Fan-girl Ramblings #7 – My Love From Another Star

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Just finished watching this week’s episodes of My Love From Another Star and yeah I totally need to fan-girl again. After Song Yi is rushed off to the ER after her fall during her movie shoot. Min Joon storms into Jae Kyung’s office, you can see his rage as the glass shatters. Dayum that was so hot and sexy. Next he sends his desk flying to the other side of the room because Jae Kyung tried to press a button under his desk. Min Joon zooms over and with one hand lifts him off his feet and next thing you know they are on the rooftop of the building. He dangles him over the ledge and says, “Just like what you did to Cheon Song Yi, I will kill you the same way” Min Joon let’s him go and has Jae Kyung dangling in mid-air and he yells “DIE!!” Hot damn, you don’t know how many times I rewinded this scene! Dude, Min Joon is totally like “B!tch you don’t know who you messin wit bro, Imma kill you son of a….”

15-1 15-2 15-3 15-4 15-5 15-6

Episode 15’s ending was so squeal-worthy! Min Joon lights up the entire village as Song Yi is walks away. She’s shocked by all the beautiful lights. Min Joon using his mind, lifts her into the air, swooping her into his arms, then grabs her in for a kiss. Omo, boy, this is what you should have been using your powers for!! Does that mean he’s going to be really sick after?? Is he finally confessing to her how much he loves her? I really loved the reversal this episode, where Min Joon became Song Yi, by going through the jealously motions and being ya know all around crazy. Of course it was super cute and funny because he finally got a taste of what Song Yi has been going through. Sigh I have to wait yet another week, why can’t tomorrow be Wednesday already? Meanwhile check out the music videos of the OST songs, K.Will’s Like a Star and Lyn’s My Destiny below.


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