Fan-girl Ramblings #15 – Perhaps Love: Chansung and Liu Yan


Perhaps Love officially ended yesterday (Sunday Aug. 17) and I had to say farewell to the lovely pairing Chansung and Liu Yan. I’m not going to lie, as I am a very emotional sap, I cried when I watched the last episode even though I knew what was coming. Chansung and Liu Yan were so great together on the show. I love how they both put in the effort to communicate and overcome the language barrier and how they genuinely enjoyed spending time together, while making each other laugh. They reminded me so much of my ultimate favorite couple Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong from We Got Married. They were both older women-younger man pairings, Hyun Joong and Chansung started off more reserved (not as interested?) in the beginning, but grew to really like their partners, the competitiveness, and how Hwang Bo and Liu Yan both have tom-boyish personalities but have sexy images as artists. They both also really knew how to take care of their boys. I could tell Liu Yan developed really strong feelings for Chansung on the show. I was really unsure of Chansung in the beginning, because it felt like he was just going through the motions of the activities on the show. However, I believe it was after the episode Chansung had visited Liu Yan’s home, did I feel that he started to develop feelings for her as well (also lots more skinship!). Even the way he looks at her changed over time on the show and I love how Chansung always said Liu Yan was so cute whenever they were together. They really developed a special bond between them that I cannot fully describe, but you can see it and feel it in their interactions. Like what Liu Yan had said in her interview, even though the show is fake but the feelings are real. After catching up on the episodes, I watched the newest episodes every Sunday as soon as they were posted online. It was something I looked forward to see at the end of the weekend.

Commenting more on the finale episode, I thought it was adorable how they re-enacted their first date together with the swimming pool and betting who can eat the most spicy foods without drinking water. I was really surprised how LY gave CS the necklace her mom had given her. The purpose of the necklace is to give him protection and good luck. She said she always kept that necklace with her for many years, it’s something so precious and I don’t think you give that kind of thing to just anyone. That just shows how special CS is to her, doesn’t it? The letters he prepared for LY was super moving and I cried along with LY when she read them.

I loved Chansung’s performance of John Legend’s “All of Me” it was so touching and he sang it wonderfully (despite the bad English pronunciation). I never thought Chansung was that strong of a vocalist but after this performance I thought his singing has improved tremendously. And if you looked closely CS had tears in his eyes as he sang to LY.

At the end when they hugged, it seemed like CS was really reluctant to let her go. When the music stopped playing, it sounded like they were both sobbing pretty loudly. AND did you see the KISS? Wow that shocked me and pretty much everyone else that watched it. According to a Soompier ninomiyak, it was a real kiss. One of the staff members of Perhaps Love wrote on their Weibo that the kiss was unexpected for the entire staff. They had already turned off all the lights and only left one camera on. LY and CS started to talk and kissed! OMO!

Please check out the Soompi thread to read more information and discussion about this couple. I’m also active on this thread, where I’ve posted a lot of my comments about the show and translations not mentioned in this post, so go and check it out when you have the time.

I have to admit, Chansung was someone who I cared the least for in 2PM back in the days, when I was a big 2PM fan. I grew to really like him during the last 2 years and after this show he has shot up to become my top favorite members along with Khunnie. I’ve become a fan of Liu Yan too after this show. She has a great personality, love her “what you see is what you get” kind of attitude and also I liked her more after reading about her background. She had entered entertainment business to help pay for her mom’s hospital bills and support her family. She’s very filial and frugal too, she’s often seen wearing her clothes more than once at different events. Great wife material right there hehe! I wish as much as the next shipper they would date in real life but there’s many obstacles, including the language barrier and the fact they’re living in 2 different countries. At the very least I hope they stay as best friends and keep in touch, just like how LY’s mom had asked CS when he visited her parent’s home. It would be really great to see CS and LY collaborate more in the future, such as in films, dramas, CFs, or music. From what I seen, they seem pretty popular in China now, so why not market and milk it while its still hot right? *winks* Who knows maybe they’ll surprise us in the future, because there’s already 3 cross-border China-Korea couples who just tied the knot recently or tying it very soon (Qi Wei/Nathan Lee Seung Hyun, Tang Wei/Kim Tae Young and Chae Rim/Gao Zi Qi). It will be sweet if they can become the fourth! πŸ™‚

