Fan-girl Ramblings #16 – Who is Your K-drama Male Lead Ideal Type?


Allkpop recently released a new quiz in order to determine which Kdrama male lead character is your ideal type. I shared the quiz with my friends and we had quite an interesting conversation about it.

Me: I got Do Min Joon. I did it a second time with my second best answers and I got Park Soo Ha <3! I think Soo Ha suits me more than Min Joon. Sorry Do manager LOL!

CC: I got Kim Tan!!! (Love is the moment!!) bahahahaha. Second choice was Do Min Joon and I still haven’t finished that drama. I want Park Soo Ha!!!

Me: LOL actually the description of me for Do Min Joon is all wrong… I am not that nerdy or serious.

Ann: Haven’t seen this but I don’t like a sloppy looking guy LOL. I chose “black suit!!!” Hahaha but the rest of his description I’m cool with.

Which Male Drama Lead is the One for You?


You’re a jokester who loves to get a kick out of life; it only makes sense to pair you up with everyone’s favorite K-Drama clown, ‘Reply 1994’s Trash! Like his name implies, Trash can be pretty dirty, sloppy, and lazy. When he’s not being a bum tough, Trash will be the best at making you laugh and making you feel secure. He’ll be your best buddy, making you giggle endlessly while chillaxing during stay-at-home dates. He’ll be your reliable oppa because even if he’s inappropriate at times, he’ll be serious when he needs to be and look out for you. If you’re ever down in the dumps, you can count on Trash to figure out a way to put a smile on your face, even if it takes rounds of poking, jabbing, and trial and error.

Me: LOL OMG Trash Oppa!!! The Reply 1994 feels haha!

Ann: The description of Trash seems to be the type I do fall for more often. Doo Min Joon was my second choice, but his description doesn’t seem to match the answers I chose lol

Me: Yeah me too I feel like it doesn’t match my answers either… Park Soo Ha it is pwahahaha, he is more of my type than Min Joon, he’s too serious

Ann: Maybe it’s trying to tell us that who we think is our ideal type isn’t who we end up falling for lol. Which I think is true. My ideal man would be more sophisticated and charismatic, but I tend to fall for the Trashes of the world hahaha

Me: Perhaps…  but I don’t like overly serious and super intellectual guys, they make me feel dumb and I feel like I can’t joke around

Ann: Maybe they matched it up according to how closely you matched up with the girl each guy ended up with

CC: I don’t know who Trash oppa is but I LOL’d at his name. I think Kim Tan matches me well. I don’t think Do Min Joon is my type, personality wise, but his looks are. LOL. I still want Park Soo Ha. My kdrama lover always!!

CC: Ann this will be you and Trash making out. LOLOLOL


Pa Der: Ahaha I got Trash too. I like that actor in general cause he also played in another drama I liked.

CC: Pader will be getting your sloppy seconds. LOL

Pa Der: Ahaha…I dunno if I’d actually go for a guy like that though…not really my ideal…maybe half right

Ann: There seems to only be the 4 choices. I think my ideal type is more like Kim Joo Won from Secret Garden. Smart, charismatic, dresses well (except for the track suits lol), but also completely silly and funny

Me: Hmm come to think of it I’ve never of a lead Kdrama character who was my ideal type… they’ve always been jerks lol. I’m a more 2nd lead kinda gal…

Pa Der: My second choice was Do Min Joon. How many different choices are there??? Lol. 3 or 4?

Me: Oh WAIT never mind… Yoon Dong Ha from Witch’s Romance aka my bias Park Seo Joon and 2nd would be Kim Boong Do from Queen In Hyun’s Man

Pa Der: My ideal is Dok Ko Gin from The Greatest Love whom Cha Seung Won played. Just cause its my favorite drama

CC: WAH!! I can die happy now. My 4th and LAST love forever!! (ugly cries of happiness). Btw I got Kim Tan as my 3rd but I’ll settle for my last lover, Park Soo Ha!!

