Fan Girl Ramblings #6 – My Love From Another Star

dominjoonsongyi1 dominjoonsongyi2 dominjoonsongyi3

I just finished watching this week’s episodes (7-8) and can I please have a moment. OMMMMMMMMGGGGG HOOOLLLY SHIIIIIIIIEEEET!! AFDJHSJHSkSKSIK!!! Yeah you had that reaction too didn’t you? HOLY MAMA that KISS was so HOT, daaayum Kim Soo Hyun, bro how can you can kiss a girl like dat?? *faints* What a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous… did I say gorgeous man you are? Okay breathe ladies. In the beginning when I first started watching the drama I had lot Twilight moments, but obviously this drama is waaaay better. However, after watching this week’s episodes I get the feelings of Superman/Clark Kent. I never watched the movies but when I was young I watched the TV series with Teri Thatcher and Dean Cain called Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, anyone else used to watch this show? I get the same feelings from the drama with Do Min Joon because he has dual personas almost like Clark and Superman. Okay back to the KISSSSSSSSSSSSS Soooo HAWT!!

dominjoon1 dominjoon2 dominjoon3 dominjoon4

Let’s back track a bit to episode 7 and talk about my favorite scene! When Song Yi wakes up and find herself in a moving car that picks up speed heading towards a cliff. She slams the breaks but they have been cut. She screams for Do Min Joon and he hears her screaming with his sharp hearing. Next thing you know he pops out of thin air, drops in front of the car and slams his hands down on the hood to stop the car. HOLY HOT DAYUM that was so sexy and hot!! My jaw was just stayed opened throughout the whole scene. I swear if it was summer time right now, a fly would have flown in my mouth and I wouldn’t have noticed lol. Ya Kim Soo Hyun you still got my vote for sexist alien of the year, if not forever.

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