Fan-Girl Ramblings #2 – EXO, In a Good Way, Reply 1994 OST


A couple of days ago Reply 1994 released their newest OST song Feeling Only You, and to my surprise it’s sung by my babies Yoo Yun Suk, Jung Woo and Son Ho Joon! One of these actors is suspected to be the husband of Na Jung (Go Ara), but I think it’s pretty obvious up to this point in the episodes who the hubby is! The song is so cute and all our boys can really sing! Well Yoo Yun Suk has already proven to be a man of many talents, after someone uploaded a video of him playing piano and singing at a friend’s wedding last month (I’ll post it below). Watch the video and listen to the song if you haven’t already!


OMMMGGGG I think I’ve caught the EXO craze! I dunno what suddenly came over me to watch their music videos and performances on YouTube! Yeah these boys are seriously HOT and rightfully so. Like I said previously, I don’t really follow the current Kpop music scene too closely, since there has been tons of new boy and girl groups debuting the past couple of years. Its hard to keep track ya know? Also I thought I wouldn’t fangirl over new bands anymore, cause when FT Island debuted I thought they were already too young for me to fangirl over them. I’ve just come to accept that I will forever be a noona fan and eventually (most likely) even a ahjumma fan! *shudders*

Anyways moving on back to EXO, I was watching one of their music videos and I read this in the description box: EXO is the name that came from “Exoplanet” which means the star outside the solar system, and it implies that EXO is the new star that came from the unknown world expected to bring new syndrome to the global K-pop craze with its unique music and powerful performance as well as the trendy fashion. I was thinking to myself “No kidding!!! Where did these boys come from??” Crazy! I really applaud SM for always finding the most amazing talent and producing the most famous groups in the history of K-pop ( i.e H.O.T, Shinhwa, DBSK, Super Junior). With EXO I think they really topped themselves for sure. I really love how they simultaneously release the Korean and Chinese versions of their songs, it’s so smart and it let’s the boys be active at the same time. I must say though for a few of their songs, I actually like the Chinese versions a bit more than Korean. In the past, I always preferred the Korean over Chinese songs when Super Junior released music. I think it’s because of the singers and also because there are more Chinese boys in this group. But GAH, I’m in the process of knowing all their names and faces, I pretty much know everyone now, except for maybe like 2? It’s not hard for me to remember names of Korean bands, I mean if I know all of the Super Junior members, everything else should be a piece of cake LOL.EXO is split into 2 sub-units, EXO-K obviously for Korean and EXO-M for Mandarin. I’m a bit more biased towards EXO-M, the Chinese group because I like the members more. I really adore Luhan he’s sucha a cutie and Chen has this amazing voice that just comes out of nowhere! Kris is so hot too OMG and I love that he’s Chinese-Canadian and knows how to speak Cantonese! For a group that just debuted last year they’re doing so amazing, winning 13 awards and being the youngest and fastest to win them too! It’s so nice to see all of EXO promote in Korea with the Chinese members. Again like in the past, Super Junior-M’s Henry and Zhoumi members were only seen overseas. My friend also favors EXO-M more and she’s not even Chinese LOL. I was like “Wow you into them Chinese boys eh?” She said “This is the first time getting into Chinese boy bands” LMAO! But yeah we both really love the group as a whole too of course. Anyways check out some of their MVs, which I’m conveniently showing the Chinese versions hehe.

Here’s the latest performance of Miracles in December on Inkigayo with a mix of Chinese and Korean members, Luhan, Chen, Lay and Baekhyun and D.O. The stage is absolutely gorgeous, I really missed watching these music shows every week like I did in the past, following my fave bands.

EXO’s music and choregraphy is so off the charts! This was the performance that made me notice them more after haha!



Next moving on to In a Good Way, the latest episode wasn’t as sweet and breezy as the first few episodes but I still enjoyed it nonetheless of course. Liu Chuan and Jia En got into a fight this week and we finally see they are just like the rest of us, when in a bad mood, it can turn little things into misunderstandings. I’m glad to see Liu Chuan isn’t the perfect guy and his character has layers. The fangirl or squeal-worthy moments, were the words that Liu Chuan said to Jia En during their fights. His words had so much underlying personal meaning that I was surprised Jia En did not notice. However, I do understand when you’re angry everything you hear doesn’t exactly click and can make you even more frustrated.

The first fight happen after Jia En lost a competition and Liu Chuan tried to cheer her up. Unfortunately, everything he said to try to make her feel better, she just took it the wrong way. Here’s how part of the conversation went:

JE: I’m not in a bad mood.

LC: *chuckles to himself*

JE: What are you laughing at? You think I’m stupid right?

LC: I think you’re really cute like this.

JE: Yeah right. People say if someone isn’t pretty, you would say she has a good personality. If she doesn’t even have a good personality, then you call her cute.

LC: What are you saying? I really think you’re cute. Haven’t you heard, sometimes when people laugh at you, it’s because they like you. (squeals!)

JE: That’s only in movies. Don’t try to fool me. If you want to laugh, go ahead.

The next misunderstanding and fight happened after Jia En went to apologize to Liu Chuan for losing her temper at him. But eep she chose the wrong timing to go apologize to him, because now he was in a bad mood about the secret of him being a legislator’s son. He brushes off her apology and said it was okay. She thinks he is still upset at her when he wasn’t, so she tries to ask what is really bothering him.

JE: You’re obviously upset about something. Aren’t we friends? What is so difficult to talk about? Why do you have to hide it?

LC: Hide?? Who’s the person hiding something now? The whole time you were upset about not being selected, you closed yourself off someplace I couldn’t enter. Who’s the one really hiding? It’s you right? Just worry about yourself….

In the first conversation, it was like a subtle confession on Liu Chuan’s part and in the second fight, he was actually mad that she shut him out but I think it has a double meeting. I think he was also upset during that one year gap, she never contacted him again until after she was accepted into university and ran into him on campus. Oh the feels this drama gives *sigh*

I love how the conflicts and misunderstandings are very everyday and ordinary, it’s believable that everyone can relate to. It showed the other side of our characters and their imperfections.  But you can see how after their fights how much it really bothers both of them and they do care deeply for each other. The character development is great and I love the way the writer portrays friendship, college life and being young, it feels so natural and effortless. Annnd how can I not mention those eye beams Liu Chuan shoots at Jia En are so electrifying in this episode. Boy, you’re soooo into her, you’re gonna have to work hard to get the girl fo sho in this drama haha.


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