The Three Musketeers (Episodes 1-2)


I’m probably watching every drama under the sun these days. I must be crazy because the last time I counted, I’m watching about 7-8 dramas currently airing! What on earth am I doing to myself? Oh well, what can you do? Sacrifices will be made, sleep will be lost, but it’s worth it (I hope!). Despite watching so many dramas, I haven’t been compelled to write or blog about them. There was a few times I did want to write something, in the end I didn’t unfortunately. At the moment, I’m currently watching Discovery of Love, My Secret Hotel, The Night Watchman, Joseon Gunman, Surplus Princess, High School: Love On, Three Musketeers and I just recently finished Marriage Not Dating. I was actually watching even more, but I dropped those along the way, including Trot Lovers and It’s Okay, That’s Love. HOLY! Yeah I really am cray cray. *Sigh* the life of a drama addict…

Anyways, I’m currently watching Three Musketeers with my friends and it’s the only drama that all THREE of us are watching at the same time. Which is great because I can have someone to discuss and fan-girl readily with. I always thought the conversations we had were pretty funny and entertaining, so I thought I’d share some of them with the world. Be forewarned though, our conversations is very skewed towards Jung Yong Hwa (okay pretty much all of it!) because we’re all fan-girls of his! I’ll probably continue to post our weekly conversations of each episode, so do look out for it, if you like them.

I’m really enjoying the drama myself and it was very different from what I had expected, in a good way of course. It has the right amount of comedy, action, bromance and probably some romance in the near future? Normally I’d avoid saeguks or historical dramas like the plague because I’ve watched so many of them while growing up and they all felt the same after a while. This year however, I’m actually watching THREE saeguks at the same freakin’ time! Boy, times sure have changed. I think the main reason why I’m watching them again, because saeguks have become more fan-friendly with the lighter fusion style saeguks. The stories are different, with the focus on the people instead of the typical political maneuverings or harem conflicts. TVN has really been on a roll these days, because they’ve been producing some quality dramas. The main reason I was drawn to this was 1) Yong Hwa (duh!) and 2) it’s being made by the same team who created Queen In Hyun’s Man, which is one of my top favorite Korean dramas. So I knew I was quite possibly in for something potentially really great and so far I’m loving it!

Even though I’m not really blogging about all the dramas I’m currently watching, but I do tend to tweet about them as I’m watching it live. So catch me on Twitter if you haven’t already and we can discuss/fan-girl about dramas or tweet me to just say hello.  Okay enough rambling… prepare for epic fan-girl*ing below!

yong1 yong2 yong3

Me: LOL girls, I finished watching the first ep of 3 Musketeers with my baby Yonghwa! I love it and no one told me it was a comedy, it was so funny! I love Yong in this, must watch!

CC: I will watch it tonight!!

Me: LOL I watched it 2x and I still chuckled hehe, can’t wait for the next ep!

CC: That funny eh?

Me: Well I wasn’t expecting it to be funny, but it ended up being funny. I thought it was supposed to be more serious. Can’t get enough of Yong!

Ann: Same, I thought it would be serious lol. Probably will get more serious like they usually do, but the first episode was like gag concert comedy haha. Yong’s burst of tears hahaha I cracked up.

Me: LOL his whole “fail” journey had me cracking up so bad hhahahaha… and that poor horse

CC: OMG I’m cracking up about his misfortunes. So naive. His horse is the best. Yong’s acting has gotten so much better. I’m so heartbroken for him.

Ann: I didn’t realize it was supposed to be comical LOL I couldn’t stop laughing at Yong Hwa and his dramatic reactions. Is it really only 1 episode a week though? Cause that’ll be 36 weeks then, to complete the full 3 seasons! I need more episodes faster. One per week is not enough, considering it’s a total of 36 episodes. I’ll be home before the drama even ends at that rate.

CC: Yea it should be one ep per day

Me: Yep I watched it like twice cuz I thought it was so funny! Will they be showing all 3 seasons at once? Most likely there’s a break in between

Ann: That’s like a whole year then! I mean I don’t mind a year of Yong Hwa, but it’s only once a week.

Me: LOL it could be 2 yrs or more… from what I seen of season*ed dramas on cable, it’s 1 season a yr… hopefully not though

Ann: Really? That would really suck. Cause each season is only 12 episodes.

yongep2-1 yongep2-2 yongep2-3

CC: Episode 2 of 3 Musketeers…so freaking good!!!

Me:Haha watched this morning! Wow that scene with Yong and the crown princess was really good. The emotions and acting! Bravo Yonghwa.

CC: I know, I cried for them. Good acting man. Now let’s talk about the ending…holy moly!!

Ann: All I see are Yong’s lips. He should be the “L” in BLUE instead and be called “lips” LOL. I love his dumbfounded look.

CC: IDK what it is but there’s something about Yonghwa that makes him so irresistible. He’s one of those guys that you will always come back to & love coz he’s so charming.

Ann: Yeah haha. He’s so adorkable in this drama.

Me: I SO AGREE with you girls!!! What about the end CC?

CC: Did u not watch ep 2?

Me: How he was gonna get shot by all the arrows? Or the ending where they showed all the key players?

CC: The arrow part. I was like whoa, what a way to die…I’m so curious to see how he’s gonna survive.

Me: Oh lol probably with his flying sword skills and swoosh them all away… I’ve seen a lot of those kinda scenes where they use their swords to block the arrows. Or he’ll somehow run fast enough… he’ll survive

CC: I just realized something…Yonghwa will always be in the “friend zone”

Ann: LOL not with me he won’t!

CC: I meant in like dramas and he’s kinda the icon for being “friend zone” in dramas.

Ann: LOL I know you meant dramas. Who’d be dumb enough to friend zone him man? His characters are always the ideal kind of guys. It’s why viewers always have second male lead syndrome with dramas, cause they fall for the nice guys. Only in Heartstrings was he a bit of jerk to start with and therefore got the girl. But I guess Korea promotes the wrong type of men.

Me: I agree with Ann, he can come to me any day. I welcome him with open arms LOL.

Ann: No back-up lover songs for Yong please.

Me: I’m willing to be his backup, if he wants me LOL!!

Ann: Hahaha same, but he doesn’t need to go for a girl who puts him on the sidelines first. He can just come straight to is without the heartache. Haha I know you didn’t CC. I meant the dumb characters in his dramas.

Me: Lol I knew u were referring to his dramas Cindy haha. Who in their right mind would friend zone Yonghwa?


2 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers (Episodes 1-2)

  1. This is the first drama of Yong’s that I’ve watched and finished with the feeling of “Noooo!!! Give me more, faster!!!”

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