First Impressions: I Need Romance 3


Omo I’ve been wanting to watch this drama when I first heard about our main leads being casted, Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon. I really liked Kim So Yeon since Prosecutor Princess, because she really changed that super evil image I had of her back in All About Eve (Eep that was 13 years ago!!). Sung Joon I really like him, he isn’t exactly the most handsome actor but something really pulls me to him. He has a lot of magnetic charisma and charm that you can’t help but feel drawn to him. I’m glad to see he has a leading role again after Gu Family Book.

Just to let you know that this drama is a part of the I Need Romance franchise, but every “season” has a completely different story with a brand new cast. I recently finished watching the first I Need Romance series the other day, I will be writing a separate blog post and review about it later on. Anyways moving on, this drama is described as being focused on the employees working at a home shopping company involving love, friendship and competition between friends in their 20s and 30s. It depicts how Korean working women live their lives at work, home, and how the they manage friendship, meanwhile trying to find love at the same time.

I just finished watching the first 2 episodes late last night and I am so hooked. Loving the chemistry between our leads and it definitely has all the flavorings of a romantic comedy. Kim So Yeon plays Shin Joo Yun aka Shing Shing according to Sung Joon’s character Joo Wan/Allen Ju. Joo Yun works as a merchandiser and team leader at a home shopping company. She’s confident, sexy, arrogant, b!tchy and also very jaded from being hurt after many failed relationships. Joo Wan is a genius songwriter, who goes by the stage name Allen Ju and has returned to Korea after being abroad for 17 years. We learn from the beginning that Shing Shing is Joo Wan’s first love and he grew up in her house, while she took care of him. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of I Hear Your Voice*ness, because Joo Wan has this image of Shing Shing as the perfect ideal woman from his childhood. However, when he meets her again, she is totally far off from what he had idolized about her all these years.

The best scene for me was during episode 2 when Joo Wan and Shing Shing sat together at a restaurant. She lets her guard down for a moment by saying things like “You’re right, nobody loves me” and “Everyone but me is a stranger” but she immediately says that she is okay with it and that life is easier this way. The way Joo Wan looks at her with heartache and hurt that she has become this way, was really touching. I had a few tears too, during this scene. I loved what he said towards the end of the episode, “That person has become a really weird person. That’s why my heart really hurts. If it’s possible, I want to change her back to the way she was before.” It’s very interesting how Joo Wan grew up to be a pretty good person based on what Shing Shing taught him as a child, such as being honest with one’s feelings. Now she’s the complete opposite, and it seems like now it is his turn now to teach her and remind her how she wasn’t always this type of person that she has become. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of their chemistry and how he’s going to change her back to who she originally was.

Annnd duuude, Sung Joon with the right hair and clothes really cleans up well! Pretty hot, eh?? Yeah, I had to make screencaps.

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