Royal Pirates

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I’m back again to write about another music group Royal Pirates! I’ve always heard their name floating around, but didn’t have any idea who they were before. That is until during my trip to New York 2 weeks ago, on the 10 hour bus ride back home, my friend said she started listening to a group called Royal Pirates. We listened to their songs together on her mp3 player and I was hooked. A little background info on the group, they are a Korean-American rock band formed in 2004. The band has 3 members: Kim Moon Chul (vocals, guitar), Kim Soo Yoon (drums), and James Lee (bass guitar). They were formerly known as Fading From Dawn, but in 2008 the bassist of the band Richard (Moon Chul’s brother) died in a car accident. Moon Chul and Soo Yoon felt they could no longer be Fading From Dawn without Richard and decided to change the band’s name. They went on to release covers on YouTube and gained fame and recognition. In 2009, James Lee joined the group as their bassist. Royal Pirates debuted in Korea in 2013 with their digital single Shout Out and just last month January 2014 they released their first EP, Drawing The Line.

I really love the title track Drawing The Line, it’s super catchy. Moon describes it as a mix of rock & roll, hip hop and r&b. I’m really happy they have an English version of the song included on the EP for us international fans. I love all the songs on the album, I think my second favorite song would be See What I See. Go check out their album and listen to all their songs!


Track List:
01. Drawing The Line
02. You
03. See What I See
04. Fly To You
05. On My Mind (Lounge Mix ver.)
06. Drawing The Line (English ver.)

Also last night for the first time ever I actually stayed up to watch After School Club with Royal Pirates as guests.I stayed up till 3am to catch the show and it was definitely worth it. It was so much fun because it was broadcasted live and I was just tweeting along throughout the show hoping my tweets would appear. What a gorgeous group of talented guys, they’re so funny and crazy. I love that they are all friends with Eric and Kevin, their interactions together was so funny.Their Crayon Pop rock cover was hilarious and when they tried to dance to U-kiss’s ManManHaNi it was so cute! After School Club is a really cool show that I’ve been following and it’s awesome because international fans can get to meet and interact with Kpop stars through Hangout and Twitter. I really liked Gosia’s Polish cover of their song. Anyways, definitely check out the show, if you haven’t already!


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