Also as a bonus, while I was watching Perhaps Love, it made me go back and listen again to Chansung’s old solo song called Love You Down. It’s a pretty suggestive song but nonetheless I still really like it haha. I bet fans and shippers will be able to find ways to link or relate the lyrics to Liu Yan, cause she’s a very sexy lady, ya know. I’ve also included fan-cam video footage CS performing the song, needless to say it’s super HOT. Like LY said before CS is born to be on the stage, ain’t no doubt about that!

tumblr_n86s1snEXe1saapw7o2_1280 BsLoOhuCMAEomGJ.jpg large soromantic_zps16ee3b95 tumblr_n9l0fznPeK1saapw7o2_1280 tumblr_nacxocifhp1saapw7o1_1280 V0k3Ts4 BtW_CKlCQAEBa4p.jpg large BvEtAnVCAAABYuU.jpg large c0196e66gw1eifyf5absxj20m80et78a c0196e66gw1eizdvobx3yj21kw11x152 chanface_zps705dc900 chanhunan_zps01d721e5 chanhunan2_zpsde9ad4a3 chanhunan9_zpsb2fb405a hugliuchan_zps9b3ba118 omnuoc_zps881d3400 satdau_zps5d907b50 c0196e66gw1ej58kcj112j21kw2d8h7n b925bb01-7ba9-4fce-88ed-8abf31106210

BONUS!! *RAWR* You’re welcome πŸ˜›


Thanks for sticking around because here’s Channie’s other solo song called Perfume and he also wrote the lyrics too! Enjoy! ^_^


28 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #15 – Perhaps Love: Chansung and Liu Yan

  1. Love this couple! Chansung and Liu Yan Fighting !!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and a well written post. I think a lot of us have one common is we never were chansung or liu yan’s fan until we watched the show. We all felt in love with them through the show.

    • Thank you Kelly! I agree, I’m really glad they decided to do the show and look at all the love they’re getting. I’m also happy a lot of the 2PM fans (Hottests) also like and support this couple too. I adore these 2!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful post. Am totally in love with this couple and their interactions hopefully they will keep in touch. I really really enjoyed reading your post and would love if you could do the same for the other episodes if you have time ( gives you big puppy pleading eyes ).

    • Hi Sam, thank you so much for commenting! Did you mean you want me to comment on all 13 episodes? Hmm… that’s not a bad idea because I don’t mind watching the episodes again. It will probably take a nice bit of time, but I’ll see what I can do, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Finally got my internet connection and here I am – rambling with you and the rest who enjoyed watching this couple.

    The songs – ChanSung’s confession and LiuYan’s response! Do they need to confirm it? Aside from their reactions or body language, it clearly shows how much they have become attached to each other. I was surprised too about the necklace – that was so thoughtful and caring of LiuYan. LiuYan is someone who is not afraid or not selfish to share what she has. If I have something I treasure so much that meant to much to the giver, I would keep it forever – for myself. But LiuYan, from beginning to end, showed ChanSung what kind of person she is – she is always thinking about him. Giving ChanSung her necklace that meant so much to her is beyond words. I’m sure ChanSung would treasure that necklace and the meaning attached to it.

    I, too, loved the reenactment of their first date – but this time without awkwardness – instead, full of comfort. You can tell how much they wanted to not let go of each other – especially ChanSung. LiuYan is a little bit more careful (for the fans’ sake) – and she had to hold off a lot of her feelings. But in the end, she was unable to resist – ChanSung is equally emotional and they seem to not care where they are.

    It may be too early to hope, but I can tell from the time ChanSung felt comfortable around LiuYan, ChanSung felt comfortable asking her personal questions too – about family, family life and children. Episodes 10 and 11 tell us a lot.

    Thank you for the opportunity to read your personal insight regarding ChanSung and LiuYan.

    • Thank you Elvie for your comments and I loved reading what you wrote. I wonder if they ever meet or work together again in the future will CS call her just LY or will he add “jie” which is the Chinese equivalent to noona, since she is a senior in the industry.

