Final Words: The Heirs


Whao its over. I’ve had a lot of deja vu moments watching this drama and Marry Him If You Dare. Both started off really great and promising, somewhere along the middle both seem to lose track in its plot. However, unlike MHIYD, at least Heirs was entertaining and had some pretty funny scenes and dialogue that kept it interesting. I feel like Heirs could have been cut down to 16 episodes and still be able to tell the story (or lack of story) they wanted. By the middle of the drama, I started to wonder what was exactly the whole point of the show? You can say a lot happened, but in the end it didn’t change much at all, in the grand scheme of things. It was a happy ending at the very least for our leads Eun Sang and Kim Tan, because he didn’t have to sacrifice anything! I enjoyed the show in bits and pieces for sure and it did have some great moments, but for everything else, a majority of the time I just had to turn off my brain and overlook the plot absurdities. The point of conflicts and resolutions just weren’t working for me.

What bothered me the most was, how Eun Sang was essentially just some pawn being pushed and pulled around by a bunch of rich peeps. Couldn’t a girl just decide what she wants instead of having everyone else decide for her? I guess that’s just asking for too much. I suppose if it was guys who looked like Lee Min Ho and Woo Bin, I wouldn’t mind being tossed around, er… or is that just me? There were a lot of filler moments that did nothing to move the story forward. Just like the fillers, there was waaaay to many people cast in this drama. Can you say overload? Sure I love eye candy and all, but besides the main characters, everyone else was just kinda there to fill up the time. If anything, during those filler moments the writers could have given us more depth into the supporting characters. Krystal and Minhyuk were just a cute couple that provided some of the comic relief and the same with Park Hyung Shik. Kang Ha Neul’s scenes really just felt out of place, it seemed like he could just have his own drama about his own struggles. Kim Ji Won was just a b!tch. Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun really confused me throughout, were they together, not together, or just stringing each other along? In the end, Choi Jin Hyuk’s Won really had to bear the weight of the crown by giving up his love and man that was just really sad. I felt a lot of these actors’ talents were really wasted here.

Kim Woo Bin was really great at playing the jerk Young Do, its too bad his character was someone who I felt nothing for. He was just being an a$$ because he wanted to be one. A lot of the times, I thought, “Maaaan, what is his problem??” LOL. It wasn’t till the last few episodes, that I felt a more human side to him and I started to give him some sympathy points. But it was a little too late, his character could have been fleshed out more in the beginning and middle. Perhaps, he would have been worthy of a possible second lead syndrome. He had possibly the best character development, I say that with cautious words, but he learned to change how he’s been living his life and in the end, tried be a better person. Reuniting with his mother was a beautiful moment.

Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan, wow I seriously think he could have a career as a private investigator. I bet he’d be so good at the job!! Super stalker mode isn’t exactly my idea of romance, but hey if Eun Sang digs it, than I can’t say much about that. He should seriously consider starting up his own business in that field as a backup plan! Kim Tan was sucha love puppy, even though I didn’t always approve all of his expressions of love, but you couldn’t hate a guy who was persistent. Especially, if the guy thinks the world of you and is willing to lose it all to be with you… er maybe it’s just cause its Lee Min Ho?? Park Shin Hye’s Eun Sang, I can’t say I liked her nor disliked her character because she was mainly one dimensional.

Would I watch this drama again? No, not its in entirety but there are certainly some scenes and parts I would re-watch again because they were some pretty funny laugh out loud moments, and some romantic scenes too which I don’t mind seeing again. Should you watch it? Yes, if you like any of our main leads. If you want to watch purely for eye candy, where you can ignore the obvious plot-holes and just enjoy it for what is, then do watch it for fun. Heirs was still a fun ride every week because I got to swoon and coo with my friends who watched it along with me. Oh I almost forgot, but can I just say how cute were Kim Tan and Eun Sang’s mothers, most adorable ahjumma bffs and in-laws ever! If anything, this drama has a fabulous OST. Cue *Looove is the moment…*



One thought on “Final Words: The Heirs

  1. This drama had so much potential and the biggest disappointment to me would be the fact that it did not deliver on most accounts. That being said i would totally marry Lee Min Ho’s eyes. ❤ Such Pretty XD

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