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Thanks to Baro aka Binggere from Reply 1994, I discovered B1A4! See this is the best way for me to notice you, act in a drama(s) and I will definitely have a higher chance of wanting to know you more. Baro is the rapper of the group and he gives off a really different image in contrast to Binggeure which really surprised me. I felt the same about Hoya from Infinite in Reply 1997. A little background on the group, they are a 5 member idol group from WM Entertainment, a company I haven’t heard about before. The members include Baro, Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan. The group’s nickname is “countryside-dols” because all of the members are from the countryside. I think it’s cute and very unique, because most bands I’ve seen have usually have a mix of both from the countryside and city.

I’ve been listening to their latest album Vol. 2 Who Am I, it has been on repeat for the past couple of weeks and I usually listen to it everyday. I love the entire album as a whole, but if I were to pick my current fave top 2 songs, they would be #2 Lonely and #5 Baby. These two songs, have a very chill and groovy vibe, it makes me click the replay button over and over. The members also prove not only are they talented as singers but also songwriters. Jin Young wrote and composed the title song Lonely and “When in Love.” Baro wrote the rap lyrics to Baby, and CNU wrote and composed his solo song “Drunk On Music.”Definitely check out their album, I highly recommend it!


Track List:
01. Intro – Prologue
02. Lonely (없구나)
03. 사랑 그땐 (feat. 하림)
04. Amazing
05. Baby
06. Oh My God
07. 벅차 (산들+공찬)
08. 예뻐
09. Who Am I
10. 음악에 취해 (Cnu Solo)
11. 길
12. Seoul

B1A4 released 2 versions of their Lonely MV

My 2 fave performances of Lonely

Also don’t forget that B1A4 sang the Reply 1994 OST song With You



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