First Impressions: Emergency Couple


I’ve finished watching the first four episodes of Emergency Couple, starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. They play a divorced couple who are reunited again after 6 years as interns working at a hospital in the ER. This drama has been promoted and labelled as a medical romantic comedy. Something I haven’t seen in dramaland before. From its premier episodes, it felt tonally off. It doesn’t exactly feel like a romantic comedy when mixed with the medical side. CJH and SJH do have chemistry together as a bickering couple who can’t stand each other. However, when we go into the ER intern work life, it feels like your standard medical drama and it makes you forget that it is supposed to be a rom-com too as well. It’s just very odd and I can’t quite grasp what the exact tone of the show is trying to go with. I also find the background music sometimes is very inappropriate for some scenes, it leaves me going HUH??? Like the scene where CJH was held hostage with a gun at the end of episode 2, the music was very strange and not match.

Anyways with more of the negatives pushed aside, after seeing the first four episodes I’m starting to see the potential that the drama has. Both lead characters have a lot of learning and growing together, which I’m looking forward to seeing. What better way to learn and grow together than being thrown together in life or death situations? I really did wish the drama showed the background story of how they met, fell in love and got married, and what lead to the fallout in the end leading to divorce. If we had more details, such as memory flashbacks it would be easier for us viewers to want to root for the OTP. So far we’ve mostly seen is CHJ’s Chang Min being a jerk, by constantly insulting and belittling SJH’s character Jin Hee. Jin Hee is someone I can definitely root for because she’s a woman who worked really hard to turn her life around after the divorce to become a doctor. You just want her to succeed and show Chang Min that she can be an amazing doctor too. Chang Min has a lot of maturing to do, he has flaws like all humans, but he’s starting to show some good qualities in certain moments (possibly the reasons why Jin Hee fell for him in the beginning?). I’m liking their chemistry together and I do enjoy those moments when they look out for each other and momentarily forget that they hate each other.


Other characters include Clara who plays Han Ah Reum another intern on OTP’s team. I’ve heard a lot about Clara previously, because she had a lot of buzz surrounding her and her amazing body. I totally agree her body is smokin’ after seeing her in the drama and she definitely can hold her own acting wise. She’s very interested in Chang Min at the moment, although he admires her for her looks and ahem package, he doesn’t seem interested in her that way to want to date. Lee Pil Mo plays the chief of ER and booya the man is sexy and a great actor. I’m seeing some chemistry with him and SJH as well. Choi Yeo Jin I know from a lot of dramas I’ve seen in the past. The role most people probably recognize her from is I Need Romance as the player-girl of the trio of bffs in the drama. Not much has been shown about her character at the moment.

I was really looking to this drama originally because of CJH and SJH, as I really like the both of them. Choi Jin Hyuk because I can finally see him in a leading role and FINALLY get the girl for once. Also, we get to see him smile again after seeing him in Heirs, where he was stone-faced a majority of the time. SJH who I adore as the Ace from Running Man, but I’ve never really watched her dramas/movies besides Goong which was ages ago, that I don’t even really remember the details of the drama. From what I know SJH has yet to have a representative piece as an actress, I hope this drama may help her or hopefully in the near future she will get a breakthrough role. I believe comedies suit her more than more serious roles in my opinion. She already has this image of being a strong independent woman who can hold her own in a group of men on Running Man. In the beginning of the episode, I felt like she didn’t really suit the weak fragile woman shown at the beginning of their breakup/divorce. I’m already looking forward to the new episodes because the other half of Monday Couple, Gary will be making a cameo appearance and ahhh it’s gonna be epic right?! I really wonder kind of role Gary will play? Anyways enough rambling, you can catch the show Fridays and Saturdays on TVN.



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