Videos of the Week: Zhang Li Yin (Jang Ri In), EXO Chen, JunHo, Qi Wei, MI.O Avengers


Hello!! OMG it’s been forever since I’ve last posted! I was away on vacation and busy with things here and there. So haven’t had time to update or I was just plain lazy on certain days when I did have the time =P Anyways now that I’m back, I wanted share with you some videos that came out recently, which caught my eye.

The first video is by Zhang Li Yin or (Jang Ri In in Korean) and she’s FINALLY back again with her a new song! Her song is called 爱的独白 (사랑의 독백) (Agape). It’s a hauntingly beautiful song and Li Yin sings it with so much emotion and soul. She also wrote the lyrics to the song! The MV stars F(x)’s Victoria and EXO’s Tao and from what I heard, it’s based on a true story that happened during the Sichuan Earthquake. A very sad story about a mother sacrificing her life to save her son. Do check out the MV below.

I’ve always been a fan of Zhang Li Yin since her Timeless days and she has an incredible powerful voice. It’s too bad SM hid her away from the world for 4 years. I’m glad she’s back singing and promoting again. I think Li Yin is really classy and very lady-like. She’s so soft spoken during interviews but also knows how to articulate and express her words clearly. She also collaborated with EXO’s Chen earlier this year, for a duet for the Chinese version of Breath. Out of all the versions, I like this one the best. Chen and Li Yin’s voice blend so beautifully and they have this overflowing chemistry when singing together. I hope they will collaborate more together in the future! I think they really good together after seeing some of their interviews. Chen comes off as a manly guy and Li Yin is very feminine, so I think it’s a great match, SHIP SHIP!! Check out the MV and live performance below.

The next MV is another duet with 2PM’s Junho and Chinese singer Qi Wei. The song is called 넌 나와 잘 맞는 사람이야 (你是对的人). It’s a really cute and sweet song, although the concept of the MV is kind of weird, with the 2 of them shopping at a futuristic looking supermarket? I think JYP is really trying to push for the Chinese market, as 2PM members have been active in China. With Nickhun’s current Chinese drama One And A Half Summer, Chansung in Perhaps Love and now Junho’s duet with Qi Wei. Is it just me, but don’t you think Qi Wei resembles Song Ji Hyo a bit in certain angles? It is also nice to point out that Qi Wei recently got married to Korean actor Nathan Lee (Lee Seung Hyun) who is a former member of the Kpop band TAKE. They’re the second cross-border couple to tie the knot after Chinese actress Tang Wei and Korean director Kim Tae Yong. Anyways I’m going off topic, check out the song!

And finally I wanted to introduce you to this amazingly talented YouTube Kpop cover vocal group whom they go by the name MI.O-미오 AVENGERS (어벤져스) as they all wear superhero masks in their videos. You’ll be blown away by their covers and vocals, I kid you not!


2 thoughts on “Videos of the Week: Zhang Li Yin (Jang Ri In), EXO Chen, JunHo, Qi Wei, MI.O Avengers

  1. YES! You showed me Mio: Avengers and also the video with Junho in it. SO GOOD. And I’m just happy that 2pm is being marketed outside of Korea nowadays.

    I hope Mio: Avengers make it big. They are seriously better than most idols’ voices. I heard they have a fanclub called Sidekick because fans were saying they’re just that good and deserving of one!

    • I think over time MI.O will hit it SO BIG! If they don’t, then honestly the industry is blind. And I really wanna see 2PM live in concert, esp my Channie and Khunnie. Saw Junho already last year teehee…

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