Fan-Girl Ramblings #10 – Witch’s Romance (Episode 6)


Heyo my lovely peeps! Okay don’t tell me ya’ll didn’t squeal like fanatics after watching episode 6 of Witch’s Romance last night? I couldn’t have been alone, seriously. The chemistry between Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon is sooo electrifying, man they can totally set both their homes on fire in an instant! Both of them are just so fabulous, I’m just loving them more and more with each episode. I was kinda surprised by the sudden confession by Dong Ha, but then again we’re already close to the mid-point of the drama. So it had to happen sooner or later. True to the Dong Ha’s style, his confession comes out while trying to “save” Ji Yeon from her meanie college friends. I just swooned, awed and of course teared up from Dong Ha’s sweet confession:

I’m not her boyfriend yet. I haven’t been able to confess properly. I don’t have a nice car or house yet. I took a break from college, and I don’t have a proper job and I’m working as a part-timer. I’m young and don’t have anything. So when you went on a blind date with someone else, I couldn’t even tell you that I didn’t like it. But Team Leader, I… like you. 14 year gap? What’s wrong with that? I also like Byun Jin Sup’s songs that you like. You also like girl group’s songs too. Don’t push me away just because I’m young. Even if you do, I’m not going anywhere now. Even though I like you more now, you’ll come to like me a lot. I’m going to make it like that. You’ll… accept my heart, right?

witchsromance02 witchsromance03 witchsromance04 witchsromance05 witchsromance06 witchsromance07

Can we all just collectively sigh together now? *SIIIGGGHHHHHH* Not just Ji Yeon but any girl with a sane mind would say yes to such a sincere confession! So sweet. Yeah you know I watched this episode more than once. At the end of the episode Ji Yeon’s ex suddenly shows up at the very end. My mind went “Oh snap, okay sh!t just got real again” I’m already dying to see the next episode. The preview shows some competition between our old vs. new loves, seeing how petty-minded Dong Ha will be, already has me in giggles. All I know is Dong Ha has a strong fight ahead of him, but we’re all rooting for him. Be strong my brotha’ I gotcha back! Also I wanted to point out what AWESOME friends Nae Rae and Young Shik the Trouble Maker reporter are. Ji Yeon sure has some loyal friends always looking out for her. Dong Ha’s friend Soo Chul is pretty hilarious, but also a good friend as well. Oh ya PD-nim, where’s our kisses that we’ve all been asking for?

witchsromance08 witchsromance09


2 thoughts on “Fan-Girl Ramblings #10 – Witch’s Romance (Episode 6)

  1. I loved when he said: “Even though I like you more now, you’ll come to like me a lot. I’m going to make it like that.” That kind of youthful confidence and honesty is just so darn swoonworthy.

    But I had a feeling that Ji Yeon wouldn’t take his confession completely seriously. She got lost in the moment and was almost ready to believe in love again, but after Polar Bear came and ruined all the fun I feel like we’re back to square one.

    There’s going to be a lot of angst ahead, it seems.

    • I know! Funny I actually re-watched this scene last night, it was so touching and sweet. Stupid polar bear had to come and ruin everything so quickly. Yep it does get angsty in the coming eps, not that fun. A lot of heartbreaking moments for DH and JY too. Looking forward to today’s episodes though. Enjoy!

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