Fan-girl Ramblings #11 – Witch’s Romance (Episodes 7-10)


Okay I am totally bewitched by this drama and our OTP Ji Yeon and Dong Ha! These two are simply magical together. Words can’t really describe the awesomesauce that is Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa, what a charismatic couple! I can’t get enough of these 2 and I just adore them more and more with each episode. The last 4 episodes have been a roller-coaster ride of emotions and boy I do not want to get off this ride. I really appreciate how the drama is taking the time to depict the struggles of Ji Yeon and Dong Ha emotionally. It’s a very realistic portrayal and also it helps us viewers to understand and really care for our characters (not that we didn’t already). Now that polar bear is back, I have to admit the episodes have been less fun compared to the initial episodes, but when they have scenes of JY and DH together, their chemistry just oozes and you remember again why we love this pairing and the drama so much. I didn’t get a chance last week to talk about last week’s episodes, so I will just talk about all 4 in this post. This won’t be a recap, but simply me commenting about my favorite or memorable scenes from each episode. One of the great things about this drama that I really love is the honest and heartfelt conversations all our characters have with each other. It’s going to be a long post, are you ready?

Episode 7


This was my first favorite scene when DH got down on one knee, looked into JY in the eyes and said “Not all men in this world are the same. I would never betray you Team Leader” JY trying to stop her tears replies “Yesterday thanks to you, the fact that I could walk out confidently in front of him, I was really thankful.” The way DH looked at her in the eyes was like WOW, it even made me feel a bit nervous the way her looked at her. During this scene, it was pretty heartbreaking for both JY and DH. YH finally talked about what had happened in the past with sunbae and to this day, how much it still hurts her. DH was both heartbroken for JY but you could also tell he was also sad at the same time because he realized how much sunbae meant to JY. When he got down on one knee, he was a bit hurt that JY thanked him for the helping her but in fact his confession was real. It’s too bad Spinach had to ruin the moment.


I think the last scene was a nice setup for my 2nd favorite scene. DH created a very romantic candlelit dinner for JY and told her that his confession the other day was not an act but his sincere feelings. How sweet of DH to confess his feelings yet again in a very romantic and unconventional way with wine and pig’s feet. He was really trying to emphasize just like the pig’s feet and wine, that they also really match each other even though most people would think the opposite. The poor boy was so nervous during his confession, it was super adorable.

DH: I told you, even if you push me away, I wouldn’t go anywhere.
JY: That was you acting to help me out
DH: Who was acting? I was being sincere. I know you’re having a hard time because of polar bear. *long pause* I was going to wait a while but the polar bear is stronger than I thought. I’m not asking for your response now, so don’t feel burdened.
JY: Aren’t you supposed to have soju with pig’s feet?
DH: Hey! What are you saying? This is the trend these days, “Wa-Jo” Wine and jok-bal (pig’s feet)
JY: It does go well together
DH: Right?
JY: Mhmm
DH: Like us

I just adored DH during this episode because now that polar bear is back, he has shown a bit of his insecurity and wondered what he should do. In the end when it comes to JY, he was always there for her no matter what happened. He’s always there as a strong supportive friend that someone JY can depend on. She always smiles and is so relaxed around DH, which simply is wonderful.

Episode 8

donghajiyeonbackhugep8 donghajiyeonhug2

This episode was probably one of the least fun because there was significantly less interactions between our leads. Also it was mainly JY dwelling on her feelings of confusion and pain about what had happened with sunbae. As painful as it was, I appreciate how the writing and directing depicted the honest struggle of meeting a past love whom you never gotten a complete closure from. DH’s maturity is very admirable because he understands that this period of time is important, as JY needs to slowly sort out her own feelings and he genuinely wants her to be happy. However, DH isn’t a dummy, he’s also willing to fight for JY’s heart even if he’s is up against a big fat giant polar bear lol.

This was the ending scene where DH helps JY move back into her house. He pulls out the book Paulo Coelho’s The Magic Moment and opens it up to a page where he wrote “Would you stay with me?” While flipping through the pages he reads:

“True love is wishing someone true happiness. Life is short. If there are words that you’re holding in your heart, know this is your last chance. Do it today. The magical moment you’ve been waiting for is today.

DH then places the book on JY’s shelf. JY brings him a drink and then turns back to walk towards the hallway. DH hurries after her and puts his arms around her in a back hug asking “Can you not go back to him?

This was the ending of last Tuesday’s episode and what a cliffhanger!! However I’m glad this week’s episodes made up for it.

Episode 9



Okay I must admit I shamelessly watched this scene so many times, I’ve actually lost count. DH is the funniest and most lovable drunk ever! I text my BFF and she told me she watched this episode twice and rightly so! This boy has fallen to the point of no return because he’s so in love with JY. It was so hilarious how he “fought” with Shi Yoon’s poster at the bus stop.

