Perhaps Love: Episodes 1- 2 (Chansung and Liu Yan)


It was highly requested from a few of my fellow readers/commenters that I provide episodic commentary of Perhaps Love. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea, since I didn’t mind re-watching the episodes again. It’s just that I haven’t had the time to re-watch the show… until now that is. So here we go!

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In the very first episode, all the participants met each other for the first time and through different activities, got to know each other better before everyone got paired off. In case you didn’t know besides Liu Yan and Chansung, the other people on the show were Miss A’s Fei, Sun Jian, Sunny Wang and Zhang Li. When I first watched it, I thought it was so fun and different, it felt like a mash-up between the original Korean shows We Got Married, Love Letter and Running Man. Nichkhun also joined as a special guest to support Chansung, which was really funny and cute because he can’t speak Mandarin all that well either. Liu Yan right away was attracted to Chansung hehe! I’m not going to lie, but these were the pairings I liked and wanted to be together after seeing the first episode: Zhang Li and Chansung, Liu Yan and Sun Jian, and Fei and Sunny. This was based purely on their interactions, game pairings and who they were interested in being partnered with on the show. So when we got to episode 2, I was kind of disappointed by the finalized pairings, but I’ll talk a bit more about that in episode 2 comments.

Favorite Scenes:

  • When Nichkhun came out on the horse and it suddenly stopped and turned back around
  • Chansung and Nickhun couldn’t read the names written in Chinese and waited a while before asking the host to help them translate
  • The 10 minute date between LY and CS (plus Nichkhun as the “lightbulb“), it was funny and awkward but very entertaining to watch, as they communicated in a mix of English, Korean and Mandarin
  • When Chansung danced during the talent portion of the show and his pants ripped. In the back interview he said “When I was dancing I heard a weird noise and then I felt very cool…” LMAOOOO
  • Chansung danced a second time with his new pants, lifted his shirt moving towards the 3 girls and they all backed away
  • Zhang Li and Chansung’s 10 minute date. If I was to be completely honest I enjoyed their date more than when he was with Liu Yan. They seemed less awkward with each other. I loved how Zhang Li opened up her legs imitating how Chansung ripped his pants and they just laughed about it. Chansung seemed a bit more flirty as well with Zhang Li

ep2-1 ep2-2 ep2-3 ep2-4 ep2-5


As mentioned in the first episode, when I found out from this episode the finalized pairings, I was quite disappointed. I liked Fei and Sunny because they both were quite attracted to each other and had good chemistry. Sun Jian and Liu Yan seemed like a cute bickering couple and finally I really liked Chansung and Zhang Li because they were quite comfortable during their date and they looked really good together. Also, out of all the girls I liked Liu Yan the least from the first episode, but you all know that changed over time as I grew to really like her.

Anyways moving on to the episode. This is CS and LY’s first date together, of course there’s always going to be a bit of awkwardness, but I liked how they tried their best to communicate with each other. I was really surprised by Chansung’s English, of course it isn’t perfect but his vocabulary is quite good. I also loved how he tried to speak in Mandarin whenever he could. I think his Mandarin pronunciation is even better than Nichkhun’s. For their first date, they went to a theme park and afterwards they went on a plane ride prepared by Nichkhun. In the evening, they had dinner eating Hunan cuisine that LY had specifically chose. Even though I was initially disappointed in this pairing but after watching this episode, I thought “Hmm this couple might actually just work out together after all…”

Favorite Scenes:

  • LY told CS that eating Betel nuts tastes like first love, obviously not the kind of first love CS was thinking of after he tasted it
  • CS sang a Chinese song to LY when she requested him to sing to her, it was really good! (I heard the song before but I can’t remember the original singer or song title, anyone know?)
  • When CS asked LY for her “computer number” I died laughing because he meant to ask for her phone number. Phone is = dian hua whereas CS said computer = dian nao
  • The who-can-eat-the-most-spicy-food-without-drinking-water competition and CS was sweating buckets trying to win
  • CS jumped into the pool as punishment, ya’ll noticed he was wearing white right? *winks* Also when they were playing in the pool together it was really cute


Also if you want to read my other previous posts that I’ve written about Chansung and Liu Yan please click here!

8 thoughts on “Perhaps Love: Episodes 1- 2 (Chansung and Liu Yan)

  1. Am I the first to reply? Great! Contrary to your liking, my preference was actually the actual pairings. And I knew CS will pick LY – I saw his reaction when asked by Nichkhun who he likes and he went towards the basket bearing LY’s name. SunJian seem like he didn’t want to be paired with his friend LY and was more attracted to Fei. Funny how the 3 guys noticed ZhangLi only after she performed that jazz number.

    I think it was really fate that these 3 got together on who they wanted to be with. The selection I believe was – Sunny and ZhangLi both like the waters; SunJian and Fei both like the stage and of course, CS and LY both like to eat so they chose the dinner that nite that led them to each other.

    On their first date (which was actually episode 3), I already noticed how considerate LY is to CS. After CS had a taste of the Betel Nut and was unhappy about the taste, LY got a piece to her mouth also, even tho’ she already knew how it tastes – just like what she said when CS jumped into the pool – ‘you jump, I jump’. In the case of the Betel Nut – ‘you eat, I eat’.