      Yes I agree CS became closer but after the scandal LY noticeably became more careful around him, which is too bad. Which I understand bc he’s still an idol and his career is really starting to take off, so she wouldn’t want to impede that.

      It would be cool to see him wear the necklace around but LY told him to keep it at home or by his bedside? Don’t quite remember. But something so precious I am sure he’ll keep it safely at home hehe.

      • I forgot to mention – this is viyra from soompi. And since you comment about other dramas, I guess I will try watching the ones you have here so I can comment also.

        BTW – I don’t understand the meaning of 999 yuan that ChanSung referred to as the gift from LiuYan mother. This was mentioned too when they won the first place in The Strongest Couple episode. I was once married to a Chinese and other than knowing they always have those pure gold as gifts, that’s all I remember.

  4. Hi Elvie, I figured you were viyra from Soompi when you mentioned about your internet. Thanks so much for supporting my blog, I’m happy you’ll watch the dramas I’ve blogged about πŸ™‚

    As for the 999 yuan red pocket, in Chinese the word 9 sounds like forever. In this case LY’s mom hoped that the friendship between LY and CS will be forever. Chinese people like to use numbers to represent things. For example 8 is also a very good number because 8 sounds similar to wealth or fortune. Hope that helps πŸ˜€

  5. I have to 2nd Sam’s post about loving the idea of reading your take on each of the Chansung & Liu Yan episodes. I am a long time WGM fan but I have to admit that Perhaps Love has taken a worn out concept and made it over in a wonderful way. Somehow the show allowed each couple to create their own little slice of reality and the audience benefitted from that freedom with a “couple show” that was filled with realness instead of set ups and over production. Chansung and Liu Yan didn’t let language, unfamiliarity, or their idol positions get in a way of a good old fashioned romance! Lol! I loved they way they freely interacted with one another because we got to see two people really engage in the often awkward and scary process of falling in love. I am not saying that they are going to run off and get married and start having all those babies Chansung wants so bad!!! But there’s no denying that they BOTH felt something. That last 15 minutes before the end had me howling like a baby. He didn’t have to do all of that for her but the reaction he got made all that hard work worthwhile. Liu Yan is some kind of woman and Chansung looks all the better for having the good sense to realize that. Like you I hope these two use their “friendship” for other projects and in general stay in touch. He is all over her weibo account right now so that’s a good sign. I love your blog and even if you don’t showcase their episodes I will still visit. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Elayne! First of thank you so much for your support for my blog, it means a lot! I love what you wrote: “I am a long time WGM fan but I have to admit that Perhaps Love has taken a worn out concept and made it over in a wonderful way.” I agree wholeheartedly because Perhaps Love felt so fresh and different and definitely less staged. I haven’t had the time re-watch the episodes yet, I’ve been so busy but I’ll definitely get around to it and write about it for sure. I actually wanted to do a blog post about the Weibo thing, but didn’t get a chance yet, but I will soon. Need to fan-girl haha!

  6. BlackSesame I 100% agree fangirling is necessary. I just found this clip and I had to share it with you: He can NOT keep his hand off of her.
    I just started my Perhaps Love Marathon so I will be back to participate in any discussions. The one thing I noticed is that from the very first episode there is definite potential between Lui Yan and Chansung even Nickhun can feel it. By the way I love the 3 Musketeers so I guess I am officially hooked on your blog! Lol!

    • OMG thanks for showing me that clip!! It’s like a BTS clip right and not from the regular episodes? He loves touching her head and hair so much, so much skinship lol. It was a little awkward in the beginning but I’m glad he chose her willingly (I hope) to give her the gift in the first ep! Haha I just got 2 of my friends hooked on 3 Musketeers, we were watching the episodes earlier together ^_^

  7. I am glad you liked the clip! It definitely looks like an actual bts moment. I loved, loved, LOVED your 3 Musketeers review. Please keep them coming. Jung YongHwa is just so good in it and it’s a fresh take on a 200 year old story. By the way where did you get all of these great Chansung and Lui Yan pics??!!!

