Fan-Girl Ramblings #1 – Reply 1994 and In a Good Way


Okay. Breathe. I just finished the latest episodes of weekend dramas Reply 1994 and In a Good Way. I seriously need to fangirl right now! So lemme start off with IAGW which aired episode 4. OMG I could not stop smiling like a fool, I loved it so much! Wow Lego’s (Liu Chuan) gaze is so hot like its nobody’s business. The way he looks at Kirsten (Jia En) and when he steals glances at her, it makes me feel tingly and blush. *fans myself* There hasn’t been any romance yet but it is slowly building up towards it. However, it’s SO obvious Liu Chuan is totally falling for Jia En and you’re falling hard bro admit it, that you’re so captivated by her. His aura and demeanor completely changes when he’s around her and his little gestures that you can easily miss with a blink of eye, gives it away that he’s feels something for her. I haven’t felt so invested in a Tdrama since forever. Hands down my favorite scene was the telephone scene, it was so adorable, awkward and sweet all rolled into one. It’s that feeling of going back to the time when you first talked to your crush over the phone. My heart skipped a beat I’m sure watching this.

A snippet of their conversation went like this:

Liu Chuan: What are you doing?

Jia En: I’ve been waiting for you to call. You?

Liu Chuan: I’m on the phone with you right now.

Jia En: Oh yeah…

01 02

Yeah I’m fangirling so hard right now its not even funny. Other favorite scenes include, Jia En and Liu Chuan meeting each other after Jia En found the pager for the treasure hunt and then he took her to a mountain-top to have a night view of Taipei. Afterwards, he gave her a ride back home on his motorbike. Those lingering gazes at each other and Liu Chuan stealing glances just makes girls swoon. Yeah… I dunno how a girl is gonna survive one episode a week. I wish I started watching after the show has aired more episodes first, before deciding to watch. Fridays please come sooner, I need me some more of these two darlings!


As a bonus, check out the BTS video SETTV posted! Kirsten singing to Lego the song “I Will Miss You” because he won’t be filming the next day. She kept saying “Don’t leave, what am I going do??” Oh these two are such flirts with each other!

Okay so moving on to Reply 1994, episodes 14-15. Man, the writers continue to troll us viewers so hard. I was so right about having my heart torn and having to guess who is the hubby until the very end it seems. I’m seriously so confused and mind effed who the hell is Na Jung’s husband, because in Reply 1997 it was pretty obvious who was the husband. I genuinely both love Trash Oppa and Chilbongie, but if I really had to dig deep down and be honest, I think all along I’ve been rooting for Chilbongie, even though Trash Oppa really makes a girl’s heart sway. There, I said it. I’m going to be cheering on for Chilbongie till the very end it seems.

My favorite and probably the most moving scene from this week’s episode, when Chilbongie and Na Jung were saying their goodbyes because he was leaving to Japan. They were shaking hands and Na Jung started to let go and he grabbed her hand right before she fully let go. OH. MY. GOODNESS. What a beautiful scene, I actually started to tear up because of everything built up before and towards this scene. He says to her, “Na Jung ah… maybe, if… I don’t know when… a few years later… if we happen to meet again… and if at that time you don’t have anyone by your side… date me then.” My poor Chilbongie I really wish you can get the girl! *Hugs*

05 06 07 08 09 10

Here’s a great fan-made MV I found!


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