DBSK ~ 10 Year Anniversary


Wow it’s already been 10 years since DBSK debuted?? Yeah I feel old. I already felt old when I saw EXO members calling DBSK members sunbaenim. I won’t go into the details of the split and the changes that has happened to the group. However as a fellow fan, DBSK will always be known as a 5 member group in my heart and I hope one day they can be on the same stage performing again. I started to become a fan DBSK in 2005, when they just released their 2nd album Rising Sun. It was around that time, I also began my K-pop and K-drama obsession! I’ve been listening to K-pop music and watching K-dramas for a few years prior to 2005 but I wasn’t addicted. 2005 was really the year that changed everything. I always look back at 2005 as a very nostalgic period, with a smile on my face. I’m going to share what I believe are some of the most memorable performances that highlights DBSK’s careers. DBSK really set the standards for all other boy band groups after them, in terms of international recognition and popularity.

This was the very first ever performance I’ve ever seen of DBSK and I accidentally downloaded this clip. After watching this performance, life has never been the same. It was my very first performance I saw in HD quality on my PC which really wowed me and my high school friends, who I showed the performance to later on (ironically the Youtube video isn’t in HD lol). We became super fans of them after, always watching their music videos, live performances, show appearances, following their news and of course buying their albums and other merchandise. It was like a 90’s Backstreet Boys fan-girl craze era all over for me and my friends again lol.

This performance was so amazing because for us, we’ve never seen Asian groups that could sing and dance so well. My friend and I still refer to Yoochun’s hairstyle as the “chicken style” when they did Rising Sun promotions hahaha. I don’t know how many times we watched and re-watched this performance. One of my favorite parts of the Unforgettable song is when Junsu goes “Po” I love it so much haha!

This is one of my most favorite DBSK performances where they sang One. Vocally so beautiful and it really showed that all our boys can really sing! This one I re-watched countless times. So many goosebumps. *re-watches again*

This is the second DBSK performance I watched after the very first performance above. My first thought was “What’s with the 2 guys screaming in the beginning??” LOL!! But yeah I love this song too.

Just in case you forgot DBSK were originally promoted as an a cappella group! Gorgeous voices!

Probably my most favorite O performance!!! The choreography is great! LOL I always wondered why they always gave Yoochun the fugly hairstyles >.<

My Destiny is probably my most favorite Japanese song of theirs. These are 2 of my favorite performances of the song.

How could I forget Tri-Angle, come on you totally digged the crazy stage costumes they wore promoting this song back then!

I really wished I was their Little Princess back then hehe!

The infamous performance where Yoochun cried because it was supposed to be their last performance as 5 members. Back then DBSK and Super Junior were “test” groups and SM wanted to rotate members, however that never happened in the end.

Asia Song Festival 2007. Look at the Sea of RED!! Nuff said. I haven’t seen anything like this in a long time.

Anyways there’s way more great songs and performances out there by DBSK and if I were to list them all, this post would be soooo long! Watching all these performances again brought back a lot of great memories. Happy 10th Anniversary DBSK and Cassiopeia! Our wish is to see you 5 back together again on stage, you shined the best when you’re all together.



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