Fan-girl Ramblings #8 – My Sweetest Sweet Potato Joo Wan

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Okay I really need to dedicate a post to our lead Joo Wan aka Sweet Potato from I Need Romance 3. I think he’s like the most insanely perfect leading male character ever. A guy who cooks AND cleans, drives you to work, patiently waits for you to come home, always looking out for your best interest, etc. Tell me where can I buy one?? It’s a great thing to love a woman of course, but to help guide her by the hand to become the best version of herself and to follow her heart (even if it means leading her heart away from you), that my friend is an amazing man.

I find Sweet Potato and Shing Shing’s relationship hard to define. She clearly sees him as a little brother only, but he clearly sees her as a woman he loves dearly. He seriously never stops showing it or expressing to her. Look at all the screencaps, how he holds her hands, touches her tenderly with so much affection. It’s probably because she doesn’t take him seriously, because she practically raised him up as a child. But woman, open your eyes! Where else are you going to find such a wonderful man?

However, after the recent episodes, I’m glad Wan came back to reality. As much as he’s been such a generous loving man, he finally stood his ground. He straight up told her that he doesn’t want to lose her to that bad guy Tae Yoon at the end of episode 11. He had some really wonderful lines, all the fan-girls around the world probably all swooned together when he said this:

Meet someone who sees your worth! It’s okay if I’m not that person. Someone who appreciates you dearly! Someone who worries whether or not you’re feeling cold! Someone who knows what you need.

That guy is just a bad guy. A bad guy is just a bad guy, is bad, just bad. Never mind, this is all a lie. What I mean is, I don’t want to lose you to a jerk like him!

In episode 12, I’m also really glad Wan has finally decided to accept Joo Yeon for who she is. She’s no longer the little girl from 17 years ago, who he idealized as a child. It’s wonderful he tried to help her to be the best version of herself. However, he didn’t realize how it made her unhappy because of his ideas of what she’s supposed to be.  Isn’t that what love is supposed to be, loving a person for everything they are, the whole shebang, flaws and all?

“After I returned to you, I always thought I was seeing two sides of you. Your past self, who was very bright and innocent and your present self. I had hoped for you to be the same Shing Shing I had known and loved. But now I realized that was my selfish greed. The more I bring up the past you, the more of a guilty expression you would wear on your face, like you’re doing now. So I’ve decided to put aside my selfishness and to just accept you as you are.

joowan9 joowan10 joowan11

A bit of a random tidbit. A while back when I was watching I Need Romance 3, I happened to pause the video on my computer with this exact shot below. My mom walks in, sees my screen and asks “Is that 吳卓羲 (Ron Ng)??” He’s a Hong Kong actor and after my mom said that I can totally see the resemblances now. It’s also kind of uncanny that both Ron and Sung Joon have similar deep voices too!


Oh and also on a side note before I forget, I gave up watching Prime Minister and I around episode 8 or 9. It became so boring and I really just couldn’t find the will to continue on, even with Yoon Shi Yoon (sawrry!).


4 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #8 – My Sweetest Sweet Potato Joo Wan

  1. Goguma!! He’s so sweeeet!! Does that man exist? Probably…but I don’t know if we’ll find him. In the meantime, we have Allen…Wan…Sweet Potato. BTW…sunbae is HOT!! Have you seen him topless???

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