Perhaps Love: Episodes 3-5 (Chansung and Liu Yan)

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This is probably one of my top favorite episodes that I could watch over and over again. Liu Yan makes a surprise visit Korea to see Chansung. LY surprises CS at his gym where he thought he was filming for a fitness program. They go buy some Korean food and eat it at CS’s old practice room. They discuss about different things from Chinese actors/actresses, their previous work causing some jealously, etc. Later on CS takes LY to the famous Nam San Tower where the created some pretty funny and memorable events. This episode was so much fun, so much laughter between them and for me as well. When I first watched this episode and when I re-watched it again, I kept rewinding some scenes over and over again. It was probably around this episode or the next one that helped to solidify my love for this couple.

Favorite Scenes:

  • LY finding her way to CS’s gym on her own. She said even though her English isn’t very good but she dares to ask people which we saw she did a lot of. She indeed has great survival skills!
  • When LY’s fans recognized her on the subway and a girl even asked for her autograph
  • LY discovered 2PM poster outside the convenience store, she tried to interact with it by pretending to feed CS in the poster. She also pointed out CS and Nickhun were the only 2 that were topless *winks*
  • CS being surprised that LY came to his gym and he was wondering what program he was actually filming
  • LY trying to speak more Korean to CS, such as saying he was handsome. CS was so happy and kept saying LY had gotten much cuter. CS also tried to speak more Mandarin and his pronunciation has gotten even better!
  • CS kept calling LY by her full name without jie which is older sister or noona but CS said he’ll never call her that and will just call her Liu Yan
  • LY asked CS if she entered a beauty pageant in Korea which place would she get. He said 3rd place. Oh no honey, even if it’s a lie you have to say 1st place!!!
  • LY asked CS to pick the prettiest Chinese female artists from her tablet. No matter who he picked, LY always gave him the evil glare LOL
  • The shocked and flabbergasted look on CS’s face when LY told him that Guo Degang is super handsome, that a lot of girls wants to marry him and he’s very popular. CS is even more shocked when she says she can’t choose between Guo Degang and Tony Leung
  • CS brought up the video about the sexy performance LY did with a Thai singer/actor. He was jealous and said she should have done the performance with him instead
  • CS and LY made a bet who would get up the mountain faster, LY riding the cable car vs. CS running up the mountain. CS ran halfway up the mountain and started to regret why he decided to run up the mountain. He wished LY had convinced him a little more, he would have went on the cable car with her
  • CS thought he reached the top but LY’s cable went past him and he realized he hasn’t reach the top. He ran up the mountain like his life depended on it and ended up reaching the top before LY!!
  • LY lost the bet and had to dance with a tree. It was so funny when LY started to do I think a Chinese traditional dance and CS danced along with her. Absolutely hilarious!!

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It’s Day 2 of Liu Yan’s visit to Korea. As per her wishes, they go shopping and learn how to make kimchi from comedians Jo Se Ho and Nam Chang Hee from the super popular drama My Love From Another Star. Again this was another super fun episode with lots of funny interactions between our couple. During this episode, our couple has created new nicknames for each other, CS is “Big-headed Chan” and LY is the “Dancing Machine” LOL!! CS also got to speak to LY’s mom for the first time over the phone.

Favorite Scenes:

  • When CS tricked LY by wearing the Double Xi (Happiness) underneath the other couple t-shirt. Super clever and smart of him!
  • LY kept making fun of CS for his big head because he couldn’t fit in any of the hats he tried on, but CS insisted that his head isn’t that big
  • LY and CS created their own little mini fashion show wearing hip hop styled clothes inside the store. I how they used Maroon 5’s songs during their runway walk/dance
  • At the cafe, LY and CS were bickering about building the globe that LY bought. After finishing LY asked CS where in the world he wanted to visit. He said Canada (OMO yes please come to MEEEE Channie!!) and LY said because it’s big? Again referring to his big head. Also in Chinese, Canada is 加拿大(Jiānádà), where the last character is 大 (dà) which also means big. I laughed so much at her joke!! JiānáDà is very suitable for big (Dà) headed Chan LMAOOO….
  • LY and CS learning to make kimchi with the 2 actors from MLFAS was a lot of fun. I especially liked the part when CS got jealous when the guys hugged LY and he said that a handshake was good enough for a first meeting
  • CS being super cute and nervous talking to LY’s mom over the phone

ep5-1 ep5-2 ep5-3


Continuing on from the previous episode, Chansung and Liu Yan go to a hawker stall in the evening. CS invites fellow label-mate Jia of Miss A to join them and turns out they already each other, plus they’re from the same hometown in Hunan. LY asks Jia lots of questions about CS such as if he has a lot of girl friends, what type of girls he likes, etc. They play some games where the winner gets to flick the losers forehead. Towards the end, CS surprises LY with flowers and a pair of shoes, along with some romantic words. Afterwards they take a stroll to the Han River where some unexpected jealously brewed and a some new skinship!

