Fan-girl Ramblings #14 – Chansung and Liu Yan Dating Scandal


Yesterday I randomly decided to watch Perhaps Love, a Chinese version of the Korean reality show We Got Married. I was interested in watching it because I wanted to see Fei (Miss A) and Chansung (2PM) on the show. I ended up watching the first 3 episodes and really enjoyed it. After the first episode, I only watched Chansung’s cuts. He’s paired with Liu Yan (Ada Liu) a famous Chinese actress, host and singer who is exactly 10 years older than Chansung. I thought they were really great together, despite their language barrier and age gap. I especially love Chansung’s laughter, he laughs so heartily and I just end up laughing so much more along with him. Liu Yan despite being a noona, gives off a very young/youthful vibe and she doesn’t really look that much older than him. While getting ready to go out, news suddenly broke out that that Liu Yan and Chansung were in a real relationship! When I first saw the news article pop-up, I was sincerely happy for them because I thought that were really a cute and funny couple on the show. It shocked me because I had just started watching the show and few hours later the report came out. However about 10 minutes later, I realized it’s possibly not true since JYP has not confirmed the reports yet (at the time) or it was possible she was misinterpreted. Not long after JYP responded and indeed the news was false. It happens a lot, these types of rumors and reports. What really bothered me the most was all the terrible bashing fans had towards Liu Yan, comments saying she was a gold-digger/attention or fame seeker/cougar preying on a sweet innocent boy and being called other vicious names. As a fan-girl myself, I do not accept that kind of behavior. So what if they were really dating in real life? Who are we to judge who is good enough to date so-and-so? A lot of people talk as if we know these celebrities personally, and even if we did, we have honestly no right to say anything about another person’s relationships.

A lot of people were blaming Liu Yan or the Chinese media for making up false rumors. I looked up one of the original Chinese articles and no where did it state she was dating Chansung and she was ONLY referring to the show. Looking at the Korean reports, I found they had only cut out bits and pieces of what she had said at the event to create their news reports. In a short summary of the Chinese article, she had attended a promotional event in Beijing and said she is currently participating in the show Perhaps Love with Chansung. He has already met her parents, and the reporters asked when are they getting married, she replied by saying “the sooner the better.” She denied her rumors with a real estate millionaire. At the event, it was pointed out she was wearing all red which was very eye-catching. Liu Yan said red is a traditional Chinese color so it is suitable. She said she really does want to get married but now isn’t the time as she is still currently single. The reporters asked what her imaginary boyfriend Chansung is like and she said he’s very honest and has very expressive facial expressions. She also said she will be having a new song coming out titled “Male God” and she is singing it because of Chansung. Liu Yan said when she first met Chansung, she was immediately attracted to him. At the moment they use simple English to communicate, she also revealed she took the initiative to text him first. Through the show, she says she is learning a lot about love and romance, and that sincere feelings are being used even though the show is fake. As well, she also said there is a lot of room for development between her and Chansung on the show. The article even states Chansung is her “imaginary boyfriend” and that she is currently single!! Her words were pretty much taken out of context or the truth was twisted. I just wanted to clarify this as the other popular English translated news reports did not bother to explain this matter clearly or they were still subtly blaming Liu Yan for this whole fiasco.

Anyways, I think that haters will still continue to hate regardless, because they’re just jealous and can’t handle seeing their idol being with someone. If it wasn’t Liu Yan but another girl, I’d bet fans would still have the same reaction. Even though I don’t know too much about Liu Yan but I felt it was really unfair for her to be blamed and bashed so terribly. I certainly do not feel she deserved all the hate comments I saw. This is just my 2 cents on the matter and hope this helps a bit for those who were more curious about the whole scandal. Now I’m going to watch the rest of the episodes of Perhaps Love. LOL actually, wouldn’t it be absolutely hilarious in the end, if Chansung and Liu Yan really did decide to date in real life?! The entertainment world will be in a riot and fan-girls will be ripping out their hair again haha. But do check out the show, especially if you are a fan of We Got Married, it’s a lot of fun and the episodes are longer, so you get to see plenty of interactions between the couples.

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7 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #14 – Chansung and Liu Yan Dating Scandal

  1. Media & netizens needs to do their research & cross reference their sources before they print their articles. False reports like this can cause harm & ruin lives. And to the fans who have been bashing Lui Yan, you need to calm your shit down. Plus, who are you to dictate someone’s love life? Like, fuck off. Chansung can date whomever he wants. Even if it’s Liu Yan, whom btw is probably hotter & richer than you. Celebs have lives outside of work. Their lives does not revolve around you. So grow up, get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend and get a life.

  2. Bwahahaha Cynklai, I love your comment. Fans need to get a life and grow up. People seem to be getting dumber and dumber. They’re just as crazy as the next Korean netizen. The girl is probably richer than he is and has a far better chance at really getting with him than any of the fans do. Whether it’s Chansung or not, she could probably get any guy she wanted. The media needs to stop ruining people’s lives with false reports and they need to correct their false reports. *cough, cough!* allkpop <——

  3. Ya, you go girl! You tell those nasty haters the whole truth! I still can’t believe that some ugly dumpster bags would actually say such horrible things. People need to mature and learn to grow up for once, like how rude can these people be? These fools need to realize that reality does not always concern them and their ignorant and disgusting comments. Just because you’re probably going to be alone and single for the rest of your life doesn’t mean you have the right to infringe your crude remarks. If anybody else keeps saying such nasty stuff, I’m going to seek retribution and slash your throat with a rusty spoon LMAO!!

  4. I would honestly like to visit this cuckoo land these fans seem to be living in. I wasn’t even over the fact that they made Taeyeon cry and then this happens! Fans say they want their idols to be happy, but they forgot to mention that their definition of the word equals remaining lonely and celibate for life -_-

  5. I’m glad you wrote about this and hopefully it will change some of the unrealistic perspectives that so many fangirls have for their idols. This couple is really growing on me and I can see them working something out in real life! I just love that they both show the effort in trying to overcome the language barrier, and that they make each other laugh in a genuine way.

  6. Hi tvgal, it is relax 93600 from Soompi. I already read your blog last week, but I did not have time to leave a message. Really amazing and great job.
    About the rumors of LY and CS dating of begin July, I still believe that LY was convinced that they were kind of really dating since thair Hunan date was great. CS was highly appreciated and accepted by her family. What really made her dissapointed was JYP’s reply.
    Continu like this and hope you will get more followers for your blog 🙂 “Jia You”

    • Thank you so much relax93600 for commenting! 😀 I think LY perhaps at the time was having difficulty differentiating between the show and reality. I noticed a nice few couples said that on We Got Married. I loved their Hunan date, I felt so giddy watching it and all the KISSES, really makes your heart flutter ❤ I won't lie because I watched the episode more than once hehe.

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