Fan-girl Ramblings #9 – Sejun of SPEED Made a Shoutout to MEEEEEE!!


Last night my friend and I decided to watch After School Club together live through Skype. Last night’s guests was SPEED an idol boy band from Core Contents Media. So I mentioned in a previous post, that the cool thing about After School Club is that fans from all around the world can be a part of the show via Twitter or tweeting. In the beginning of the show, the MCs always do a “check in” or “roll call” and read random tweets they choose, then they get the guests to say a greeting to the tweeter. Low and behold, Kevin reads out my tweet and asks Sejun to send me a message. He said “Hello Fannie, thank you for the tweet!” With a cute thumbs up!! OMG I freaked out and screamed like a rabid fan-girl!! I was totally not expecting that at all! My friend on Skype was like “OMG is that you???” Check out the video below, my tweet was read around the 7:29 mark:

That totally made my night! The odds of getting your tweet read is really low because there’s so many people tweeting and watching the show, however it’s not impossible as my tweet got read! I really wish I wrote more or something more interesting, but whatever I was the rare few that were chosen!! I’m still giddy watching the video again.


These were the tweets I sent in last night, the very bottom one was the tweet Kevin read on the show. However he read it a bit different, he said “… And it’s also 12 am” And he touched my tweet too ahhh!! I loved how they both said my name in a Korean way, it sounded like “Penny” haha so adorable!! Of course I had to thank Kevin, After School Club, Sejun and SPEED as well in my tweets. I have some new biases now… LOL

asc1 asc2 asc3 asc4 asc5 asc6

They’re currently promoting Zombie Party right now, as seen on the show, but check out their other songs/music videos as well below


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