Videos of the Week: EXO and Urban Zapaka

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I don’t really follow current K-pop music as much as I used to (I’m more of a first and second generation K-pop fan), but lately all I ever hear about is EXO these days, its quite impossible not to because the boys are INSANELY popular right now. I do really like their hit song Growl, their dancing and choreography is amazing. I must say SM is really upping themselves with every new group that comes out. I still don’t know too much about them, but one of my friends is starting to get into them and she occasionally shares an EXO video here and there for me to watch. I came across their latest MV for their song Miracles in December and I love it! I like the Chinese version better than Korean version interestingly enough. The one guy who caught my eye first (also in other MVs) is Luhan, he’s sucha cutie and love his voice (he’s the lead vocalist of Exo-M!) Both the song and the MV was shot beautifully!

The next video is by Urban Zapaka with their latest track When Winter Comes. I’ve been a fan of Urban Zapaka for a while now, they’re an indie group and seriously underrated! Their vocals are so beautiful and unique, it blends so well together. This song is no exception, very soothing… eargasm right here!


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