Fan-Girl Ramblings #3 – Triple Y Effect: Yoo Yun Suk, Yoon Shi Yoon and Yoo Seung Woo

YYS-High-Cut-1 YYS-High-Cut-2


OMG can we just a few moments to spazz over these photos of Yoo Yun Suk, who recently did a photoshoot for High Cut. Gah, I love these photos and I love the theme, as it matches so well with his Reply 1994 character Chilbongie. Which leads to my next fan-girl topic, after disappearing for practically 3 episodes, Chilbongie has finally returned this week! I missed him so much and I was really disappointed, how his character was suddenly shipped off to Japan, not to be seen ever again for the longest time. Man this show, continues to really piss us off by making us guess who the husband is till the very end. At this point I don’t really care which guy ends up with Na Jung, as long as both boys have a happy ending with whomever it may be. There’s only 2 episodes left and we’ll FINALLY get our answer next weekend who is her hubby. I’m just glad to see Chilbongie back on screen again, whether he gets the girl or not. Just to side track for a moment, but Yoo Yun Suk has been officially cast in not 1, not 2 but in 3 movies recently, OMO that’s how popular he became after this show. I’m really happy for him! Not only him, but Jung Woo and other cast members have been receiving lots of casting offers like movies and CFs too. They all deserve it! It’s amazing how one drama can completely change your career.

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Episode 19 was sooo hilarious because of Chilbongie, I couldn’t stop laughing! Oh my goodness I luff him so much. This episode, Na Jung is planning to get her driver’s license and the gang urges Chilbongie to get his license too with her, because she knows an academy out of town that will guarantee you a pass. Hilariously Na Jung passes the written test her first time and Chilbongie failed 3 times in a row, thus making them go on bus trips everyday to re-take the tests. Later on Na Jung takes Chilbongie out for a ride, it’s her first time driving on real streets and it’s so nerve wracking and comical. She takes the whole entire day to get to their destination and deems it too scary to drive back alone, so she decides to leave the car and cab back ha!!! While waiting for the cab, she receives a call from mom (who’s in Masan) that dad got into a bad accident and needs surgery ASAP, but there is no guardian to sign the papers. She panics because there are no taxis in sight, Chilbongie looks at her nervously and tensely. I realized then, OMG he totally knows how to drive!! Next thing you know he’s cutting in and out traffic like it’s nobody’s business and with ONE hand too! LOOOL I died!!!! Turns out he only did that, so he could have an excuse to spend more time with her, aw so sweet.  Na Jung was of course pissed for making her look like a fool this whole time. Chilbongie isn’t the smartest cookie but definitely he’s less dumb than he originally let us on to believe LMAO. Boy I need to find me some dinosaurs at Tous Les Jours HAHAHAHA. Did I forget to mention how ridiculously hot he looks when he’s driving??

At the hospital after dad’s surgery was successful, Na Jung reprimands Chilbongie for lying. He says: “What am I supposed to do? I have to go back to US in half a month. There’s no time. That’s right I did on purpose. I was going to see you on that day and if I lose you this time, I thought it would really be the end. Na Jung ah, do you perhaps remember? Perhaps someday we meet again years later and if no one is next to you at that time, I said let’s date. Do you remember? Na Jung ah… I… like you… a lot. I started liking you the first time I saw you… and I still… even now like you.” OMG -dies- Chilbongie sure knows how to break our hearts *cries* And those trembling hands of his during the confession, really had my heart wrenching. I really can’t believe a guy who’s already so famous, can get so nervous confessing to a girl. What an adorable silly dork!


As a bonus, was this the writers way of appeasing us Chilbongie fans after taking him away for so long?? Total fan service right there, okay I forgive you, for now show! Daaayum Na Jung look at what you’ve been missing out on! *Alllll I want for Christmaaaas is Chilbongieee*

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I’m up-to-date watching Prime Minister and I and it’s still very enjoyable thankfully. I know that Yoona and Lee Bum Soo are the OTP of the drama and Yoon Shi Yoon is playing second fiddle, but I really can’t ignore his nuanced acting. The way he looks at Yoona, those looks of heartbreak, pain and hurt. Yoon Shi Yoon is one of those rare actors who can emote so beautifully with just his eyes. Any scene with him just really stands out and I’m reminded again why he’s one of my fave young actors of this current generation. Another case of second lead syndrome is in the work it seems… *sigh*

Keeping on with the trend of Y’s in today’s Fan-Girl Ramblings, check out this live radio performance of Yoo Seung Woo singing I’m In Love. Love love his voice and music! His album is always on repeat on my playlist, definitely check him out if you haven’t already!


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