First Impressions: Prime Minister & I


I went in watching the first 2 episodes without any expectations. In fact, I wasn’t planning on watching this drama at all, until during the pre-production period my bias Yoon Shi Yoon was added to the cast. I was thinking, “Oh great now I HAVE to watch it.” Also, I was surprised Yoon Shi Yoon took on this role as a second lead, when he’s been playing leading roles for the past few years. I trust that he choose this role for a good reason. *crossing fingers* Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised, it was zippy, fast-paced, pulled a couple of heartstrings and it actually does seem like real a rom-com! *coughsmarryhimifyoudarefalseadvertisementcoughs*

The story is about Kwon Yul (Lee Bum Soo) who is the youngest Prime Minister of South Korea, he is very capable in his work but when it comes to parenting to his 3 kids, he has many struggles. Nam Da Jung is a young reporter of a celebrity gossip tabloid called Scandal. She accidentally involves herself in a scandal with the Prime Minister and in order to keep his position, they enter a contract marriage. Contract marriages is standard in Korean dramas, but its been quite a while since we’ve seen any in the last while. It’s nothing like the good ol’ living under the same roof by a contract to create some romantic sparks.

I actually like Yoona in this drama both her character and acting. Although I never watched any of her previous drama, but I haven’t heard good things about her acting either. Which is why I was hesitant to watch this drama in the first place. Lee Bum Soo, wowza the most handsome prime minister evaar! The man just oozes charisma, who wouldn’t vote for him?? They have great chemistry together despite the 20 year age gap, I look forward to seeing more of their interactions.

I really like how Yoon Shi Yoon is taking on so many diverse projects and roles in his acting career. His chief advisor role is a stark contrast to his happy-go-lucky, chatter-box Enrique in Flower Boy Next Door. His character definitely has some other ulterior motives that we don’t know about yet. I’m thinking this is why Shi Yoon choose this role because of his mysterious hidden agenda. I read he lost about 20 lbs for his role, it definitely does give him more of a polished and sophisticated look with his new haircut, but I do miss his chubby cheeks when we smiles.

Looks like I’m on board for this drama, it has the potential to be a happy-feels and heartwarming drama, which hopefully will remain this way throughout with its quick pacing, humorous antics and great chemistry. I’m glad in the end, I decided to tune in to this drama, please disappoint me!


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