Final Words: Witch’s Romance


Aww man it’s over. I can’t believe it’s over! I just finished watching the finale episode, it was so beautiful and truly satisfying! I laughed, squealed, swooned and teared up like a crazy fool. These last 2 months have been such a beautiful ride for me and there was never really a dull moment. The story was so wonderfully written and executed. Our OTP truly made us believe in their unconditional love for each other, all of their interactions felt so real, from their facial expressions, their little touches, down to that sparkle in their eyes. This drama gives off so much FEELS. I really can’t believe it’s over already, I can’t… I’m just in complete denial right now. What am I going to do on Mondays and Tuesdays without my Dong Ha and Ji Yeon? It’s very rare that I would want an extension for a drama, this is definitely one of them. I can’t believe I almost passed up on this drama. I’m so happy I didn’t and gave it a shot and found this wonderful magnificent gem.

Besides our OTP, the supporting cast was so wonderful! I loved JY’s mom and her own little romance with the sexy CEO, Spinach and DH’s insanely cute bromance, JY’s bestie Nae Rae and hubby Min Goo, and I even grew to love the Trouble Maker team. Everyone just had such wonderful chemistry with each other throughout, it made me want to be a part of their little world. You never felt they were useless and I appreciated how much everyone supported JY and DH’s relationship. I’m missing this ensemble cast already. What really sold me about the drama was really the magic of DH and JY, I really could not see their age difference at all. What makes this couple so unique, is very simple, is that they actually communicated and were very honest with each other. DH and JY despite how different them seem at first are really similar to each other, in that they both love very deeply. What I believe made them connect so well to each other, is that they had pasts in which they both had difficulty leaving behind. I just love those scenes where they do really mundane things, like sitting down on a bench talking to each other. Sharing their feelings, what they are worried about, what’s making them happy or sad. That’s really what is the key to a great relationship I think, it’s how well you can communicate with your partner. They simply talked to each other, whenever there was problems or misunderstandings, it’s not rocket science but we hardly ever see that in dramaland because its frustrating to see characters to sulk or mope around for a few episodes before taking any substantial action. JY and DH also mutually respected each other and I was always so in awe in how upfront they were with each other, especially DH who just directly asks about something he’s unclear of or when he’s expressing his feelings towards JY. I also love how comfortable they were with each other and could just be themselves without pretending to be someone their not. Like when JY was with polar bear and her whole “image management” business. (Never in my life would I have thought that I would develop such a huge dislike for an endangered animal, sigh the things dramas can do to you sometimes). It’s not that they influenced each other into be “better people” per se but rather they were already great people originally, they just bonded/connected, genuinely enjoyed their time together and appreciated each other for who they are. They also support each other in their respective careers, and willing to walk together in their journey together whether it ends up in marriage or not. I guess the ultimate message the ending tried to portray is to appreciate and be happy with what you have at the moment and not worry too much about the future. I just love this pairing, they are made perfectly for each other.

The last 2 episodes were amazing, it was more than what I could have asked for. Just when you thought our OTP couldn’t be anymore cute, boy we were proved wrong! They took adorable cuteness to a whole new level of cheesy-squeal-worthy-sugary high. Park Seo Joon is definitely the newest noona-killer in town and has proven himself to be a worthy and capable leading actor. His character Dong Ha is perfect as it gets, everything down to the warmth in his voice, the way he speaks and his mannerisms. Dong Ha’s character would typically be just a second lead if it was like any other Korean drama and that just makes me love him more because leading men can be great men too!! I really can’t praise Park Seo Joon enough like in my previous post here, but also Uhm Jung Hwa who also doesn’t lose out in the charm and charisma either. I love her portrayal as JY, she made the character so relatable because you could understand her worries and insecurities about dating a younger man with huge age gap or not being able to let go of a past relationship. When PSJ and UJH are put together on screen, it’s like fireworks exploding and you can’t stop the oozing chemistry from overflowing. Their chemistry together is no joke, it’s seriously out of this world! Seasoned actresses are certainly on a different level from the rest, just like Jeon Ji Hyun. These women just really know how to work it. Which is why I’m not really a fan of the the current popular young actresses like Park Shin Hye and Park Min Young, I can’t take them seriously nor am I impressed by them. It’s so weird how the male actors their age just shine but the females just don’t quite cut it. Or maybe I’m just biased, but then again everyone is biased. I don’t think I can love any other female pairing with Park Seo Joon (*coughs* other than me of course in real life) other than Uhm Jung Hwa in other dramas or films, their chemistry was just so natural and real.

