Videos of the Week: Genie Chuo, Alien Huang and Bii

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I’ve noticed my videos of the week have been all Korean ones. I decided to change things up for this week’s posting. The first video I’m sharing is the official theme song of the popular Taiwanese drama Just You sung by Genie Chuo and Alien Huang (aka Xiao Gui). Both singers star in the MV and it’s super cute. The song is called 心愛的 (Beloved). I also wrote a review on the drama a while back, which you can read here.

The next singer I want to introduce is Bii a Taiwanese singer/songwriter who is half Taiwanese and Korean. I really love his voice, it’s very soothing, pleasant to the ears and very unique. The 2 songs below are the ones I really like from his album. I realized afterwards that it is a 2 part story between the songs/MV, because I watched the 2nd part first lol. The first song is 幸福無關 (Unrelated to Happiness) and second is I Know. Also I finally recognized who Luhan of EXO resembles, and it’s Bii!! I scrolled down to the comments after and other viewers also noticed the same resemblances.

This is one of my favorite songs from Bii’s latest album he released last year called 我會在你身邊 (I Will Be By Your Side). You’ve most likely heard this song a lot in the Taiwanese drama Love Around starring the hot couple George Hu and Annie Chen. It is a really nice duet he sang with Miu Chu.


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