    • Haha interesting! I made my friend watch the show as well and she also thought the same way as me but grew to love the actual pairings too. I know what you mean it is fate and how it all worked out in the end, esp for Sunny and Zhang Li! He said in the first episode he was looking for a Ms. Right and he did. I know I was surprised that none of the guys cared about Zhang Li, I mean when I first saw her I thought she’s so gorgeous!! I actually didn’t notice that about CS going towards LY’s basket, I wasn’t really paying attention to actual baskets but thanks for pointing it out hehe. Re-watching the show is so fun and definitely have more insights compared to watching it the first time. Thanks again for commenting =D

  2. I am soooo happy you decided to go ahead with the episode reviews. Your insights are really interesting and it really is great reliving the show this way. The first episode had qualities of all the variety shows you mentioned but also an added element of surprise and spontaneity that was really refreshing. I didn’t feel like the PD was in control of everything the participants said and the interviews were like real honesty sessions rather then self-promotion time like a lot of other shows. In contrast I felt that the awkwardness of Liu Yan and Chansung was what made their paring really unique. And like Nikhun said at first you might think that it would be better for him to be with someone he is comfortable with but I think the challenge that Liu Yan presented motivated Chansung to step up and really show different aspects of his character. After their mini date I wanted to see more of the Chansung who roughly grabbed the hourglass and turned it over. Lol!

    To me Liu Yan is a very giving person by nature but I don’t think she would have worked with the other guys because she is also full of mischief and laughter and Chansung was the only guy who fit her “wild” side. Their first full day date was a perfect example of how they at first look like an odd paring but then within minutes things start coming together like these two are old friends and then their chemistry kicks in and you’ve got the makings of a great couple for fangirling!

    Can’t wait to read what you thought of the third date…………

    • Thank you again Elayne! Yes I felt the show was more organic compared to We Got Married and other Korean variety shows. Everything from their interactions and their backroom interviews I felt were their genuine honest thoughts/feelings. When I first watched the first episode, Sun Jian at the very beginning said “She has a hot body” when Liu Yan came out. I was thinking “Wow he’s allowed to say that??” My friend who watched it later on, had the exact same reaction lol.

      That’s what I love about this pairing too, at first glance you’d think they’re an odd couple or don’t necessarily match but then they prove you wrong. I like being surprised like that and sometimes the odd/unlikely pairings are the best ones. I think CS was able to bring out the cute side of LY that is probably not normally seen and I don’t think this side of her would have came out as much if she was paired off with another guy.

      Hee, I already started working on episode 3! A new post should be coming up soon hopefully, time permitting 😀

  3. Reading your commentary made me watch the first two episodes again. Some my favorite moments was Chansung’s face when Liu Yan put the Xi necklace on him. He looked so pleased with himself and another favorite was when during their mini date Chansung complimented Liu Yan’s eating habits and then went into a long explanation as to why he enjoys a girl who eats! Lol!

    My fave scene from their first real date was the sweet moment when they sang to each other. I just felt it was such a genuine and on the spot thing to do and I loved the way they looked into each others eyes. And interestingly even though they are a Noona – Dosaeng couple, Chasung treats her like a familiar friend and almost always ignores the “rules”. The scene in the pool after the Spicy dinner comes to mind. They play together in comfort without all the formalities of station and it helps them to become closer.

    Don’t forget to check out the bts scenes they fill in the gaps of their story and are very interesting here is a clip from the pool date:

    • Oh I also like those scenes you mentioned as well. I think if CS didn’t drop the formalities right away, they wouldn’t have been able to become close so quickly. He treated her like a friend and transitioned to girlfriend or HIS woman haha.

      Oh and thanks for sharing the BTS playlist, some I have seen and some I haven’t. I’ll just watch them all again! Oh and I posted episodes 3-5 recaps in case you didn’t see it already 🙂

  4. HAHA hi i’ve come to comment on your other posts as requested. honoured that you want to hear from me ^^

    For the first epsidoe I really didn’t like liuyan because she seemed too loud and whiny heh and just came across as… quite aggressive in the 10min date with chansung (aggressive is not quite the word but idk what is), from the way she kept saying “it’s okay/I’m okay” in english to show that she was very accepting of all kinds of people/habits haha.

    Although I have to disagree about the starting because in the first episode I felt like everything was very awkward and the language barrier was so not helping. nichkhun was so not helping either HAHA (speaking more english than chinese. . .. …) but he was very cute that I have to admit 😉

    My preferred pairings after watching ep 1 were same as yours. Agree that chansung seemed more comfortable with zhangli. it was very amusing to note though that all 3 guys only took notice of her after she sang… proof that guys are such visual creatures haha. I wonder how the PD decided on the pairings? and also whether it had been decided it from the start. I mean, what would’ve happened if fei and chansung picked the same photo? haha

    Episode 2 was a surprise for me too because of how well they got along and how hard chansung was trying! (honestly I think what attracted me to follow through with this couple was the amount of progress they were making with each episode and i was really, really amazed that chansung was putting in effort and taking it seriously – that both of them were taking it so seriously, actually!) The spicy dinner was so fun to watch; I was watching them spoon the chilli into their mouths with horrid fascination xD

    • Yes aggressive is another word, haha I described her as being too foward. I think almost the same meaning haha. That’s just her personality being very straight forward, its pretty good I think. It’s like what you see is what you get kind of thing. I’m glad I decided to continue watching the show even if I wasn’t happy with the final pairings.
      I’m not sure… it would have been interesting if Fei and CS became a couple too. But based on what they chose it did match them. Fei and Sun Jian love performing so they of course would chose the stage, Sunny and Zhang Li love water so they chose the beach and finally our couples love eating so they would chose the banquet dinner.
      About Zhang Li, when she first appeared I thought she was such a gorgeous looking girl but I guess the guys have different tastes =P
      Oh and what did you think of their Weibo updates? I made a post about it as well.

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