Final Words: Marry Him If You Dare


Holy ding dong cheeseballs driving firetrucks spitting out potato wedges with chocolate sauce!!! Confused? Doesn’t make sense? That’s exactly how I felt watching this drama! Ugh I can’t even… I don’t even know what to say anymore. I’m just very disappointed. What started off as a potentially great drama, just completely went downhill with horrible writing. For a drama that was advertised as a romantic comedy, it was awfully depressing majority of the time because everyone just looked so miserable. There was little to hardly any romance between our leads and everything Se Joo did was just only one-sided. That put aside, this drama completely threw logic out of the window because honestly I did not know what I was watching. I feel so cheated watching this drama, thinking it would get better, only to spiral into a nonsensical mess. The ending, O.M.G WTF was that??? I don’t understand at all, so who did she choose in the end? Shin? Se Joo? No one? Who’s the kid in the photos in Ahjumma’s box?? I expected Mirae to at least to be with Shin in the end, because he was the only one in her heart in the whole frickin show, even though I really didn’t care for Shin. Usually I don’t mind open endings, but this finale did not make any sense to me at all and just left open even more questions. Everything from the plot, characters, narrative… just completely went haywire! But then again, why should I have been so hopeful to receive a logical and even somewhat decent ending, when all throughout this drama, it did just the opposite. Sad to say, even Yonghwa couldn’t save this drama for me. I feel so bad for the main cast of the drama whose talents were completely wasted, everyone just looked like they no longer cared anymore and just wished this train wreck was over with ASAP. I should end on a more positive note though. One thing I really did like was oppa and his interactions with both future Mirae and present Mirae. I love oppa’s character and it makes me wish I had an oppa like him in my life. I’m glad he had a happy ending, being cancer free, married and having a child. So my final words, if you’re looking for drama with people who are constantly looking depressed and moping around, with no romance and absolutely no logic in the story, then please do watch it by all means.


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