Final Words: My Love From Another Star

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Wow I can’t believe it’s over. These past 3 months, My Love From Another Star brought us viewers on a great journey every Wednesday and Thursday. I’m already having withdrawal symptoms, I’m going to miss seeing Cheon Song Yi’s craziness and her epic swag like no other and my hunky alien Min Joon. The ending wasn’t happy neither was it sad, it was just beautiful. I know some people probably will hate the ending because it wasn’t a clear cut happily-ever-after kind of ending but more open ended. The fact that Min Joon keeps fighting to come back to earth and he’s able to learn how to stay longer each time, while Song Yi longingly waits for his return, it shows how much meaning is behind their love and how they appreciate their precious time together. They both don’t know when he can return again and when he could suddenly disappear at any moment. When breaking it all down, it’s really a love story about a pair of lovers fighting against something that is outside of their control to be together and to make the most of what they can have in the present. I love how he kept his promise of their date at Namsan Tower for their 100th Day. I feel like he will keep coming back to celebrate their special days, 1 year, 10 years, 20 years, etc. I believe eventually he’d be able to stay on earth much longer each time. Purely based on what he said on the balcony, “I will watch every day, seeing where you are from there. I’ll try every day to come back. No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to be with you for a long, long time. I will definitely do that.

The drama of course like any other dramas, didn’t leave without any flaws but I don’t really feel like pointing them out. I loved the entire cast and the acting was fabulous. Jun Ji Hyun really stole the show for me and I really can’t stress enough of what an amazing actress she is. She’s just a whole other level compared to other actresses, everything from her comedic timing, 100s of facial expressions, crying scenes, even the way she walks dayum, you’re like “Werk it gurl!” I really can’t imagine anyone else playing Cheon Song Yi but her and if some other actress did, I don’t think the drama would have been as successful. Also the chemistry she shared with Kim Soo Hyun, sizzling!

Kim Soo Hyun, every drama he’s starred in, has been so successful (movies too!). He really hit the map with Dream High and then The Moon That Embraces the Sun brought him to a whole new level of popularity. Then this drama comes along and BAM his popularity is just skyrocketing through the roof. I really do believe Kim Soo Hyun is the best actor of his generation, like the director said. If he’s already this amazing (and from when he was a child actor), I can’t imagine 10 years from now, how epic he will be as an actor. His crying scenes always hits the spot and you really can’t hold back your waterfalls, I mean tears (unless you have no heart or you’re a robot). I was bawling my eyes out and kept pulling out tissues the last 2 episodes. Kim Soo Hyun is not someone you can just look past lightly, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Park Hae Jin who played Hwi Kyung was great and I’m glad he got more meat in his role, instead of solely just being a one-sided love sick puppy for Song Yi. I was so shocked to find out he was actually the original actor to play the evil bro Jae Kyung. He reportedly had finished filming the first episode as Jae Kyung, but the actor who was cast for Hwi Kyung’s role suddenly dropped out. So Park Hae Jin took over the role and added Shin Sung Rok whom I personally called McCreepy. I can’t imagine Hae Jin’s portrayal of McCreepy becasue Shin Sung Rok really embodied that role, like the nickname I gave him. He really gave me the creeps every time he appeared onscreen. Even his non-creepy face was creepy LOL. But really kudos to both actors, they were great.

A special mention to Song Yi’s little bro Yoon Jae played by Ahn Jae Hyun. He was so adorable and funny, just another version of his sister. I loved his hero worship and bromance with Min Joon. I died when he carried Min Joon to his room princess style and asked him to do the E.T finger touch. I could tell they added more of his scenes during the latter half of the drama for fan service and I loved it! My friend said he looks like a younger version of Kim Woo Bin, and I do see the resemblances. I do find it hilarious though, that he is actually 1 year older than Kim Soo Hyun in real life because he calls him “My Min Joon hyung” hahahaha! He really does look young, I was expecting him to be those kids born in the 90’s. He has a lot of potential and I do see him going places. It’s great that this is his first drama and it will definitely help boost his acting career for future opportunities. Due to increased scenes of Yoon Jae, in retrospect I think they had to cut down on Yoo In Na’s Se Mi character scenes. I felt bad for her towards the latter half because her character had very little to do. I’ve adored Yoo In Na since Queen In Hyun’s Man. I hope she will get more opportunities to act in leading roles again.

I also wanted to mention Lawyer Jang played by Kim Chang Wan. I really loved their dynamic friendship. A friendship that grew from respect, as he always called Min Joon “teacher” and gradually evolved to that of a father-son relationship. Their scene on the bench when they said their farewells during episode 20 really killed me and I cried buckets. I also loved the scenes when he fought with Song Yi’s mom defending his “son” it was tears-inducing hilariousness!!

I really enjoyed this drama immensely, even with it’s many flaws and details, I really just decided to ignore or gloss it over because everything else was just wonderful. What mattered the most in the end is our lovers continue to fight to be together and value what they have and their time together. It was a great production with a great cast and directing. It is definitely one of those dramas I would go back and re-watch time and time again no doubt. Do Manager, where are you???




2 thoughts on “Final Words: My Love From Another Star

  1. YES! I LOVED this drama, and hence your post! And I agree with you on so many levels. I think out of all my favourite points about the drama I appreciated all the insights they delivered the most. Like 1) You can overcome obstacles you can’t control if you are dedicated enough to your significant other 2) Take chances, love who you love, because YOLO–there’s no point in living too carefully, and 3) We should be living our lives treasuring every week, day, hour, minute as if the people around us and even the moment around us can disappear… Gotta live our “7 years in a week.” I think we could make any relationship amazing if we lived with that attitude…

    SO GOOD. And the ending was so reasonable. Similarly to you I appreciate that it wasn’t a clear cut predictable happy ending. I was thinking it would be hard for them to end this concept but they really pulled it off.

    I so agree with you on the note of the actors. WHAT a phenomenal cast! Especially Jun Ji Hyun. She gave Cheon Song Yi so much depth in her personality that I don’t think anyone else could have pulled it off the same way either. I loved that Kim Soo Hyun played such a great man of little words. It’s so hard to pull off a character who is intentionally supposed to be stiff, composed, yet expressive in other ways.

    McCreepy was kind of awesome. It’s hard to act like a psycho and not reveal an ounce of humanity in your soul for like 21 episodes. Shin Sung-rok actually seems quite adorable and sweet as an actor, so for him to pull off such an amazingly dark character is really admirable.

    LOVED this drama in so many ways. Up there with my rare few favourites!!

  2. OMG How could I also leave out Ahn Jae Hyun?!! Considering there’s also mention of me in this post! BAHAHAHA. I am in love with this guy for forever. Me and my models!

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