Fan-girl Ramblings #19 – Zhang Li Yin + Chen = ChenYin

ByL5P01CQAE19wo.jpg large ByK-wjzIgAADGMK chenyin1

The other day I came across this performance of Zhang Li Yin and Chen’s performance of Breathe at Li Yin’s Beijing Showcase on Sept. 22. It was so nice to see Chen and Li Yin perform together again. I must say this is my favorite performance of Breathe to date. I loved everything about it, from the singing to the emotions they expressed. I can tell they’re a lot more comfortable and at ease with each other compared to the beginning when they sang at the joint recital show. It was supposed to be a sad song but they were both smiling so happily at each other and GAH the hand holding at the end!! My shipper heart exploded with feels! In case you didn’t know already that I am a Chenyin shipper as mention in this previous post.

Zhang Li Yin’s newest song Not Alone is officially out and so is the MV. It is a continuation of her first video for Agape starring EXO’s Tao, F(x)’s Victoria and rising actor Song Jae Rim.

They also released a full version of the MV story that includes both of her title tracks.

Here’s the video to watch the full showcase here! It’s a must watch for Li Yin fans and of course Chenyin shippers. There aren’t any subs for it at the moment but if there are any parts you’d like to know what was said, leave a comment and I’ll try to provide my best translation possible.


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