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For those who follow me on Twitter, you all know of my current obsession with Park Seo Joon! So this post shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Seriously, where has he been all my life?? I just love him so much after watching Witch’s Romance, as you can see from ALL the posts I’ve written about the drama. Last year I was really into Lee Jong Suk and Yoo Yun Suk, this year 2014 definitely is Park Seo Joon for me. I’m realizing there’s a pattern going on now because I always have IT boys I go crazy over every year. Previous years included Kim Soo Hyun, Yoon Shi Yoon and Song Joong Ki. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore them all of course but Park Seo Joon is my bias these days. Just so many young male actors these days who are so fabulous, my poor fan-girl heart really can’t take it sometimes lol.

I was telling a couple friends before that it’s too bad Witch’s Romance was aired on cable, if it was shown on one of the major broadcasting network stations, Park Seo Joon’s popularity would be even more explosive I’d bet, maybe to the level of Lee Jong Suk’s popularity last year, quite possibly. Park Seo Joo I admit, isn’t someone you see at first glance and think he’s incredibly striking or drop dead gorgeous, but he does have that genuine boy-next-door charming quality about him. It’s not only until you see him acting on screen do you realize how attractive and charismatic he truly is. He really plays his character Dong Ha to a T, who’s so sweet, lovable, earnest, and all around wonderful guy, I think any girl/woman would die to have him. Anyone who knows me relatively well, would know how much I love my cute boys and my ideal type is the boy-next-door kind of look. As mentioned in a previous post, I love Seo Joon’s expressions throughout the drama, you can see even when the scene isn’t focused on him, he’s still so in character and constantly reacting to all of his surroundings. For a rookie, I must say he’s doing a mighty fine job! I feel like I must watch his previous dramas now, even though they are dramas I’m not that interested in (i.e One Warm Word and I Summon You, Gold) but for Seo Joon I’m willing at least to skim through it to see how he is. His drama debut was in that awful mistake of a drama Dream High 2, and I do admit skimming through it when it aired. I skimmed it again a while ago to see Seo Joon and I almost didn’t recognize him with the guyliner. If I really like his roles in his previous dramas, I’ll most likely tweet about it or even blog about it too, it really depends.

I first saw Seo Joon in Running Man (184) and he left quite an impression with the audience and the RM members. He was on the previous week’s episode (198) and he’s so great in variety. He’s very competitive, athletic *ahem* and has the body to prove it. I hope he’ll come on the show more often, the last 2 episodes he’s been in have all been hilarious. His trademark song on the show now is Frozen’s Let It Go and I just about died laughing every time it played. It would be nice to have him on the show with less guests, so he’d have more screen time and they should play more athletic games, which I can tell he really excels at. It was so cute when he got paired off with Song Ji Hyo and they played the pickled radish game. They totally had no problems with their lips touching because according SJH, “We are actors!” Damn right LOL. My bff said she loved the episode too, especially SJ who was so entertaining and kept smiling so handsomely throughout!

It’s too bad not THAT many people are watching the drama and seeing how amazingly wonderful Seo Joon is and his off the charts blazing chemistry with Uhm Jung Hwa. I tried to get a few of my friends to watch it, but they simply aren’t interested. One friend even Google’ed up him up after I was raving my love for him and saw a horrible photo of him and said “No offense, he’s not that cute” *SIGH* Oh well that’s too bad, they’re just all missing out, I can have Seo Joon ssi all to myself then pwahaha. SJ recently landed his first role in a film *hurray* but I really hope he does another drama soon where he can play the lead again. I’m going to really miss seeing him every Monday and Tuesday. I’ll just re-watch WR if I’m missing him badly.

On a bit of a random note, is it just me, but I REALLY like the way Seo Joon’s eyelids cover his eyeballs LOL. You all know what I’m talking about right?? It’s really unique and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with that kind of “eye” look. Oh and by the way did you know Park Seo Joon has already completed his military service? Yay!! Which means he doesn’t need to interrupt his rising acting career and us fans won’t have to cry because he doesn’t need to leave for 2 years. What a smart boy to get the mandatory military service out of the way first *cheers* Anyways I’m just going to spam you with tons of photos and some videos in the rest of the post. Enjoy!!

parkseojoon1 parkseojoon2 parkseojoon3 parkseojoon4
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Here’s 2 videos from KeyEast where’s doing some photo shoots. Trust me, you’ll want to watch it!

Here’s another cute, fun and summery shoot he did with fellow labelmate cutie Lee Hyun Woo and child actress Kim So Hyun

I tried to look up PSJ in Dream High 2 and came across this video of him singing and dancing in a group with JB and JR of the current group GOT7. SJ looks almost like a completely different person right?