Favorite Scenes:

  • The shocked look on LY’s face watching CS eat the raw octopus. She reluctantly tried to eat a piece as well and freaks outs by spitting it out lol. I loved the way CS laughed so happily during the back room interview about the incident and how he loved eating raw octopus
  • LY asked Jia if she liked CS and she hesitated by saying no. CS burst out saying he understood what she had just said. Jia said she couldn’t say she liked him in front of his girlfriend but CS liking him as a friend is okay
  • CS’s Simpsons’ face and LY’s Mashimaro face
  • CS won the bottle-cap-flicking game and flicked Jia and LY’s forehead. Even though CS said he only used 20% of his finger power, but the girls said it was really painful and Jia became upset lol. Eek I can’t imagine if he used 100%, it would probably feel like a rock hitting your head haha
  • Jia and LY got their revenge by beating CS in the 2nd game and gave him a taste of his own medicine LOL
  • When CS gave LY flowers and a pair of shoes that LY saw while out shopping but didn’t buy. They both laughed because it was awkward. CS said in Mandarin “No matter where you are, I will always be by your side like them (the shoes)” and LY started to tear up because she was touched. Even though it was a touching scene, I thought it was weird CS would give her a pair of shoes. I thought Koreans believed that you should never give a pair of shoes to your lover because they will wear those shoes to walk away (leave) from you. But I guess, CS changed the meaning behind it, as he said he wants to be besides her like the shoes
  • After trying on the shoes, CS said it was more comfortable to look at her because she’s taller with the heels, making fun of her short height lol
  • LY told CS that she wasn’t returning to China but flying directly to Thailand. CS immediately asks if she is meeting with the Thai singer she danced with before. LY explained that she is going their to film her new music video and CS was surprised because he didn’t know she’s a singer as well
  • LY said mianhae (sorry) and CS said her pronunciation is like a baby (cute)
  • They lit fireworks and tried to sing Fireworks by Katy Perry but ended up forgetting most of the lyrics LOL
  • CS courageously grabbed LY’s hand and they walked back together holding hands

As a bonus, I wanted to share one of my favorite 2PM dance practice videos for their song 하.니.뿐. (A.D.T.O.Y.). I must have watched this video a million times when it first came out last year. I LOVE this song, especially the choreography, it’s so damn sexy. My eyes were mainly focused on Junho when I watched it and Chansung was the 2nd person to catch my eye the most in this video. What made me really attracted to CS in this video was because I noticed that he wasn’t super skinny like other members (or Asian guys in general). Hey a guy needs to have some meat on him, not just bones. This sounds super pervy, but I noticed how thick CS’s thighs were and I found it super attractive. I’m sure he’s built up a lot of muscles in his legs since he has a black belt in taekwondo! Anyways… well now you know why I had to watch it so many times, so I could drool over focus on each member. I loved the use of the chairs and during the chorus I was like “HOLY! Look at them grabbing and shaking DAT BOOTY!!” Enjoy! ❤

Also check out the live performance of the song too! Make sure you chose 1080 quality to watch it in it’s full HD glory

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One thought on “Perhaps Love: Episodes 3-5 (Chansung and Liu Yan)

  1. HI ^^ my takes on the episodes:

    Episode 3:
    – was very impressed by liuyan’s ability to navigate! but this is also probably because I am much less daring in terms of asking strangers for directions, haha
    – also my eyes kinda popped when chansung held on to her waist to help her up/down the pull-up bar… his hands were so near her chest (!!!) and I mean he’s 10 years younger than her AND she’s such a big sunbae in the industry but then again him disregarding these and treating her as his woman is what made the whole thing work hehe
    – chansung running up the mountain (he is c.r.a.z.y.)
    – for the traditional dance I felt like chansung was kinda disrespectful by laughing at liuyan because she actually danced well/properly; that is what chinese traditional dance looks like but probably because chansung was ignorant so he thought she was doing some kind of funny dance? not faulting him on this

    Episode 4:
    – all I could think about was POOR CHANSUNG and I got mildly annoyed with liuyan because his head really isn’t that big!! HAHAHA. after a while he gave up trying to protest lol

    Episode 5:
    – it was nice having jia join them for dinner because I got to know more about jia too. wasn’t as awkward as I expected but I was also surprised that jia was speaking in korean more – then again they are in korea and then again she has been living in korea for so long haha

    On the Ha.Ni.Ppun dance practice vid:
    I always noticed nichkhun most hahaha followed by wooyoung & taecyeon. Taec is too damn sexy and manly!!! And didn’t notice chansung at all, ever, until I tried to follow him in the video today haha. Love the song too but as of now I’m Your Man has upped it because of the unparalleled level of sexiness teehee

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