Fan Girl Ramblings #5 – In a Good Way and Reply 1994

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Yes I am still watching In a Good Way, no worries. Sorry I haven’t been writing about it as much, been side tracked with a lot of other things. Still loving the show and watching it religiously every week. I just wanted to share some of the lovely photos from the Instagram accounts of our 2 main leads! A lot of BTS photos with our leads and ensemble cast! Apparently Kirsten doesn’t go by this English name but Lorene. So confusing, so I will just go by Lorene from now on. Or I could go by Rong Rong which is what most people call her, aish too many names! Whatever, Lorene it is. Anyways if you don’t know their Instagrams, Lego is lllego and Lorene’s is rongrong1122, they post a lot of videos too especially Lego, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

31 32 33 34

In episode 8 of IAGW there were 2 scenes that were very memorable for me. My favorite scene was when Liu Chuan asked Jia En to accompany him to help make a phone call for 3631. He calls his father to tell him he rejected the teaching assistant position because his dad helped him to get it. He reminded him again that he was promised 4 years of freedom in university and to let him live as Liu Shan Feng and not the son of Legislator Liu. He hangs up the phone and looks at Jia En. She says to him, “I think 3631 is just 3631. It makes no difference who his father is.” Liu Chuan’s eyes just suddenly brighten up and breaks into a smile. This scene has 2 significant meanings. The first is Liu Chuan finally opening up to Jia En and letting her know who he is, which is what he’s been trying to hide from everyone. Second significance is Jia En doesn’t care who his father is and she just accepts for him for who he is. So sweet. I love how they talk about 3631 as a third person but they both already know that Liu Chuan is 3631. Jia En just chose to keep 3631’s identity a secret even though Liu Chuan knows she already knows, confusing right? Lol.

35 36 37

The next memorable scene is when Ren Wei is trying to find a parking spot and Jia En comes to accompany him. He originally got his driver’s license so he could show off to Bai Xue his reverse parking skills. Of course Bai Xue doesn’t really care and goes off to join the others at the karaoke place. I love their friendship, and I love that Jia En didn’t even have to think twice and just went off to find Ren Wei when she realized he was missing. Did you all notice Ren Wei’s gaze suddenly changed and lingered longer than usual at Jia En while he was trying to park? I think he is starting to see her in a new light. I’m a little worried if in the future if he’ll fall for Jia En too and it becomes a messy triangle, because I’m very satisfied with their long-time supportive friendship they have together.

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I also wanted to share some BTS photos of Reply 1994 as well, that I came across online. Of course, as you can tell they are Chilbongie/Yoo Yun Suk biased pwahaha! In additional, I also wanted to share this video of Yoo Yun Suk’s Free Hug Event he held, OMG I wish I was there to get a hug too! I probably wouldn’t let go and the security guards would have to drag me away LOL. He was so cute and adorable while talking to the fans!

This is the photo he took at the Free Hug fan-meeting event, which is posted on his Twitter (@Yeonseok411)

Bck__ynCcAArWZF.jpg large

Here is a BTS clip from the recent special epilogue episode aired this past Friday! OMG Go Ara and Yun Suk are so adorable together!!

Hehe one last photo for all the Chilbongie shippers out there!



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