Here’s some really fun photos from the photoshoot for the poster of Witch’s Romance

2014041412005444701_1 original2 마녀의연애_001.jpg 마녀의연애_002.jpg 마녀의연애_003.jpg10170684_601434176614006_1282293187788755660_n 마녀의연애_004.jpg10167981_601434133280677_862172088328096525_n 10245574_601434143280676_2511542844789193216_n

And lastly some BTS photos from the drama!

1536427_602304369860320_7535686587869759781_n 10269362_623114534445970_4026937610849027919_n
uhm-jung-hwa_1398969358_PSJ2 uhm-jung-hwa_1398969360_PSJ3 마녀의연애_006.jpg

BONUS! For all you Park Seo Joon fan-girls out there! *Rawr* You’re welcome! 10258554_604249242999166_6340530600882380589_n


12 thoughts on “Park Seo Joon

  1. Ahahhaa I love him. I hope he gets more attention because he’s so talented. Hr beats out majority ofsdrama idols with his acting abilities. Too bad dreamhigh 2 didn’t do him any justice.

    • I feel so sorry that his debut drama was Dream High 2, and all the other people who acted in it as well. That drama should be erased from all our memories. I really hope he gets to be lead again in more dramas soon, he’s such a hidden gem! Some of his expressions are just priceless!

  2. Ooh love the last pic 😉 I have seen One Warm Word, I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like melos…but he was wonderful in the role, in fact my favorite character and I stuck with the show only because of him…he can really make you cry!

    • Oh yeah I really am considering watching One Warm Word, watched the first few minutes but had to do something else, but will get back to it. I heard he became popular after this role, as noted when he first came on Running Man not long ago. And you’re right I am not into melos at all but for him I’m willing to take a look. He also won best new actor for I Summon You, Gold, I believe.

    • Thanks dearie! LOL this post is still my most top view post every single day according to my stats. Tons of ppl still searching him up even after the drama has finished airing like a month ago almost. Now u need to watch the drama too!

  3. Couldn’t agree more but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to share him with me 😉 Oh, and with thousands other fangirls, ha.

    “On a bit of a random note, is it just me, but I REALLY like the way Seo Joon’s eyelids cover his eyeballs LOL.” – Haha, I know exactly what you mean! His eyes are so magnetic and that deep gaze he does make me dizzy. He really has pretty eyes.

    So, he’s already completed his military service? That I did not know, but boy am I glad he did. Hopefully that means we can see him more and more in dramas, while all the other K-hotties are doing their army duty.

    • Aww thanks for commenting! Surprisingly tons of people are searching up PSJ these days after the drama has finished airing. According to my stats there’s always a least a couple people searching him up on search engines every single day. I’m glad he’s getting the attention he deserves. This post is my most popular and most view currently thanks to him LOL. Yes so many fan-girls now!

      Yes I’m glad he’s done his military service. I saw in an article he didn’t really plan it this way, but he just joined the army when everyone else around his age was enlisting. Either way, it’s great he’s got that out of the way.

      He needs to come back to dramaland soon. Haven’t seen news about him filming his movie yet either… from his Instagram, seems like he’s just on vacation hehe. TVN is having their own awards show this year, hopefully he’ll be there and also receive an award!

  4. I’m so glad to find a review about Park SeoJoon! I watched his drama in ‘Witch Romance’ after that I really can’t stop admiring him. I watched his past dramas, like Warm Words and currently I Summon You Gold. ^^! For these 2 dramas, Im only playing Park SeoJoon part…related scene.

    Have you watched I Summon You, Gold ep30? He was playing guitar and singing. I wonder if that’s his original singing…or Somebody else singing..But It does sound like him. Because he did sing for Witch Romance and I know he has a good voice.

    I really hope Park SeoJoon can get more big projects….and wish him all the best!

    • Yay another Park Seo Joon fan!! He’s so great right? I’m so happy more and more people are recognizing his talents. This post has over 1000+ views now since I first posted it and it’s my most viewed post on my blog haha. According to my stats there’s always people searching him up these days even after Witch’s Romance finished airing.
      Anyways sorry for going off on a tangent, I did try watching Warm Words but I only made it about half way or maybe even less. I haven’t see I Summon You Gold yet. but I feel like I should. It’s most likely him sing because he sang one of the OST songs of WR and he was in Dream High 2 as well.
      Yes me too I hope he’ll be back soon with a new drama soon!!

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