  8. THIS POST!!

    I agree with everythingggggg you said. the resemblance to my favourite WGM couple hyunjoong-hwangbo (they were my favourite couple too) is uncanny, and I’m so glad to have found a fellow ssangchu couple fan who remembers how they were like on the show… I am surprised at how much feeling Perhaps Love managed to draw out of the couples and how fast they progressed.. especially liuyan and chansung because of their 10-year age gap (which really doesn’t seem like 10 years; more like 5 to me) as well as the language barrier + their respective statuses. Would have expected chansung to be a lot more respectful towards her and treat her like a noona (the way hyunjoong did hwangbo) but then again it was a good move to drop the formalities if not how could they become close otherwise!

    Agree that there is really something special between them which you can tell from the way chansung looks at her, and it was so exciting when they started having more skinship!! hehe ^^ He really treated her as a woman, as HIS woman towards the last few episodes and I really liked how he was serious about it. The ending was the cherry on the cake because it showed how much he cared about her (impressive maturity for his age!) and it proved to liuyan herself how much he cared. Also really loved his song choice “All Of Me” and yesyesyes it’s exactly the same for me, never knew he had such good vocals (loveeeeed his rendition) and he was also the member of 2pm I noticed the least when I was crazy over them but now seeing this side of him I’m a new fan πŸ˜€ [side note: I started off with khun as my bias in 2pm but it is now wooyoung bc wooyoung is too cute!!]

    Also have taken a new interest in liuyan; really liked her down-to-earth attitude (like hwangbo) and humility. She doesn’t have any of that diva attitude and although I questioned several times whether she was acting during the show/bts interviews (because SURELY it wasn’t possible for her to fall for a man 10 years younger than her who could hardly converse with her??) but the ending proved me wrong and somehow it was just really satisfying for me to watch her cry as she read chansung’s cards HAHA just to know that she was feeling all those emotions intensely.

    And lastly, thanks for the info on the unexpected kiss!! Kya~~~~~~ how exciting why didn’t they show more of it D; I wonder who initiated it hehe

    Thanks for this post!! Really enjoyed reading it πŸ™‚

    • Wow thank you so much for the gigantic post!! I believe they were able to become closer as the couples didn’t have as much time to film together compared to WGM, it was probably encouraged to try to be close as soon as possible by the PDs perhaps? As well I think being tied together with that red ribbon probably helped too since you’re constantly in close proximity together. But I was also surprised that CS didn’t treat LY like a noona but his girlfriend hehe and completely skipped the formalities.

      I didn’t really like LY from the first impressions she gave off in the first episode, maybe she was a bit too straight-forward for my liking at the time. I think throughout the show you can tell she fell for him. About the kiss, there was supposed to be a BTS video released with CS talking about the kiss but it was never released. I’m not sure why, maybe it would have caused too much of a uproar amongst his fans? Hmm who initiated? My guess would be CS? I think he said before that he always thought she was so cute he wanted to kiss her? And well I think based on the height difference, CS is much taller so it would have been easier for him to lean down and kiss first. LOL I dunno, these are just my guesses, don’t take my word it haha.

      Khunnie has always been my #1 bias out of 2PM and Channie is at the top as well on my list. I also really like Junho too, I got to see him last year in person ^_^ So yeah they are my top 3 from 2PM. And high 5 to a fellow ssangchu couple fan, although I’m very disappointed in KHJ’s recent incident.

      Also there’s been a lot of love for this couple (based on my blog stats lol!) and I’m glad there’s more fans than haters. Thanks again for reading and for the support! πŸ™‚

      • and thank YOU for such a long reply πŸ™‚

        hahaha i feel like she was the one who initiated the kiss because chansung looked like he was just going to nuzzle her neck but then she lifted up her neck – giving him the permission? signal? to do so – and then BAM he went in for the kill hahahahaha

        agree that it would probably cause an uproar among the fans tho especially because from the looks of it the kiss was a relatively long one? kekeke ><

        also I cannot imagine what it must have been like with the translators? to have someone privy to every single thing they said to each other (because even we the audience only see the cut & edited segments) as well as to have to rely on the translator to do a good job for you… wonder what it was like for the translators too; to hear everything that was not intended for them to hear.. feel like it's such an invasion of privacy!! haha.

