Fan-girl Ramblings #17 – Fan-girl Realities


Ann: Saw this on his Instagram and felt a twinge of fan-girl jealously hahaha


Me: Whao! It’s Yoon Eun Hye!!! Someone should tag Kim Jong Kook’s Instagram in the comments hahahaha

Ann: Hahahaha they so should lol, but he’s probably tired of the jokes. But it’s not very often that you see her on social media of any type, as she seems to be a very private person

Me: Yeah it’s true. I do believe she has Twitter though, I remember following her on an old account. But I don’t think she updates it very often.

Me: LOL I found it, she does update it pretty frequently but not the last couple months

Ann: Oh I see. I want social media from Hyun Bin lol

Me: LOL he doesn’t have it right?

Ann: Yeah I don’t think he has any social media. His ice bucket challenges was uploaded by his company. But in a way I’m glad he’s not on social media. I like that he keeps his life private and professional. Although I do like the ones who do share and make themselves a bit more relate-able to their fans too.

CC: I have to admit, she looks nice in the photo.

Me: Haha yeah sometimes social media can get u into some hot waters *coughsIUcoughs*

CC: You can tell he’s in fan-boy mode. LOL

Ann: Hahaha CC that might have been what caused my fan-girl jealousy lol and the fact that she does look good in this photo lol

Pa Der: Actually they’ve been friends for a while…so…you can definitely be jealous Ann

Ann: Really? Hahaha jealous mode back on

Me: It’s okay Ann, that’s the struggle us fan-girls have to constantly live with

Ann: LOL all too true. We have to be celebs if we even want to have a chance. Oh wait, we gotta be or speak Korean too haha

Me: LOL sigh the struggle is REAL man! I guess Jong Hoon is into noonas too right? We have a chance! Just need to get the Korean part down… lol

Ann: Hahaha yeah. At the end of the day I’m not delusional enough like some fans to believe I’d ever have a chance. Plus I remember that they’re just the same as anyone else, except with different talents that puts them in the limelight. But there are men just as good who aren’t celebs in the real world.

Me: True that! Now just tell me where I can buy one… erm, I mean meet one lol

Ann: Hahaha “buy” one! I feel the same, cause they don’t seem to come to us freely of their own will.

Me: Sadly its so true T_T

I think looking at these photos will help ease some of the pain…

ysy-yh1 ysy-yh2 ysy-yh3 ysy-yh4 ysy-yh5 ysy-yh6Yoon-si-yoon



CC: Fannie I think you got a chance with Jay Park!! You definitely meet his criteria (link).

Me: Lol he likes dem booty and hips!!!

Pa Der: He came from America where we don’t look for stick people…we still like to look like women with curves and not just straight sticks like Korea likes.

Me: There’s hope for me!! Lol

CC: It’s funny how he mentions it so honestly. Go show him your big booty Fannie! LOL

Me: Lol if he will show me his I will show mine lmaooo

CC: Here you go! (link)

Me: Lmaooo well then…


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