Videos of the Week: Hyorin and Sunnyside

I decided to start a new section on my blog where I can share any videos I come across throughout the week, that I really like. Since this is my first post, I’ll be sharing two videos. I may not always be consistent with this section, but you can always count on me sharing videos whenever I get the chance!



This is Sistar’s Hyorin’s music video for the song “One Way Love” which is the second track from her first full length album. I really like Hyorin, she has an amazing voice and probably one of the best female Korean vocal artists around (check out her English covers on Youtube!). Also her MV co-star is none other than my Chilbongie Yoo Yun Suk! Damn boy,  you so fiiiiine and sexy in this video, I’m so jelly of Hyorin, erm yeah she’s pretty hot herself too…*Wipes drool off of keyboard*

This video also has a link to Reply 1994. I heard this song playing in the background in one of the episodes of Reply 1994, and I had to find out which song it was. The lyrics are very sweet and cute and I like how the MV was filmed showing BTS of the artists recording the song! Never heard of either artists Sunnyside or Song Ha Ye but definitely will be on the lookout for their music.


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