        lastly I've been a khj fan for 6 years now, and yes I am very disappointed as well.. still in denial because the khj I've known on the screen (and met him irl too at his concert) is not someone who would hit others… ): not sure if I consider myself a fan anymore, am so sad )):

        hahaha sorry for the crazy long reply didn't realise I rambled πŸ˜›

    • I was just watching some other BTS videos I never seen!! Based on what I saw so much was cut out and edited. I think I’m going to do a post of those unsceen cuts and BTS videos later on. It really feels like something was going on between them, esp CS because he’s was super touchy with her, etc. As for the kiss I think maybe she wanted to give him a kiss on the cheek and he went in for the the kill like you said haha!!
      From a cut scene I saw, the producer at LY’s company asked them if they will continue to date even after the show is over. My Chinese reading comprehension isn’t the greatest but I read subtitle for the end of CS’s sentence he said “That would be good” I was OMG I why know it was cut because possibly he does want to date LY in real life. Cuz I believe he said it would be great if they could continue dating. Again I have to verify with someone else to be absolutely sure. You can see why I want to do a post about the uncut/BTS scenes hehe.
      You have a good point about the translators. I would have loved to be a translator on the show just to hear everything or even be a part of the crew to see what viewers wouldn’t be able to see haha.
      As for KHJ yeah I can never look at him the same way again because of what happened. I was a big fan of his too after WGM.
      Oh have you checked out my other posts about our couple? I’d love to hear your thoughts on those posts as well. And no don’t worry, I enjoy reading long comments, it’s a lot of fun!! Thanks again!

      • Yay I will eagerly anticipate that collation of BTS videos! Gave up finding them on youtube hahaha. Hmm for me I’m more inclined to think that chansung’s “that would be good” was more said out of politeness..? because honestly what are the chances for all these celebrity couples getting together in real life? how much of their true selves have they shown each other through the show and how much have they interacted to make them want to take that risk and fall in love (again)? that is what I always wonder when watching the couples on WGM – why would they want to open their hearts to someone (in front of all the viewers, no less) and experience fleeting moments of happiness/romance just to experience heartbreak at the end? cannot understand their rationale behind it, but then again I guess I am not a celebrity + not old enough hahaha.

        oh my I’ve digressed..! back to topic, I believe chansung said it out of courtesy because he couldn’t have replied any other way – not like he could’ve said “no we won’t date in real life this is just a show” or “umm, I’m not sure about that” because they were on the show and SUPPOSED to be dating! not sure if you get where I’m coming from…? haha it just seems like a very standard, play-safe answer (like all the couples in WGM during their bts interviews but most of them never get together irl ._. <<making an assumption here haha). there were 2 ways to react to the producer's question, one was to give a satisfactory/pleasant answer (chansung) and the other was to change topic (liuyan) haha. what do you think? πŸ˜›

    • Haha I always have the same thoughts when I watched WGM over the years because most do not get together (revealed publicly) that is. The only couple I know that did in real life after the show was Jun Jin (Shinhwa) and actress Lee Si Young. So I never expected much when I watched it occasionally after the first season. It’s just purely for entertainment for me.
      And yes your right, he most likely said it out of courtesy although he could have been like LY and just change topic/pretend to not understand lol. But anyways it was removed in the final cut for whatever reason. In my own world, I want to believe he meant what he said (if he did) hehe =P

  9. Hehe, I haven’t caught up after Ep 12 but I think they were becoming my favourite couple and I completely tuned out the other couples. I can really tell from Liu Yan’s body language and facial expressions that she really really likes Chansung, and vice versa! Chansung seems to always have had difficulty expressing himself but I love that you can really feel how cute he finds LY.

    Anyway great job on the post!! And I’m so happy to see that you are growing in readership. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks love for dropping by hehe! U should finish watching it soon! I’ve been getting tons of traffic bc of this couple and Park Seo Joon lol. These 2 are my top most searched items everyday!

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