Fan-girl Ramblings #12 – Witch’s Romance (Episodes 11-12)


This week’s episodes I sadly have to admit weren’t really fun at all, even more so compared to last week. At least last week, we got that drunk Dong Ha scene, which we all barely recovered from because we died laughing so much. We’re still at that point where everyone is just plain mopey and miserable, so not too much has happened. Never have I seen such a depressed looking bride-to-be or seen wedding photos taken looking so gloomy. I still can’t believe they went this far with taking weddings photos. Oh well whatever, I’ll let it go. Ji Yeon finally saw the book and the message Dong Ha had written. I feel like she was this close to finally confessing to DH that she wants to be with him and not polar bear. However, of course due to bad timing DH already has decided that he’s going to move on with life and forget about JY (Pft, as if that’s ever going to happen). By the end of episode 12, polar bear finally decided to break it off with JY. Raise your hands if you’ve all been waiting for this? Breaking it off is fine, but why do you have to be such a jerky douchebag about it? I swear from now on when I see a photo of a polar bear, I will just become agitated automatically. Who knew I’d come to really dislike an endangered animal?? I just want everyone to stop being so miserable already and have our OTP back to being happy, smiling and laughing like complete loons. Is that really too much to ask?


I thought episode 11 was better than episode 12. One memorable scene for me was when DH ate dinner with JY’s mom and he confessed to her that he genuinely liked JY. It was another heartbreaking scene, you could see the tears welled up in his eyes. JY’s mother was very shocked by the confession and felt terrible for him. I’m glad JY’s mom really likes DH too even more than polar bear. High five for awesome moms!!

Mom: Mr. Yoon do you have a girlfriend?
DH: No.
Mom: I really like you. Mr. Yoon. If I had one more daughter, I would want you to be my second son-in-law. A while back, when I saw you at the hospital, you were so dependable. I really wished that you and Ji Yeon would work out.
DH: I really like her, for real.
Mom: What??
DH: I really do like team leader. If I had confessed a bit earlier, what would have happened… If Noh Shi Hoon didn’t return, how great it could have been… I have pondered those things. But now, there’s nothing that can be done about it.


DH walks back home and he thinks about what JY’s mom told him, the same old things that JY had previously said, about him being young and how he has plenty of chances to meet a good person, therefore eventually forgetting JY. He contemplates those words and while sitting on a bench, thinking to himself:

“What if that doesn’t happen, even if I want it to? What happens if whoever I meet, I don’t like them as much as team leader? No matter how much time passes, what if I can’t forget team leader? Then what should I do??”


It was nice to see drunk JY again, but her scene wasn’t nearly as funny as DH’s drunk fight scene with the polar bear poster or her previous drunk escapades. It was too bad the scene of her waking up in DH’s arms was only just a dream. If she’s going to be drunk again, at least give us some smooches, am I right??

dongha7 dongha8 dongha9

Even though these 2 are trying so hard to be apart from each other, fate just keeps bringing them back together. This was probably one of the hottest and most intense moments at the spa while they’re hiding from polar bear. DH really got upset because they were hiding and eep got a little too close for comfort. During this scene, I was like “Yeah boy you tell her!!” I kind of liked how he pushed her buttons a bit, she definitely needs it.

DH: Why? Are you afraid I’ll kiss you again?
JY: You remember everything?
DH: Is there a man who forgets kissing a woman he loves?
JY: I’m leaving first. Come out later.
JY: Why are you like this?
DH: Because it’s unfair. Hiding even though I haven’t done anything wrong. Do you feel guilty around me? Why?

Whenever these 2 are in such close proximity, the air totally just changes and hearts start pounding faster (including mine!). One way I could describe these 2 is that their attraction for each other is like a magnet, no doubt and it sizzles like crazy. How can she have not figured out by now she doesn’t want to be with polar bear? Aigoo….


It’s been a while since we’ve seen DH and JY be alone together. The first screen capture above shows how much distance they’ve created between each other. It’s such a huge contrast compared to how they used to sit so closely together. Luckily in this scene, it isn’t long before these 2 are talking and bickering like in the past. Sigh our OTP really needs to get a move on and get together already.


You could see from his face his mixed emotions, one because he was in awe on how beautiful JY looked in a wedding dress and second the sad reality hit him because she’s going to be marrying another man. So many crushing heartbreaking moments for DH and Park Seo Joon is totally killing it with his acting. How can a guy look so devastated? He doesn’t need to say anything, everything can be read so clearly from his facial expressions.


I really wished JY wasn’t so passive, even though she feels confused she still agreed to the wedding and everything. What happened to that fiery witch we saw in the beginning? DH has always been straight forward about his feelings, how he wanted to be with her and how much he really loves and cares about her. I guess we can sort of thank polar bear for taking some action because at this rate, JY would have probably walked all the way to the alter and would finally realize it’s not what she wants. I miss their silly shenanigans like competing who can eat more, the super-slow-hand-holding walks and just in general, enjoying each others company with lots off laughter and smiles. Please drama gods give us back our cheerful and silly OTP back? Team Dong Ha all the way!

Also on a side note, I adore Spinach as well and his bromance with DH, but um what on earth was this??? LOL. *Dying laughing*




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