First Impressions: Rock N’ Road


Hello everyone! Wow it’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted. That’s because I haven’t really been watching any new dramas that have been currently airing. Also, I think it was because I was drama*ed out lol. Previously I was watching dramas aired everyday Monday – Saturday except Sundays. Thinking back on it, that was pretty hardcore! It was really only 1 episode a day, even though I was literally watching 3 dramas at the same, maybe 4 or 5 because I recalled watching other dramas on the side but may have dropped it in middle… but I can’t remember. Eep I think age is starting to catch up on me haha. So for the past while I wasn’t really in the mood to watch anything after the previous dramas I watched finished airing.

Anyways enough rambling. I recently started a new Taiwanese drama called Rock N’ Road. Two things attracted me to the drama. First was the title of the drama which is Rock N’ Road. At first I thought “Huh rock n road huh not rock n roll?? What does that possibly mean?” I’m not really sure if it’s just me but when I see the word “Rock” I automatically find it intriguing because I think of rock music first, not the stones you find in nature haha. The second draw factor was definitely the posters and promotional photos released. The photos look really fun, bright and happy, especially more of the BTS photos.

1511211_741176635901448_1503759100_n 1800301_730286450323800_1883006186_n 1973261_740917472594031_1355151970_o 10003865_739159596103152_333334864_o af842250-a38f-11e3-a572-2b1b183e5a92_DSC_3360-s afa035d0-a38f-11e3-8fef-bf2929489937_DSC_3373-s roro1 roro4

After I read the synopsis on Viki, I was immediately sold. “After you hit bottom, is it possible to return to the top? Former top child actress Lin Wei Zhen (Kimi Hsia) has been unable to find work as she grew older in the entertainment industry, throwing her in the pits of depression and self-pity. She then meets Zhou Shu Yu (Chris Wu), a producer who is at the peak of his successful career. But when his friend Xu Li Da (Mike Lee) and his girlfriend, Yang Jia Xin (Nita Lei), both betray him, Shu Yu loses everything he has worked so hard to attain. With only Wei Zhen at his side at his lowest moment, can the former child star and the rock-bottom producer help each other to regain their former glory?”

It just sounds like a potentially great underdog story no? I love a great story revolving about music as well. I am not familiar with any of the actors in the drama, nor have I ever watched anything with them in it. Besides Chris Wu’s name, I haven’t heard of the other actors. Although I have heard/read lots of great things about Chris Wu and he does have a pretty nice following. I started watching the drama after the first 2-3 episodes aired, right now it is currently aired up to episode 6. I must say I’m really enjoying it as I had anticipated in the beginning. I’m glad the betrayal wasn’t overly dramatic as I had previously expected, our characters just realized they were growing apart from each other and no longer saw music the same way. I can see why so many fans adore Chris Wu, he’s very natural in his acting and portrays his character very well. I need to point out that he sure had quite a few shirtless scenes, which I totally did not expect because he looks very scrawny… but daaaang he sure has a nice bod underneath those clothes. Topless guys with hot bodies isn’t something you really see in Taiwanese dramas if not never, they must be learning a thing or two from Korean dramas. Hey, I ain’t complaining, like one of my good friends said to me before, “Hey if he’s willing to show it, I’m willing to watch it” LOL okay that just sounded really pervy, but you get my drift right?

858796_753739397978505_3991570202217104369_o 1232976_740825715936540_1596369110_o 1799938_737995056219606_1488937475_o 1888839_740825659269879_319289420_o 1926081_750086041677174_55709507_o 201404071420002512020

