Videos of the Week – Bii, Andrew Tan, Dino, Ian and KOHD


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Hey y’all! It’s been a while again since I’ve posted a Video of the Week. But no worries I’m back with 2 amazing vocally gorgeous songs! The first video is from Taiwan and its a collaboration between singers Bii, Andrew Tan, Dino and Ian. Their song is called Everything Changes and OMO it’s in English!!! Totally not what I was expecting. I was so surprised they sang an English song and their pronunciation is actually pretty good. Good enough that I don’t need to read to read the lyrics LOL. I’m more familiar with Bii and Andrew Tan, but I do not know Dino and Ian, but wow what an epic collaboration! They seriously look like a real boyband together. The song is beautifully sung by the 4 guys, I especially love Andrew’s deep husky voice, its so sexy. Bii as you know I’ve always been a fan of him, mentioned here. He’s totally rockin’ the greyish white hair! They have a bit of the k-pop boyband look going on, with their colored hair and coordinated outfits. I think they’re trying to aim for a more international market, which I think is great because there are so many talented Chinese singers. I hope these 4 will collaborate more and maybe even release a full album, I think they have so much mass appeal together.

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kohd1 kohd2 kohd3 kohd4

The second video is by a new Korean singer, who goes by the stage name KOHD (pronounced “CODE”) and just made his official debut with the single “My Person.” The song was previously released before, as it was a part of the OST of past hit weekend drama My Daughter Seo Young. I came across this video on my Youtube feed and WOW I was blown away by KOHD’s mesmerizing and powerful voice! His voice conveys the emotions of the lyrics behind the song so perfectly, where it talks about a man’s heart who only looks at his lover. Check out the video, you’ll surely be blown away by him!

As an bonus, some extra picture goodies I got from Bii, Andrew, Ian and Dino’s Facebook pages. I also found their live performance of the song!

Here’s a fan video cut from their fan sign and press conference. Dino and Ian are so gorgeous *_*

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2 thoughts on “Videos of the Week – Bii, Andrew Tan, Dino, Ian and KOHD

  1. I came looking for Andrew Tan after seeing him do the OST for What is Love and this is wonderful. I will have to look up the other singers. Bii I recognize from Bromance.

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