Fan-girl Ramblings #18 – Chansung and Liu Yan’s Weibo Updates!

For all the Chansung and Liu Yan shippers out there, you’re going to be really happy with the news I’m about to share! JYP Nation held their concert tour on August 30, 2014 and Liu Yan showed her support by sending them flowers, mooncakes and crabs! Chansung posted photos on his Weibo and thanked Liu Yan!!

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Fei also posted photos of everyone enjoying the yummy food!

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Liu Yan had also replied back to Fei and Chansung through her Weibo. She replied to Chansung saying “I hope the show will be a success *clap clap* fighting ❤ ❤ ” I was really surprised that she also added the 2 hearts at the end! Omo omo! I’m just so happy they’re openly acknowledging each other online to the public, even though Perhaps Love has finished. Liu Yan is such a sweetheart by not only sending gifts to show her support to Chansung and JYP Nation concert, but she’s been actively promoting Chansung and 2PM on various shows in China as well. I also heard JYP Nation will also being having a concert in Beijing, hopefully Liu Yan can attend it and support Chansung. Gah, fan-girl spasms!!


Also wanted to share these recent photos of Liu Yan promoting her new film. Doesn’t she look stunningly gorgeous? I love the dresses she wore, so elegant and beautiful.

liuyan1 liuyan2 liuyan3 liuyan4 62047bf2jw1ej3c7s6tt6j20rs0ij10q

2 thoughts on “Fan-girl Ramblings #18 – Chansung and Liu Yan’s Weibo Updates!

  1. Me love the dresses she wore too!! They were tasteful and flattering on her 🙂 I think it was very generous and 大方 of her to promote chansung even though she didn’t need to.. and it’s an even bigger deal because she has so many connections in the industry! seems like the kwave is gaining a huge following in china especially with the most recent “my love from the stars” drama haha. so exciting that the hallyu wave is conquering the world 😀

  2. Does anyone knows if Liu Yan attended 2PM Beijing concert ? All so quiet… she didn’t send anything … very curious … their shippers on Soompi has stop updating .. i feel so heart-broken again… shipping them seems so hopeless …

    Still hanging on to Taecyeon & Gui Gui.

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