The Three Musketeers (Episodes 3-4)


Howdy y’all! Are you guys still watching 3 Musketeers? Even though the show only airs one episode every week, it still packs a punch because a lot ends up happening within the hour. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post, besides the comical introductory episode, I was really surprised by Yong Hwa’s acting. He’s improved immensely since his You’re Beautiful days and I believe he’s getting better with each acting project. I feel so proud of him. I already thought he improved quite a bit in Marry Him If You Dare. It was my first time seeing him so comfortable and natural in a role. Sadly that drama was so terrible, even Yong Hwa couldn’t even save it for me. Anyways going back to the drama, there’s still a lot of mystery and unanswered questions, such as what had happened with Mi Ryung and the Crown Prince, which is what I’m most curious about. Also what’s going to happen in the end for the Crown Princess, Crown Prince and Dal Hyang in the romance department?

yongep3-1 yongep3-2 yongep3-3 yongep3-4


Me: Ep 3 is out!!!

Ann: Ahhh I gotta wait till I get home

Me: I think I’m gonna watch a bit and watch the rest tmr. I’m so exhausted today

CC: OMG the arrow scene is SO FAKE!! bahahahhahahaaa. I laughed at how slow Yong moved.

Ann: Same here!


Ann: Hahaha CC, I think you mean half naked lol. Naked would be asking for too much from a cable drama

CC: Still naked to me!!!

Ann: Bahahaha I guess so. The rest will be left to your imagination

Me: Just finished watching! Huh what happened between the crown prince and Mi Ryung?? He told her to kill herself??

Me: OMO just saw the preview! DEM back muscles on Yong!! And is she trying to seduce our Yong now?? So they’re like getting with each others girls?

Ann: I hope not. It’s a messed up situation the two are pulling poor Yong into. I’m being fan-girl mad right now lol. But even if it weren’t Yong playing the part I’d still be annoyed.

yong-ep4-1 yong-ep4-2 yong-ep4-3 yong-ep4-4


Me: Just finished watching episode 4 of Three Musketeers! We only got to see Yong’s naked back for barely a second…


Ann: Haha yeah I watched yesterday. It was sooo quick I had to rewind it lol. My favorite scene though was the bath scene with the monk guy hahaha

Me: I know all those ladies wanted some… won’t lie I would have been one of those girls if I was there pwahaahaha

Ann: Hahaha yeah. When the girl was trying to kiss him lol. If you want some you gotta be fast!

Me: LOL was that the same girl who ran up and touched his chest before running away after?

CC: OH SH!T NEW EP!! Gonna watch it now.

Ann: Not sure I think it was lol

Me: The monk guy is definitely a flower boy haha

CC: Yep he is. He’s so cute. I thought he would be younger than Yong but he’s older. I think Mi Ryung is so pretty! B!tch.

Me: How old is our flower boy monk?? She has a really b!tchy look I must say. She’s more interesting than the crown princess at the moment

CC: Flower boy is a year older than Yonghwa. Fukkk, Yong looks so good in uniform. And they only showed his back for a like 2 secs. the hell?? I wanted chest too.

Me: I just looked him up he’s from FNC too! Was he one of the trainees on their Cheongdamdong reality show?

CC: No that trainee isn’t the monk guy. He looks different.

CC: All I gotta say is the king needs to take a few ativans to calm his shit down.

Me: LMAO… I had to Google what ativans was. Forgot u used to be a nurse haha


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