What are you looking at? Why are you laughing at me? When I’m talking nicely, look down! Bring it on! Is it everything to be well off?” You only make women cry. Because of you, do you know how much our team leader cried? You don’t know much. I’ve never made team leader cry. She smiled sooooooo much next to me.


Then he sits down on the bench and giggles to himself  that even though JY is a witch, but her smile is so pretty. Loved the added bubbles of JH floating around lol!! He gets up again to fight with Shi Yoon (the poster) and says:

I’m speechless! *Thank you for taking care of my Ji Yeon.* Why are you thanking me for taking care of Ban Ji Yeon?! What are you to Ban Ji Yeon? *laughs* You’re cracking me up! Cracking me up!! Such an oldie! Now matter how much I think about it, I can’t forgive you. Come here. Come here polar bear, bring it on!

saddongha saddongha2

This was the last scene and probably the most heartbreaking ones of the entire drama so far. DH breaking down in front of JY about how he truly felt, now that polar bear is officially back together with JY, was so heartbreaking. Seriously, this episode was all about Dong Ha. His acting was amazing, it was such a raw scene, during his outburst. I was in tears because I understood his feelings of trying to hold everything in because of pride and not wanting to lose control in front of the person who is making you feel that way. When he’s hurting, you’re hurting with him. Poor guy I just wanted to give him a big bear hug.

JY: What happened that you would drink so much?
DH: Can’t I drink as much as I want?
JY: What?
DH: I need to drink at the very least. Otherwise who would I blame? Should I blame you two meeting again? Or should I blame God up above? Asking why he didn’t let us meet sooner?
JY: Are you really going to quit the company?
DH: You don’t need me anymore. Polar bear will protect you now that he is back.
JY: Do you really have to do this?
DH: I told you. Understand my feelings as well.
JY: But if you quit so suddenly…
DH: Exactly… what am I to you? Contract part-timer? Or a next-door younger brother? If not that, just out of boredom?
JY: Hey Yoon Dong Ha!
DH: I don’t have the confidence to look at your face as if nothing’s wrong!
JY: You’re 25 now. An age where you can start fresh
DH: Again with the age? In Korea, is there a law that says you can’t a 14 years younger man?
JY: Why are you really being this way?
DH: You don’t know why I’m like this? I’ve… been rejected before even getting a chance to start. Team leader can depend on polar bear. I acted as if I were fine because it was good news for you. I’m not okay at all. Please lose your interest in me.
JY: Yoon Dong Ha…
DH: Let go of me
JY: Don’t be mad and let’s talk
DH: If you’re not going to come to me, don’t call me.
JY: Yoon Dong Ha…
DH: If you call me one more time! If I turn around because you call, I don’t know what I’ll do. So please don’t provoke me.

walkdhjy walkdhjy2

I also wanted to point out the unseen flashbacks which are fond memories between our OTP. They’re just so couple-ly already without even being “official.” They make the most mundane everyday things like walking, feel so incredibly adorable, romantic and sweet.

Episode 10

kissgoodbyebench1 bench2

I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point JY is finally starting to slowly realize that it is no longer the same with polar bear and that she has already opened up to her heart to someone else *coughmryooncoughdonghacoughcough* Episode 10 left us with another cliffhanger and no preview again!! I’m really hoping it’s the beginning of JY and DH’s relationship by next week and polar bear can go off on his overseas trip. Just seeing the contrast when JY is with sunbae and DH is telling enough. When she’s with sunbae, she’s so stiff, uncomfortable, she hardly ever smiles, so everything feels so forced. With DH she’s so relaxed, carefree and most of all smiling genuinely and beautifully. It’s true what DH had said, she does smile sooooooooo much when next to him haha. Mondays just seem so far away. Can you believe that I’m actually looking forward to Mondays? That’s what this drama is doing to all of us, the power of our OTP!

By the way have you all heard Park Seo Joon’s OST song for the drama called 내 맘에 들어와 (Come to My Heart)? I’ve always heard the song throughout the drama but I never knew he sang it. Actually I didn’t even know he SANG period. But then again, when I saw his filmography list, it had Dream High 2. I should have suspected it then that he could sing. I love the song and his voice. The lyrics for the song are so fitting for many scenes in the drama and expresses DH’s feelings for JY beautifully. I can now add Park Seo Joon to the list of actors who can sang (i.e Kim Soo Hyun, Choi Jin Hyun, Kang Ha Neul). I wonder if Uhm Jung Hwa will also be contributing to the OST because in case you didn’t know she’s originally a singer. It would be icing on the cake, if she and Park Seo Joon sang a duet together for the drama!


As an added bonus, I also wanted to share with you another MV starring Park Seo Joon. This song is by Bang Yong Guk (ft. Yang Yoseob) called I Remember. I actually watched this MV when it first came out and it’s a pretty hot song. I re-watched it again recently because this was Seo Joon’s first debut work. He looks so different with the guyliner!! It’s your stereotypical Korean MV but do check it out below!



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