


Recently my long time idol and hubby er, ex-hubby within a flash BOOM is officially off the market. Leehom has been providing hint messages on Facebook throughout this week preparing us for the news!

It has been just announced that one day after announcing his girlfriend to the world, Leehom officially tied the knot Novemeber 27 in New York! While it is a bit sad for all of us fans that our idol is longer single but real fans will be sincerely happy. My initial reaction was “Well it’s about time!” I’ve been a fan of Leehom since I was young, most likely during my early teens. My very first time ever seeing Leehom was on TV, when he was in Vancouver for a show and he sang “Don’t Be Afraid” and dedicated the song to the victims of an earthquake in India(?) He wore a black leather jacket and he was so handsome, I was immediately smitten. What really drew me to him even more was that he spoke English fluently, which for me, back then for a Chinese artist to speak perfect English was unheard of it. Turns out he’s Taiwanese-American and I immediately felt that connection to him being Chinese-Canadian myself. Since then, I’ve always tried to follow his music over the years and bought his albums. I’ve always admired Leehom for his immense passion and dedication to his craft, to which he’s produced some of the most famous Chinese love songs to date, including You’re Not Here, Kiss Goodbye and Forever Love. For many years, he has always been a strong advocate of promoting Chinese music to the world and it was because of his music, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to learn Mandarin. If you have ever seen any of his live concert performances, it’s not like any other, you can see and feel that love he has towards music and the dynamic flair playing his instruments. Leehom’s contributions to the Chinese entertainment industry has been dynamic and vibrant through his many years of devotion in music, acting and philanthropy.

Congratulations Leehom, I’m very happy for you and I give you my blessings. You will forever be a music idol in my heart and one of my dreams is to see you live in concert one day!

Please also watch Leehom’s talk he gave at Oxford University earlier this year, about his experiences growing up in the US, Chinese pop music, and the ability of music to strengthen the ties between the East and West


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