Ann: Ohhhh yeah Kim Boong Dooooo! Soo Ha was my third

Me: LOL lemme try for my 3rd too hahaha… okay Kim Tan is my 3rd. LOL sounds like we’ll never fight over the same guy, that’s a good sign

Ann: Hahaha yes. Although Pa Der and I got the same first and second. But I get first dibs as I’m older. Oh and my other ideal man from a drama would be King Wang Yoo from Empress Ki. He was like the perfect man. Sigh! Why did he have to die? Want Yoo and Kim Boong Do. I guess I like old fashioned, historical guys lol

This conversation sure brought up some great discussion. I realized, I never really thought about an ideal type based on a drama character, I usually become a fan of the actor instead. I am more of a second lead kind of girl because most stereotypical K-drama leading men are usually jerks, immature and they sure don’t know how to treat their lead girl properly. However, after some pondering, I realized I do have K-drama lead male ideal types, a big thanks to cable dramas (specifically TVN) they helped to change the landscape of K-dramas and lead male character types. They’ve proven that male leads can also be good guys and shown that it’s actually COOL to be a nice guy! Who said good guys always need to finish last? Psh, from my own experience I’d choose a nice sweet guy over a typical bad boy any day. I get the appeal of bad boys or what we call the hard-to-get or unattainable guys (ladies why do we put ourselves through that pain?) when in the end after all the heartache, I believe a nice guy is what we really want. Someone who treats you well, who respects you and loves you for who you are. It is exactly these qualities, that I chose Yoon Dong Ha from Witch’s Romance (you can read more about why, here and here). Coming in at a tight 2nd place would be Kim Boong Do from Queen In Hyun’s Man which is one of my top favorite Korean dramas. Anyone who’s watched the drama should know why because he has so many qualities that all women want: intellectual, kind-hearted, devoted, courageous, excellent taste in fashion, great fighter, etc and the list goes on. At third place, would be my Sweet Potato, Joo Wan from I Need Romance 3. Although I didn’t exactly love the drama (I enjoyed watching it at the very least), but Joo Wan’s character really stood out to me. I mean a guy who cooks AND cleans, drives you to work, always looking out for your best interests and loves you unconditionally… I mean what else can a girl want?

Going back to the quiz, as mentioned in the conversation I first got Do Min Joon from My Love From Another Star.


When I read the description, it didn’t really sound like me. I mean, I’m not all that serious nor am I super nerdy either. I do enjoy casual debates on various topics every now and then, but it’s not something I get excited over. Personality-wise, Do Manager isn’t for me unfortunately. He belongs with Cheon Song Yi forever, sawrey.

I re-did the test, using my second choices and I ended up with Park Soo Ha from I Hear Your Voice. Another excellent drama and I adored Soo Ha played by Lee Jong Suk. Now this description sounds a lot like me and it’s true, as I mentioned before my ideal guy is the super cute boy-next-door types. So Soo Ha fits the bill and I’m happy with that!


So have you done the quiz? Who did you get as your ideal type and are you happy with the result? Who are some of your own K-drama lead actor character ideal types that weren’t listed in the quiz or mentioned in this post? I’d love to hear about it, so please leave a comment below. As well, my friend CC has her own blog that she started recently, so give her a visit as well!

6 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #16 – Who is Your K-drama Male Lead Ideal Type?

  1. I think I’m of the opposite, where I fall for the character first then the actual actor. For instance I practically despised Emperor Tahwan from Empress Ki, but after watching it I started to like Ji Chang Wook as an actor. I loved King Wang Yoo from Empress Ki, but I’m not a fan girl or anything of Joo Jin Mo. I think he’s a great actor, but I’m not fan-girling after him. I also wasn’t big on Lee Seung Gi till after watching The King 2 Hearts. After his character Lee Jae Ha became a great character, I fell for Jae Ha and started to like Seung Gi more.

  2. Since I started getting into the K-world, I never really had anybody I went ga-ga over – although I always say my ultimate and one and only love in the k-world is Hwanhee, the other half of the FTTS duo. I even used his pic as my avy. Anything that has Hwanhee in it, I definitely would watch it – and I do the same with most of his concerts – here in the US.

    When I watch a drama, I don’t pay particular attention to the actor – but the character. I loved Hyun Bin’s character in Secret Garden – but I can’t say he is my favorite. I like the looks of Kim Nam Gil but once again, I can’t say he’s my favorite even tho’ I’ve watched him in Shark and he has a good chemistry with Son YeJin who I like as an actress. But there is one actor that I really wanted to watch a lot – both when he is acting in a drama or singing on stage – Yoon Kye Sang of g,o,d, Why? I don’t know. I just get so attracted to him.

    • I liked YKS in The Greatest Love. Felt so sad for his character, but he was second lead. Got second lead syndrome, though I did end up loving Dok Go Jin (Cha Seung Won) too.

    • I love Hwanhee’s voice! I used to love listening to FTTS songs over and over. The drama I remember watching him in was Over the Rainbow with Ji Hyun Woo, and I enjoyed it a lot. Oh I really loved Yoon Kye Sang back in the days too when he did the drama She is Nineteen, his acting was great!!

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