Chris Wu’s character Shu Yu is a typical jerk but that’s because he’s a perfectionist regarding music and he naturally expects that from everyone else to hold that standard. Even though he’s a jerk, he’s really kind underneath that prickly exterior and has a strong sense of morals. He really cares about his friends and looks out for their interests. He was especially upset when he found out Jia Xin and Li Da stole Wei Zhen’s dad’s song to use as Jia Xin’s first self-written song. He tried to his best to make it up to Wei Zhen, which was sweet. Kimi Hsia’s Wei Zhen is your stereotypical overly cute (but painfully annoying), optimistic and ditzy female lead. Although in this set-up, it fits the story because Wei Zhen is like a child star that never really grew up and doesn’t really know anything else besides being in entertainment. As I watched more episodes, I’m glad to know that Wei Zhen isn’t as dumb as she’s portrayed initially, but she does know her talents and limitations to being a star. She chooses to be bright and optimistic as a way to pull through life. One thing I especially enjoy about the drama is the honest conversations between our leads. Such as episode 6, Shu Yu and Wei Zhen were talking about not giving up on their dreams and both realized they were heavily influenced by their parents. Here’s some snippets from the conversation:

WZ: Whatever it is, you are the kind of person that shines naturally. That’s why I respect you so much
SY: But I didn’t get into this industry so that I can just shine. I want to let people hear my music. So have you seen our performance?
WZ: Of course
SY: What did you think?
WZ: It was great!
SY: In the past, whenever we had the chance to go on stage, we would cherish it. But it’s different now, a lot of things have changed.
WZ: It’s always like that. The world is changing everyday. As long as your heart doesn’t change, it will be alright. Just look at me, if I didn’t have a strong heart and such thick skin, I would have given up long ago. You wouldn’t have had the chance to meet me.
SY: Lin Wei Zhen, where do you get the confidence to be so optimistic? Please teach me.
WZ: My confidence? I guess it came from someone who influenced me the most. That person is my dad. He always said my singing is not the best, but it can touch people’s hearts. I can still remember the way he looked at me when I was singing on stage. He was so proud of me. Although he has already passed away, I once promised him that one day I’ll get on the stage again. I’ll grab the mic and sing again. I won’t let him down.
*SY venting his frustrations into a plastic bag that WZ told him to try to help make himself feel better*
SY: I don’t care how much money you have, don’t taint my music with your money! To the b@astards that only want to make money with music, go to hell!!! Mom you would agree with me right? Even when no one is supporting me, I will press on! Just like a long time ago… when you didn’t have any audience, you still smiled and finished the song. I really hope that you would be proud of me. Just for you I will always continue working hard… Always.
SY: Lin Wei Zhen thank you for not giving up on yourself, so I would get to meet you again

I’m glad they have each other during their lowest periods of their lives, to give each other strength, support and courage to stand up again to do what they love. I can see at this point Wei Zhen is slowly starting to fall for Shu Yu, especially from the previews for the next episode. You can tell they really do care about each other at the very least. I’m looking forward to their budding romance and how they’ll work together towards their dreams. I do recommend giving this drama a try, if you’re looking for something that isn’t heavy or overly dramatic. It’s an easy watch with good pacing and likable characters that you want to root for, plus the so-called bad people aren’t so bad (yet). Or if you have a soft spot for romantic comedy dramas centered around music or people pursuing their dreams like me, then give it a shot.

Also here’s the opening theme song by Mayday called You’re the Only One and ending song by Jia Jia called Happiness Coming

893040_755010271184751_6450548506352838198_o 1607064_751426894876422_8047502572178605864_n 1661623_757008647651580_8846059427274451009_n 1973405_754881711197607_235472179983243820_o 10176136_755945157757929_3431385575578177575_n 10178081_757008810984897_422154505556592653_n 10255819_755895201096258_7449881318348399466_n


7 thoughts on “First Impressions: Rock N’ Road

  1. LOL @ the last picture, Chris Wu seems like a fun guy in real life, he’s SO funny and crazy in BTS. I also love the scene at the temple the most from ep6, their bonding moment is just lovely and Kimi Hsia tone down her hyper antics in that scene which makes everything so pleasant to watch.

    • Yeah he does!! I’m actually considering to watch his last drama Princess’ Stand In, which I heard was really wacky but yet addictive. Yeah I hope Kimi’s character continues to be more toned down and the hyper cutesyness can be kept to a minimum. Already looking forward to the next episode!

  2. I feel like I would be into this kind of storyline. haha Might check this out! Sounds interesting 🙂

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