Videos of the Week – CNBLUE and K-Tigers

cnbluecantstop1 cnbluecantstop2 cnbluecantstop3 cnbluecantstop4 cnbluecantstop5 cnbluecantstop6 cnbluecantstop7 cnbluecantstop8

CNBLUE is back again, having just released their newest music video Can’t Stop! The video set looks very romantic and regal. The entire video is visually stunning, including our boys, especially Yonghwa who looks absolutely gorgeous! The song Can’t Stop is the title song of their 5th mini album of the same name, also composed by Yonghwa. The video seems to be portraying a story of a couple (Yonghwa and the blonde girl) who are in love but cannot be together due to some barriers. At the end, he breaks through the wall/mirror and walks towards the girl. I really enjoyed the song as well, it’s a little different from their usual sound, much softer. Go go go check out the MV if you haven’t already! Excuse the Yonghwa biased screencaps pwahahaha.

K-Tigers are back again with a Taekwondo music drama cover of Growl! These kid’s are so insanely talented and cool. If I ever have kids, I’d want my kids to be just like them haha. I died when I saw the boy sitting shirtless on his chair drinking milk, and holy he has a 6 pack!! Looking forward to this group and their future videos!


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