Fan-girl Ramblings #13 – Witch’s Romance (Episodes 13-14)


Aw yeah, our OTP is back. For fans of the show, it’s been a long time coming for all of us right? While we’re all ecstatic that our happy cute couple is back, it’s also sad because next week will be the finale!! I’m really going to miss seeing Dong Ha and Ji Yeon being adorable together. Can we all just get up off our seats and go “MAN-SE” now that polar bear is finally GONE!! At this point I don’t really care if he was a jerk or that he was playing the noble idiot card, *cue in N’Sync’s Gone* baby you’re goooone!  *happy dance*

Episode 13

dhjysick1 dhjysick2

JY has fallen sick after the break up with PB and misses work. Young Shik calls DH and immediately drops everything to go find her. He finds her at home, sick as can be and of course he takes care of her. I just love how DH’s caring side never changes and he’s always there for JY when she needs him the most. Can I also point out how good he looks in mint?

dhbook dhbook2dhbookhug1 dhbookhug2

YESSSS! He finally saw the book and Ji Yeon’s message written inside “I’m sorry… for being too late…” I love how DH doesn’t try to beat around the bush and instead straight up asks JY what it meant. Oh my gosh the sound of desperation in his voice during this scene…

DH: There’s something I’m curious about. By chance… is it because of me? The reason why you broke up with him?
JH: It’s not because of you.
DH: I’m not a fool. It’s not too late for us yet.

Of course they would end it there. I’m so glad we’re finally on the right track again with this episode. DH and JY are so special together, what they have is so genuine and honest. They’re perfect for each despite the age difference, they really understand each other and can be themselves without having to pretend to be someone they’re not. Everything that has happened between them so far has only brought them to be in an even closer and deeper relationship.

Episode 14

Gosh this episode was exploding with so much adorable cuteness!! And YES our OTP is officially together now! DH has all along been very clear and straightforward with his feelings and now JH finally reciprocated!! It was about time he got a real confirmation. Also we got a real kiss FINALLY, this show has been such a tease all along. I am expecting more a lot more smooches next week!! Another thing I didn’t really mention before was the bromance in the drama. Gosh besides our OTP, I really adore DH and Spinach, they’re the cutest darlings ever. I want to shrink them and carry them in my purse all day with me if I could. *squeals* I’m not going to go into too many details because they’re so many awesome scenes. Just highlighting some of my top fave scenes below.

15-3 dhjy 15-7 dhjy15-8 dhjy 15-9 dhjy

Gosh their boy talks seriously kills me LOL. It’s hilarious how they can have full conversations without actually “talking to each other.” I’d take 10 of these lovesick boys over a fat polar bear any day.

15-4 dhjy 15-5 dhjy

Could they be anymore cuter?? DH really liked these pink couple tees waaay more than I thought he would pwahahaha. Dies in adorable cuteness forever!!

15-6 dhjy

Yeah DH wants more kisses JY, just like the rest of us!! I say agree to it right away please!

15-2 dhjy 15-10 dhjy

Eating and bickering together is always so fun for these two!! Now I’m always craving for some fried chicken >.<

dhjykiss dhjykiss2

Annnd the moment we’ve all waited for the last 2 months!!!!!!!!!! *Swoons* *Squeals*

DH: Ban Ji Yeon, starting today, let’s date.
*Hands her flowers and puts on a necklace on her*
DH: Be in a relationship with me. Why won’t you answer?
JH: Yes. Even if you push me away, I won’t go anywhere.

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