First Impressions: Witch’s Romance


Um let me just get this off my chest, but uh its official, I LUFF this drama!!! I finished watching all 4 episodes this week and yeah I’m hooked! So what’s the story about? Here’s the description from Viki, “It’s understandable to lose your faith in love after being stood up on your wedding day. Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) was devastated and then believed that marriage wasn’t for her. The 39-year-old has focused on her career as a reporter, so seriously that her colleagues refer her to as a witch, and put her romantic life on the back burner. But when Ji Yeon meets Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Joon), the 25-year-old owner of a small errand center, she finds herself in an unexpected December-June relationship that could thaw her hardened heart. But will her life become further complicated by the return of her former fiancé, No Shi Hoon (Han Jae Suk)? “A Witch’s Romance,” also known as “A Witch’s Love” and “My Queen,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Jeong Hyo. It is a remake of the hit Taiwanese drama My Queen.” One thing to note is that I have not watched the original Taiwanese drama My Queen, so I will not be able to make any comparisons to it. I think it’s good that I haven’t seen it either because I can continue to watch it with a fresh mind. I may even consider watching the original to compare later on, if I feel like it. Even though I haven’t seen the original, but this drama does give off the flavorings of a typical Taiwanese romantic comedy.

I know Korea has always had a strong fascination with the whole noona-dongsaeng relationships, but I noticed this year in particular the trend in noona romances have definitely upped a few notches. Personally, I don’t mind them and actually quite enjoy them when done right, with the key components of a strong likeable cast and well written story. Which goes on to my next point, on how wonderfully cast this drama is. I’ve only seen Uhm Jung Hwa in movies, but the most memorable movie that I really enjoyed was Seducing Mr. Perfect with that gorgeous fine specimen of a man Daniel Henney. Uhm Jung Hwa is really endearing and she really suits the rom-com genre. She has that ability to show the character of a strong independent woman who can be a real b!tch but at the same time show her vulnerable side, where the audience can still really like her and want to root for her. Park Seo Joon our leading man Wowza, I think I’ve developed a new crush!! He’s so adorably cute and fabulous at portraying his character. It’s my first time seeing Park Seo Joon and I belatedly remembered he was on a Running Man episode aired not too long ago (E184 Winter Olympics). I went back to watch it again, because it was one of favorite episodes of the year so far, it was so funny that I died laughing and also to see Seo Joon again of course. He described himself in the introduction as a rising star, indeed he is! I won’t deny it, definitely be on a lookout for him! So many fresh young male actors keep coming out these days, my crushes are constantly changing. Your homegirl has a weak heart to new cute boys ya know?

I’m loving the drama overall because it’s so quirky, funny, romantic, has so much heart and oohh so sexy. The episodes are about 1 hour each, but the pacing is very zippy and breezy, so when the episode is finished I’m a little surprised that it’s over, therefore leaving me wanting moar. Initially I was really turned off by the huge age gap between our leads but I’m really glad I decided to check out this drama anyways. The age gap doesn’t matter anymore because of the sizzling chemistry between our leads! I actually went back and re-watched the episodes and some scenes more than once, because I love seeing their reactions and expressions to each other. Especially Seo Joon, I love his shocked, flabbergasted, annoyed, and jealous expressions haha, he’s always so fun to watch!! He’s so natural and has wonderful comedic timing, also very perfect for romantic comedies.

I always kind of forget that I’m watching cable dramas until I see the kissing, they really go all out, none of that lip-smacking or two heads just smushed together for a few seconds like on the regular channels LOL. Can I point out that hot steamy kiss at the end of episode 2? Holy MAMA, I was totally thinking in my mind “Yep this is a cable drama alright…” LMAO. What I really like about our leads too, is that they started to develop a really nice friendship, where I can see is built upon mutual respect for each other and they really connect together despite the age gap. Another thing that I really love about Seo Joon’s character Dong Ha, that he totally does not see their age gap being an issue, but he also knows the gap really bothers her and he respects her opinions as well. Pretty cool guy I must say. I totally ship and love this couple, everything from their flirting to bickering and of course their genuine growing attraction for each other. I’m already looking forward to Mondays and Tuesdays again. I recommend checking this drama out because of the funny laughs, chemistry between our leads and the zippy execution of the story. For all the rom-com lovers out there like me I HIGHLY recommend this drama, you won’t regret it, I kid you not! And can I make a small request to the PD-nim, more kisses please!! Um yeah seriously we need more of that pronto. Pwahahaha *evil grin*


11 thoughts on “First Impressions: Witch’s Romance

  1. LOL I planned on checking this one out eventually, but not till my Empress Ki withdrawal symptoms pass.

  2. Haha so many dramas I’m curious in checking out now! But yeah the whole noona-dongsaeng thing is totally trending these days in Korea… even the drama Yoo Ah In is starring lately is about the love affair between a 40 year old and a 20 year old. I personally think that’s gross… but okay. Maybe it works for some people, since age is technically just… sort of.. a number.

    • I know, the gaps between the noona-dongsaengs are really huge now!! In the past, the girl was only a few years older averaging around 5-10, but now we’re hitting like ahjumma territory lol. The Yoo Ah In drama is more of a melo I think, which I’m not too fond of in general. I’m not one too judge too harshly but I think age is just a number, if you have that connection then you just do. Although if the gap is like 40-50+ years… I’m not so keen on that as much haha. But this one is definitely worth checking out, please please watch!! Watch it just to check out Seo Joon ssi as least hehe. I think you’ll really like it and get a good laugh out of it too.

      • True true.. I think if you have the connection no one can really tell you if it’s wrong or right. Love doesn’t really have restrictions. But it’s probably the media projection that makes it more of an issue for people. I just tend to associate 40 year old as an age to motherhood or fatherhood. And it’s not right to generalize but the association thus makes it hard for me to completely feel alright with a romantic relationship between a 40 year old and a 20 year old… hmm.

      • Anyway I’ll definitely check it out. 🙂 I might just need to be more objective with the way I perceive these noona dongsaeng relationships..

  3. Hahaha chingu I agree with youuuu! This drama is amazing, and the actors are greaaaat. The Taiwanese drama has more passionate kiss scenes then this.
    I watched only kissing scenes hahah Everyone should watch this drama… Dong Ha<3333

    • Haha thanks chingu!! Yeah we should watch the original later when this is done airing. Don’t want to be spoiled >.< So much Park Seo Joon and Dong Ha love ❤ ❤

  4. Totally agree with your comments! I have the same after effect. HahHahahaha At first it was hard to accept the age gap, but i totally sold with the amazing chemistry between park seojoon & uhm jung hwa. They are totally adorable sweet in Witch Romance. Ps. I’m a big fan of TW original version.

    I should say, Witch Romance, did a very good job on the remake. The story is so much shorther, solid & not draggy. Tw version longer & there were some scenes too draggy although it was acceptable for me still.

    Thank you to Fannie for writing this post! I need more park seojoon:)

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