CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour – New York


I just came back a few days ago from a trip to New York with my friends to see CNBLUE in concert! We took a 10 hour bus all the way to New York and another 10 hours back. The trip was exhausting but pretty well worth it to see CNBLUE, although we’ll never take long bus rides again, even though it is cheap. Flying is definitely worth the money. Our adventure to NY was pretty crazy and definitely provided us with good memories.

The concert was held on Tuesday January 21 at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. The concert was really amazing and it went by so quickly the 2 hours, we all wanted more. It has been one of my dreams to see CNBLUE live and I can cross it off my list, but of course I will go see them more than once, when the opportunity comes. Yonghwa is my favorite member and boy my eyes were on him pretty much a majority of the time, he’s an incredible performer, from singing, dancing, beat-boxing, playing piano, jumping all around and really keeping the crowd excited. Jungshin was so adorable too, I loved it whenever he spoke and tried to interact with the audience as well. Would have loved to see Minhyuk more but he’s pretty limited and confined to his drums. Jonghyun was pretty quiet most of the time, as expected hehe.

I was kinda disappointed in the crowd reaction, I thought there would be more excitement and overall fan-girl craziness-through-the-roof kind of thing at the concert. My friends were even more upset, but maybe it’s an Asian audience thing? I’ve been to a lot of Chinese/Asian concerts and majority of the time people don’t really have much of a big reaction, maybe we’re too conservative as one of my bff suggested.

One of my fave parts of the concert when Yonghwa spoke in English to audience. He was so cute because he spoke so slowly with a long pause in between each word. I’m sure he was trying really hard to pronounce each word correctly. It was especially funny for me when he mentioned the “snow storm” which pft is like normal everyday winter weather in Toronto/Canada LOL. Yeah they actually called a state of emergency in New York, if only that happened here as well because we’d all get so many days off of school/work. We had a crazy ice storm and ice quakes and they didn’t even call a state of emergency tsk tsk.

One of my fave CNBLUE songs is Where You Are and one of my CNSisters declared it as our song haha.

Try Again, Smile Again – It still sounds like Jonghyun says “I don’t like Samsung” LMAOOO

Tattoo – I just love it when they totally rock out, so sexy.

You can check my channel for the rest of the performances I uploaded. Sorry for the shakiness because I was trying to record and enjoy the concert at the same time. Overall, I had a great time and I really look forward to seeing them live in concert again and with a crazier fan-girl audience!

This was their set list for the night:

Main Set

  1. “Opening”
  2. “Where You Are”
  3. “Get Away”
  4. “One Time”
  5. “Man like Me”
  6. “Coffee Shop”
  7. “Have A Good Night”
  8. “Wake Up”
  9. “Love Light”
  10. “Feeling”
  11. “These Days”
  12. “Y,Why (Kor Ver)”
  13. “Just Please”
  14. “Tattoo”
  15. “In My Head”
  16. “Intuition”
  17. “I’m A Loner”
  18. “I’m Sorry”


  1. “Hey You”
  2. “Love Girl”
  3. “You’ve Fallen For Me”
  4. “Love”
  5. “Try Again, Smile again (English Ver)”

Here’s a few photos I was able to capture from the concert

20140121_202938 20140121_210201 20140121_210845 20140121_21272720140121_22232620140121_222347


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