Final Words: Reply 1994


Man its over. I’ve never felt so emotionally involved in a drama ever! Really great in the part of the writers for creating such wonderful characters and the actors who brought them to life. What a beautiful finale. I loved this drama despite the frustrations and anger sometimes, but it was a wonderful ride. The journey it took us on with all our characters, who we saw grow up and change before our eyes was so poignant. Rather than focusing on the romance/fan war ships (which I’ll talk about in a bit), the overarching theme I believe was about the dynamics of relationships between family and friends. What this show did really well was highlighting the friendship amongst our gang, strangers who all lived under the same roof suddenly became each others family in an unfamiliar place. They laughed, cried, and created beautiful memories with each other. I was really satisfied with the ending, it was wrapped really nicely. Best of all, our gang are still together in the present still the best of friends. I really started to tear up at the end when everyone gathered to have their last meal together at the boarding house. All of our characters were fantastic. I was particularly very impressed Go Ara, she completely lived and breathed as Na Jung. I totally forgot she was just another pretty SM actress who had mediocre reviews about her acting. This is definitely her career defining role. Jung Woo’s Trash Oppa was wonderful, he played him with so much vulnerability and layers. Yoo Yun Suk my baby Chilbongie who I’ve talked about non-stop in many of my posts, just won my heart over. He was Chilbongie, with all his heart and soul which is why we adored him endlessly. I’ve never seen a one-sided love portrayed so romantically. One person who I am especially going to miss the most is Appa or Dad played by Sung Dong Il. He was so crazy with his wild actions and expressions, I could never stop laughing whenever he’s around, especially with those animal background noises, it killed me every time. The whole entire cast was really incredible and it is definitely a career booster for everyone. I really love these dramas that makes you smile and think about those times when we were young, maybe a even a little wild, made mistakes, and cried as if the world might end. However, it was also a wonderful time when we’d reflect and always reminisce. I’m going to miss seeing this drama every weekend, it’s going to feel a bit empty next week.

I was bawling my eyes out for Chilbongie at the start of the final episode, even though I knew deep down all along by the last few episodes, he wasn’t the husband. Even though I knew, my heart still clung onto any thread of hope that maybe, just maybe Chilbongie could be the guy. But it’s been pretty obvious for a long time that Na Jung’s heart has always been with Trash Oppa, and she only saw Chilbongie as a really good friend. This show really just trolled us right till the very end anyway letting us wonder who the husband was, beating us to the brink of death emotionally. I found it so interesting the HUGE divide between Trash and Chilbongie amongst fans. Also how domestically in Korea, Trash Oppa was the most popular and the clear favorite, while Chilbongie has been a favorite amongst international fans. I can see why everyone has their own reasons and perspectives on which guy they preferred (VERY strong opinions at that). I really had to think deeply and rationally why I favored Chilbongie over Trash because I really loved Trash too. In the ideal world, I would have both guys, Trash as my oppa and Chilbongie as my boyfriend/husband. Trash was too much of an older brother for me in my eyes. His career as a doctor where he constantly has to put patients first before anything else was a bit of a turn off because he wasn’t there or was always late for the important events. He always cared and worried about others which I loved. However, he would never let others know when he needed help, he would just say “it’s okay” even though he really isn’t, so he wouldn’t be a burden for others. Also his “trashy” lifestyle was also huge turn off for me lol, though I’m not that much better but he’s just plain gross. There’s a clear difference between being messy and being dirty. Trash is the epitome of both, thus the nickname! Trash I prefer as my older brother but he is perfect together with Na Jung. I admit I was already a bit biased towards Yoo Yun Suk coming into this drama because he the only person I recognized besides Go Ara (who I didn’t really care for at first). I was curious to see this drama because of him, as Yoo Yun Suk has always been known for his hateful villainous roles (I really hated him in A Werewolf Boy and he deserved it at the end lol). I just loved Chilbongie’s devotion towards Na Jung, even after many years and knowing she liked someone else, he still kept her in his heart. He was so endearingly stupid but he did whatever he could to make time to spend with Na Jung and just to be around her in general. He’s never had a family to love and care for him. For the first time Na Jung was the first person to care about him deeply, it’s no wonder why he liked her so much and couldn’t let go. He wanted her to fill that empty void in his heart, that his family never gave him. Like he said, he was very lonely person and liking someone one-sidedly made him even lonelier. Oh the feels and pain, I relate so much to Chilbongie and his feelings. Also for superficial reasons Chilbongie is just the hottest baseball player ever, I just preferred his overall look and physique over Trash (although Trash abs were yum too keke!).

All this while I realized I have been watching based on my own personal preferences rather than say what’s best for Na Jung. I think that is how a lot of people were watching the drama too. Na Jung and Trash belong together because they have a connection and bond that no one can come in and interfere with. I was smiling like a little loon at their scenes together in the last episode, they looked so happy and sweet together. Ugh this drama just makes you go bi-polar. I’m really happy and satisfied that Chilbongie had a good ending too which was what I wanted at the very least. I was looking at it in a perspective as a friend for Chilbongie who understood and felt his pain, and I just wanted him to be happy. Who knew fictional characters could create so much strife amongst people? Although fictional, I believe we become so attached to these characters because we see them as a reflection of ourselves. We can’t help but to feel or react strongly to whatever happens to our characters in a story. I always wondered does art imitate life or life imitate art? That is the million dollar question. Anyways I don’t want to ramble on anymore as I tend to write really long mumbo jumbo sometimes. This drama has special place in my heart (despite its flaws and all) because it was so heartfelt in so many ways and it is worth a watch especially if you enjoyed Reply 1997. Just be mentally prepared for the emotional roller-coaster, as you’ve been pre-warned. I feel like I am saying good-bye to old friends who I was used to seeing every week .*sobs*



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