This is why I’m loving cable dramas these days because they tell stories about you know, us regular folk. None of that over-the-top makjangs with all the chaebols falling for piss poor girls, evil conniving mother-in-laws, fatal illnesses, birth secrets, etc. The dramas they show have more realistic characters and story-lines without spiraling deeply into the melo. I kind of forget this is a remake because it’s certainly not your typical Korean drama, but I feel like the producers made a superb choice in picking it up and creating this drama. Even though, I haven’t seen My Queen,  and I’m thinking of taking a peak soon, but I feel the Korean remake did a great job in re-telling the story in their own unique style. The only minor qualms I would have is that the drama spent a little bit too much time with polar bear. I wouldn’t have minded an extra episode or 2, or 5 for that matter of just DH and JY going on little dates, sitting on their bench talking about their day or having some more beer smooches, ya know extra lip service. This drama definitely has a special place in my heart because of all our wonderful characters with their top-notch chemistry, it’s very rare for me to find a drama with characters that make us love and care for them all so much (minus polar bear). If we had so much fun watching this drama, just looking at the BTS clips you could see how much fun the cast enjoyed filming together. This drama took the simple and ordinary and turned it into an exceptional piece of work. If I haven’t stressed it enough already, please do watch the drama if you haven’t already! This is a legit rom-com (unlike some of the fake ones I’ve seen in the past) and it managed to keep its rhythm from the beginning to the very end, which is why it was such a pleasure to watch every week. This drama has been placed at the very top of my list of best rom-com dramas. I’ve decided that in order to heal my withdrawal symptoms, it is simply to re-watch the whole drama again LOL. Please do leave comments below about the drama, I’d love to hear your thoughts and to see if you loved this dramas as much as I did. Enjoy! ^_^

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9 thoughts on “Final Words: Witch’s Romance

  1. “This is why I’m loving cable dramas these days because they tell stories about you know, us regular folk. None of that over-the-top makjangs with all the chaebols falling for piss poor girls, evil conniving mother-in-laws, fatal illnesses, birth secrets, etc. The dramas they show have more realistic characters and story-lines without spiraling deeply into the melo.” SOOO TARUEEEE. I was getting so sick of those repetitive overused scenarios!

    Anyway I FLOOD JOO WITH MY POST-DRAMA FANGIRLING because you totally switched it on with this post! Honestly I went from “Omg that is such an unacceptable age gap” to “THIS IS THE CUTEST HOTTEST AGE GAPPPPP EVERRRR” after watching this drama. I’m so sad it ended. And seriously I couldn’t even accept I was watching a Korean drama initially because of the sexytime scene in Ep2. Loved it. Hahahahahaha

    And I agree with you too, with Seo Joon & Jung Hwa being such an amazing on-screen couple. I just really felt their chemistry, and it was so cute to see how comfortable they were on set. Like you said, they’re both such amazing actors and actresses, kinda put most actors I’ve seen so far to shame. I’m so glad that UJH portrayed a character that was more realistic and wasn’t either A. an airhead B. a damsel in distress, or C. a dependent woman being pushed around (coughHEIRScough) as they usually are portrayed in most dramas.

    This is definitely still one of my favourite dramas next to IHYV. Hehehe. And that’s a serious statement cause you know how in love I am with IHYV!!!

    • I really liked how towards the end they started mirroring the beginning of the drama and other cute parts (Beer kiss, dream scene). I just wished they captured the same sexiness in the second beer kiss as the first one because of all the sexual tension built up until that point (plus, who wouldn’t want to see more Dong Ha) instead they made it very cutesy. I mean I’m glad that they at least did it- it’s better than nothing.

  2. I’m currently finishing up my review for Witch’s Romance and I wish I could say that I adored this show all the way through like you did.

    I loved the OTP, loved their relationship and loved the first half of the drama. But after Polar Bear came and the drama got all angsty on me, I kinda didn’t enjoy it that much anymore. I like the ending and that we got the cute back in the last episodes, but I guess I felt that the show never got its initial charm back. I still agree with you on many of the things you wrote about above, but the drama as a whole didn’t end up being quite as satisfying as I thought it would. Of course, I will still try remember it for the good things, rather than the bad. After all, it did give me Park Seo Joon and for that I’m forever thankful 🙂

    I will be talking more about the things that I liked and the things I wasn’t as happy with in my review when I get around to finishing it, but this was what I thought overall. Hope I didn’t rain on your parade 😛

    • I look forward to reading your review too. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on what they like. I know some other people who didn’t love it as much as I did and that’s okay.

      I tend to be more of an optimist so I tend to focus more on the positive things, but I do agree that after polar bear came back, some of the episodes really did drag and wasn’t much fun to watch. PSJ really made the drama for me and his character Dong Ha, he was always so consistent throughout the show being upfront and honest with his feelings. 🙂

  3. I wish i could watch this earlier when you were watching this drama live. Hahahaa but better late than nothing at all.

    Witch Romance, one of the best drama this year for me. In term of chemistry, really it’s the winner in my heart:)

  4. That time when Dong Ha was getting drunk, I was like “nooooo! You’re the one that’s not supposed to do this!” And then he had that funny drunk scene and kissed JiYeon (even though it was just a fish-ish one:/) –so I think you can get drunk again. Feel free Dong Ha, you earned it :).

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