Pet Peeves of an Avid Drama Watcher

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This is a bit of a random post, but I had an interesting conversation with a friend a week ago. She asked me if I had any pet peeves, naturally everyone does but I really couldn’t think of any off the top of my head at the time. I just said “People who are stupid” LOL. Then yesterday suddenly a few pet peeves popped up in my mind and I thought I should compile a list of my personal pet peeves, mainly related to drama watching. Please note, these are just my own personal opinions and I don’t mean to offend people (too harshly lol). It’s all for good laughs anyway.

#1. People who always skim or skip scenes when they watch dramas. Later on they dare to ask me questions about why this character did this or that. Then I would go on to explain something like “Well didn’t you see that scene where they….” That person would be like “Oh I must have skimmed through it and didn’t see.” Ugh what’s the point of watching a drama when you’re going to just skim through it and wonder what had happened? I’m not sure about most people but when I watch something, especially a drama I really like. I watch EVERYTHING, because ya know I wanna know all the deets. Details are very important because they either help set up future scenes, circumstances or plot devices and overall help us viewers understand a character more. I only like to skim when the scene is super boring and I feel it is irrelevant to the main story (i.e annoying side characters or the parents side story usually, which are fillers). Besides that I rarely skim through a drama I’m watching the first time round. I usually like to skim through a drama when I want to re-watch for favorite scenes a second time around (or 50 times…).


#2. People who cannot distinguish between a drama and a movie! Goodness, I met someone in the past who said to me “Oh that Sam Soon movie is really good” *facepalm* That is NOT a movie, it is a drama!! Dramas from what I remember are much longer than 2-3 hours and they are episodic in nature. Of course there are the occasional drama specials that are just one episode. But really?? Movies and dramas are pretty different. I like to think of movies are more compact, something you can enjoy without having to spend a large amount of time on. Drama series I feel like are novels brought to visual life in film.


#3. People who don’t bother to learn the names of the character in a movie or a drama. I get it sometimes the names for characters are hard to learn especially when they’re in a language that you don’t know. Even if you don’t remember all the characters names, I think you should at the very least know the names of the 2 main characters in a drama. I mean dramas are usually are at least 10+ episodes in most standard Asian dramas. If you’re watching the whole thing, you should be hearing their name pretty often while watching. Sometimes when discussing dramas with my friends, we like to use the actors/actress’s real names instead of character names. But when I hear people say “Oh I liked it during the scene when the guy hugged the girl” meanwhile I’m thinking “Which guy? Which girl? What scene was that?” I feel like it is an insult to us serious drama watchers sometimes lol.


These are the pet peeves that I can think off the top of my head. There’s possibly more out there, but these are usually the top ones that that bother me the most. If I think of any new ones, I will be sure to update this post. Do any of you drama watchers have pet peeves because of other watchers? Do you share the same ones as I do? Leave a comment and let me know what they are, I’d love to hear them!


5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves of an Avid Drama Watcher

  1. So as per our conversation: people who watch the ending of the drama first and then decide not to watch the rest of the drama based on the ending. My sister does this, then I can’t convince her to watch the drama after. Personally for me, what leads up to that ending is what’s important. You can’t really decide if it’s a good ending or not if you don’t know the back-story.
    I remember watching Memories of Bali and my sister had gone ahead and watched the ending. I was around 5 episodes from the end still and she told me the whole thing! I was like “What did you do that for?!!!” I kept watching any way, as I was actually intrigued by that “not so typical” ending.

  2. I’m guilty to skimming through scenes but I always understand what’s going on because I skim by 5 seconds, 5 seconds, most of those are unimportant or just scenes without dialogues. The point of watching a drama is to understand what’s going on, if someone skim through so much that they don’t understand what’s going on… then wouldn’t it better for them to not just watch the drama?
    I share your 2nd pet peeve! Movies and Dramas are SOOOO different, *facepalm*, I’m more of a drama fan than a movie fan so I’m easily annoyed by people who don’t use the right word, by calling a drama a movie.

    • First of all thanks for commenting! I actually do the same, I skim by a few seconds only not entire scenes. Yeah I don’t understand why people even bother watching dramas if they’re going to end up missing important parts and wonder what is happening? Me too, I actually more of a drama fan than movies. Movies end too fast and we don’t get to know the characters on a deeper level which I think is important.

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