First Impressions: My Love From Another Star


Kim Soo Hyun = HOTTEST alien evar! You knew I’d watch this didn’t you? I’d be disappointed if you thought I wasn’t. Kim Soo Hyun is another one of my actor biases along with Yoon Shi Yoon. I just finished the latest episode 6 and I want MOAR. Each episode becomes better as it progresses. When I first started watching the drama, I was thinking “How absurd is this??” Then again, we have dramas and movies about vampires, werewolves, and gumihos, so I guess the next big thing should be aliens. The story is about Do Min Joon an alien who came to earth during the Joseon era and lives on earth for the next 400 years to the present day. He currently works as a university lecturer and through fate he meets top actress Chun Song Yi, falling in love with her.

This marks the return of Jun Ji Hyun to the small screen, she hasn’t filmed a drama in 14 years!! Her character is soooo VAIN to the point of hilarity, I’m constantly laughing with her crazy antics. Besides her inflated superstar ego, she also shows us a more vulnerable and lonely side. Jun Ji Hyun is definitely a real star in every sense from her acting to screen presence, it clearly shows because she proves she’s an A-lister and why she belongs at that level. Essentially she is playing herself in a way and also poking fun at celebrity life, but in many ways behind all the laughs there is a lot of truth to it as well. Her character is not book smart but definitely street smart. She’s no push over and can definitely hold her own, which is another reason why I adore her. I died so many times watching episode 6 when she drove her car and rapped (parody of G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don’s Going to Try). Seriously, this girl kills me like no other.

Kim Soo Hyunnie, need I say more? Amazing and fabulous as always in his performance, he never disappoints. I like how the Min Joon we see in the beginning is a jaded alien. However, over the course of the episodes with all the flashbacks, it gives us glimpses of the life he lived in those 400 years and how it shaped who he is today. By the end of episode 6, we finally know why he feels that strong need to protect Song Yi and also at the same time keep his distance from her. I love at this point he isn’t denying his growing feelings for her, when all along he had that “I don’t care” attitude and in the end kept getting involved anyways. I’m excited to see what will happen from now on because it won’t be long before ma gurl Song Yi’s heart be thumpin’ too. Haha Sawrey!

I also want to mention the wonderful child actor Kim Hyun Soo (everyone has such similar names!!) who played Yi Hwa in the flashbacks. Such a great actress for her age. I already knew her from Good Doctor playing one of the child patients. I see a bright future ahead of her in her acting career. The child actors these days are totally killing it and dare I say that they act even better than a lot of the current 20 somethings. Kim Hyun Soo has great chemistry with Kim Hyun Soo too, I’m a little sad their chapter of the story has ended. I hope she will appear in some more flashbacks in the future episodes.

Of course Kim Soo Hyun has sizzling chemistry with Jun Ji Hyun. In case you didn’t know already, both our leads starred in the box office hit movie The Thieves. I’ve never watched the movie but from what I heard they weren’t lovers, but they had an undeniable chemistry together. Which I believe is what the drama has been trying to capitalize on which was a very smart move! Two hot stars in a drama, and being able to have sparks together is already a win for me.

I’m loving all the cheeky references to other dramas and films! The My Sassy Girl reference and theme song killed me. Funny enough, My Sassy Girl was the first ever Korean film I’ve ever watched. It is one of the most famous Korean movies, that even for many non-regular Korean film or drama watchers, they know of this movie. My Sassy Girl was the movie that brought Jun Ji Hyun her massive popularity. There were funny references and parodies of other dramas and films such as The Moon That Embraces the Sun, The Heirs, Reply 1994 and Secretly, Greatly. If you didn’t pay attention enough you would have missed them.

On a final note if I had Kim Soo Hyun as my professor I would never skip class and get straight A’s. Smart is always sexy, remember that ladies! Who else thought at the beginning of episode 1 when Kim Soo Hyun appeared you thought “ROFLLL alien who looks like a Kpop star!” Not that I minded pwahahaha… Waiting for next Wednesday to come sooner!


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